The Mummy [Returns]
Lost Memories

There's an ancient myth told by Arab storytellers that has been passed down from generation from generation. All beings are looking for the chance to gain immortality and the chance to live forever and become invincible but none have succeeded in doing so. It's said that there is an amulet that doesn't look like an amulet that holds the key to immortality and invincibility but none have found the way to unlock it's mysteries…

" Please daddy, finish the story," Young Evelyn Carnahan pleaded as her farther sat up from his place on her bedside.

" I'm sorry my sweet but if I am supposed to get up early tomorrow morning I must go to sleep now," Howard Carnahan replied as he walked over to his daughter to place a kiss on her forehead.

" Do you and mummy really have to go?"

" I'm afraid so but don't you worry will be back within a month's time."

" That seems so long. I'll miss you too much," Evelyn said as she sat up in bed, hazel brown eyes glossy from tears that dared to force their way down her face. The young girl's farther knelt down beside the bedside and wiped away that stray tear that streamed down Evelyn's face.

" I have a present for you," Howard blurted out trying to change the subject as Evelyn immediately perked up at the word present such as any 7 year old would do.

Howard Carnahan then took out a small box from his pocket tied with a blue ribbon and handed it to Evelyn. The young girl overjoyed with excitement took the box and untied the ribbon then lifted the box lid to reveal a golden locket strung along a golden chain. Howard picked up the locket and hooked it around Evelyn's neck.

" I found this necklace on one of the digs your mother and I went on. And--- look inside," Howard said opening the locket and turning it so Evelyn could see inside the locket.

" It's a picture of your mother and I so you'll always have us near."
Evelyn wrapped her arms around her father's neck and clung tightly,

" Please don't go."

" I have too but if you ever get lonely for us just open that locket," Howard said placing one more kiss on his beloved daughter's forehead before walking out of the room and into the dimly lit hallway disappearing from sight.