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Danny and Valerie landed in the realm as everyone crowded around and Sam and Tucker just stood there clueless.

"Listen, we need to get out of here, where's the Spectra Speeder?" Asked Danny.

"Right here Danny," pointed Paulina.

"Sam, Tucker, you two control the Spectra Speeder, Valerie and I will get everyone else out of here," told Danny.

"Are you sure you can trust her?" Asked Tucker.

"Of coarse we can," said Danny as the friends shrugged and got in the Spectra Speeder and left.

The two friends parked the Spectra Speeder right inside the lab as the whole group started walking out of the portal one by one. Valerie and Danny counted and named to make sure everyone was there. Although, there was someone missing.

"Where's Quan and Paulina?" Asked Danny as you see them in the Ghost Zone.

"Help us!" Shouted Quan as Danny and Valerie flew out and grabbed them. Danny grabbed Quan and Valerie grabbed Paulina, who knew she was light? They all flew right to the lab just when Walker was about to crawl through the portal.

"Time's up punk!" Smirked Walker as you hear a gun sound coming from Shelly?

"Back off geek," smirked Shelly as she shot Walker off with an ecto gun and Danny closed the portal as everyone cheered.

"Way da go Danny!" Cheered Mandy as Danny smiled while changing back.

"Danny, you're . . ." warned Tucker.

"They already know," told Danny, "I was sick with the ecto fever and these guys helped me."

"What! Why didn't you call us or say something?" Asked Sam furiously.

"I told you, I was sick, I was rather dizzy or passed out. I couldn't do a thing and this was probably the only time I changed back," explained Danny.

"Then why didn't the rest of you tell us?" Asked Sam with her arms crossed.

"Hey, how were we supposed to know he'd tell you two," shrugged Dash.

"Yeah, Valerie had kept her secret from me, and I'm her friend," shrugged Star.

"I was in charge and you're right, I should've done something or contacted you two when possible. It was mostly my fault and I'm sorry for worrying you guys, I'll do better next time," apologized Valerie.

"Ok, apology accepted," said Sam and Tucker as Danny smiled at the rest.

"And thank you guys for helping me," smiled Danny.

"We're here for you Danny," smiled Buddy.

"Just promise to treat me like a normal person, I don't want to get any suspicion," said Danny.

"Done," smiled Star, "I have to admit, you're pretty cool, but you're still a looser."

"I know," annoyed Danny, "and I'm ok with it."

"She's right, although you'll always be cute in my book," grinned Paulina.

"Somebody kill me," muttered Sam.

"Thanks . . . I think," said Danny.

"See ya at school," waved Buddy as they all left.

"See ya!" Shouted Danny as Valerie put a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and gave her a hug, "thanks for being a friend."

"Your welcome, I have a feeling this will be a start of a new team," smiled Valerie.

"Yeah, but why do I have the feeling I forgot something?" Asked Danny.

"Hey Danny! What are your classmates doing in Mom and Dad's Jumpsuits?!" Asked Jazz.

"Uh oh," muttered the three friends.