Crimson Reflections


"Where is my scroll Orochimaru?" Tomokazu sat down on Orochimaru's large, throne-like chair, making himself comfortable. He watched him lazily, his smile calm and kind. It was always like that, so threatening in its civility. He regarded him coolly with his silver, wolf like eyes.

Orochimaru would have clenched his hands if he could. He merely gave a small grimace, which he hoped went unnoticed by his observer. He stopped pacing for the moment, turning to look at Tomokazu who was lounging lazily in his chair as if he owned the place.

"I think it's rather obvious that I don't have it, Tomokazu."

"Why not?" Still calm, with a sickening sweetness to it.

"Because she wasn't there. That's why." Orochimaru bit out, sitting down in the chair opposite Tomokazu. It was strange, since Orochimaru had the chair put out for Tomokazu, not himself. Their positions seemed to be reversed at the moment.

"Could your men not follow simple directions?"

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed. "The home in Stone was deserted."

Tomokazu gave a small, annoyed sigh. "They left? How unfortunate."

"It certainly isn't my fault." Orochimaru answered back.

Tomokazu merely picked up the wine glass sitting on the table by the chair. He swirled the red liquid around, watching it with his small, cold smile. "It's been seven days, Orochimaru. You can still count, correct?"

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed even more as he sneered, but he said nothing.

"Or can you only count to three? I remember, most of those important things you do take what, three years? Yes, three seems to be the highest number you can comprehend." Tomokazu gave a small sigh. "It's a pity, you can't even do anything within that amount of time correctly."

Orochimaru ground his teeth. He was tired of taking this kind of talk from Tomokazu. He was Orochimaru, one of the three legendary Sannin! Tomokazu was merely a little orphaned brat he had taken in at a young age. He should have killed him rather than taught him.

Tomokazu placed the cup back on the table, slowly standing. "Let's do a little more math, Orochimaru. Can you tell me what seven minus three is?" Tomokazu looked back at him with an innocent, childlike glance that held a malevolence Orochimaru wasn't expecting.

"It's four, you fool."

Suddenly Tomokazu was standing behind him. "Quite correct, four. The same number of chambers we have inside of our heart, did you know that?"

Orochimaru shifted in his seat, glaring daggers at Tomokazu. What game is he playing?

"Of course I did. What are you getting at?"

"I wonder, how painful it would be if all four chambers inside of your heart collapsed, Orochimaru?"

Orochimaru's body went cold as he paled slightly. "What is the meaning of this?"

"You're so worried about your arms, Orochimaru…" Tomokazu chuckled, placing a hand on Orochimaru's shoulder. "But really, there are so many things, ever so much more painful."

Orochimaru barely had time to let out a small, choked growl as blood began trickling down his mouth. He coughed, the crimson liquid spattering the back of the chair in front of him.

"I said seven days, Orochimaru. You failed. No ones goes back on a deal they have made with me." Tomokazu's own eyes narrowed as he leaned forward, watching Orochimaru's chest heave as he coughed up more blood.

How…how did he get so powerful?

"…Tomo…kaz…u…" Orochimaru managed between gasps, before he gave into another fit of coughing.

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama?" Tomokazu asked scathingly.

Could it be…he was hiding his strength from me all this time…?


…how clever…

There was a long moment of silence as Tomokazu listened to Orochimaru's wheezes before he fell silent. Tomokazu continued to stare at him from behind his long bangs, before he walked over to the small table and picked up the wine glass.

He gave a small frown as he saw that a few drops of Orochimaru's blood had gotten inside.

He took a sip anyway, looking back at Orochimaru with a silent, mocking toast. "My parentage, Orochimaru, has already been established. Name calling is rather unnecessary and childish, don't you think?" He gave a low chuckle as he placed his Akatsuki hat back on his head.

"It's a pity, really. Just think of what you could have done with your arms. Konoha wouldn't have been a problem for you…" he gave a secretive, slow smile.

"Especially with Sakura Haruno being a missing-nin now."

(A/N: Hehe, how did you all like that cute little prologue? I'm sure it's a wonderful little teaser for the first chapter. Sorry if any of you liked Orochimaru (I did, personally, he's one of those creepy evil guys that you just can't help to love) but he had to go. If he was still there then…geeze it would be so confusing. Sakura has enough on her mind as it is. She doesn't need HIM still after her.

First chapter: kind of depressing but cute at the same time. Sort of telling everyone's reactions to everything. And explanations for their decisions, of course.

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