This is my prologue of this fan fict. I've read stories where Danny is sick with a ghostly sickness and so forth. I thought about what would happen if a group of students saw the whole thing. I guess I partly got it from Spiderman 2 when a group of people from a train find out his identity. I hope you like this one. It's gonna be really good. Review please!!

Danny was at school. Another day, another boring school day with Mr. Lancer and the rest of the class. Although, Sam and Tucker have noticed that this time, Danny was acting a little weird.

"Danny, are you ok?" Asked Tucker.

"Oh, I'm fine, it's just a cold," sniffed Danny, "ahh choo!"

"You don't look so good, are you sure you're ok?" Asked Sam.

"I'm fine Sam, really," smiled Danny as he walked to the school.

"Whatever you say Danny," shrugged Sam as you see the kids walking to their classes.

Danny was putting his stuff in his locker as Valerie came by to his locker with that smile on her face.

"Hey Danny, you ok?" Asked Valerie.

"I'm fine, just a little cold," sniffed Danny, "not much."

"Ok," shrugged Valerie, "anyway, you better get out."

"Why?" Asked Danny as you see Dash in view.

"Hey Fentoast!" Shouted Dash as he grabbed Danny's front collar.

"What do you want Dash?" Asked Danny.

"Another geek to fit my locker," answered Dash.

"I don't think you should do that," warned Danny.

"Too late," smiled Dash.

"No really, I've got ah ah ah choo," sneezed Danny with a sniff as Dash backed away before he caught his germs.

"Cover your mouth!" Narrowed Dash, "let's find another geek that's not so sick."

"How bout the Science Club?" asked Quan.

"Good idea," smiled Dash as the jocks left.

"At least there are some advantages with being sick," said Danny, "even though I can't smell a thing."

"Hope you get better," smiled Valerie.

"Me too," smiled Danny as the bell rung, "better get to class. See ya."

"You too," smiled Valerie as Danny went on his way to class.