Chapter Seven

Harry stared out his bedroom window. He wasn't ready for tomorrow to arrive. Nor was he ready for his seventeenth birthday. Soon he would be disappearing from Privet Drive with no knowledge of when he would ever return. Petunia knew he was almost an adult by magical standards and that he was leaving. But if Vernon had his way, Harry would be out faster than midnight could arrive. Turning from thoughts of leaving, he braced himself for the last saddened moments of his Sixth Year.

//July 30th 8:30 p.m.

Sixth Year---Truths, Schemes, and the Half-blood Prince September 1, 1996-June 1997 16 yrs. old

Only a few hours before my seventeenth birthday. Which is why I'm writing now. Something tells me it will begin the darkest moments the magical world has ever known. And I have yet to decide to see my last year pass me by despite my promise to Dumbledore and myself.

Everything seemed to go as normal as possible. Breakfast...chores...lunch...chores...dinner...chores...shower...homework by flashlight...bed, only to do the same again the next day. Then one day I received an owl from the Headmaster. He was actually taking me from my protective home on a journey he must take and to leave me with my friends at the Weasleys (something we've always tried to do every summer.) I could only hope he was trying to keep his word and not let me out on the truth or any detail that dealt with my life.//

Harry eyed his room, walls and floors bare. A couple hours earlier, Petunia had splayed an array of fresh fruits and chips with a side of various dips. This was his dinner; his stomach was rebelling against anything else and he really didn't want to be sick before leaving. The tray still sat on his bed, mostly untouched. Harry had spent the last three hours packing after helping Petunia with the basis for dinner that night.

His trunk was completely stuffed with just about everything he owned, most of it never saw the light of day since he returned to Privet Drive. All packed and ready to go. Deciding there wasn't much more to pack he snagged a couple apple slices and replaced the quill's nib against the partially empty page. //Someone should be along soon. Until then I shall wait and write.

When Dumbledore entered the house, I felt something wrong. My fear began to skyrocket as I caught a glimpse of his blackened hand. What could have caused that? Could Madame Pomfrey not cure him? Was it beyond her ability? What about St. Mungo's? Couldn't they help? He believed in Snape's mastery. Why couldn't Snape help?

After all St. Mungo's had healed Arthur after being bitten by Nagini. All Dumbledore said, well, basically he gave me a gentle brush-off for my concern. Then we were on our way.

His journey, gaining a new Professor. Horace Slughorn. An old friend. I was curious as to why we were visiting him but with one mention of my mother I was quite excited that the man was coming to Hogwarts. "Lily Evans. One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl. I used to tell her she ought to have been in my House. Very cheeky answers I used to get back too." (1)

For once I was hearing about her. Lily Evans-Potter. Rarely did I hear about my own mother (usually just that I have her green eyes.) I hoped to hear more but Dumbledore decided to leave. I may have been confused at first (didn't know Dumbledore was manipulating Slughorn into accepting) but it came apparent later. And I definitely wanted to know more about Mum.

Sirius and Remus, as well as some others, usually spoke of Dad. The only time I'd hear about Mum was the fact that Dad fell for her, they married, had me, and died. Or with Petunia, that Lily was her sister, a witch, a freak, and the lies.

Why wouldn't the Weasleys let Bill be happy? They all seemed to dislike Fleur. Ginny dares to call her Phlegm! I like Fleur. Oh, sure at first during the Tournament she seemed snobbish but I finally got to know the lovely blonde. She was sweet and caring. She loved her sister very much, willing to allow Gabrielle to have a very important part in her life or to travel with her should her sister wish. Besides, if Fleur made Bill happy, so be it. I was happy and willing to defend her as well as their decision to marry.

But Molly was trying her best to set her own son with Tonks (Sirius' cousin disowned from the Black family...also a bit clumsy despite her being an Auror.) Everyone in that family (except maybe a tiny few) wanted Tonks to be a part of the family. None of them wanted to see Bill happy nor could they see past their own dislike of Fleur. They were trying their hardest to push Fleur away. Why? She wanted...actually made the effort to get along with the family. Must they make it so hard for her?

OWLs...Ordinary Wizarding Level...a test of our magical levels of study. We had studied all last year and practice years before. I did quite well in my classes but knew I wouldn't past my history or Divination classes. One was too easy to sleep through while the other was based on very, very few predictions but mainly tiny truths and faking visions. We all did our best and past. Next was our NEWTs. And I knew Hermione would be pushing the limit of studying.

Draco Malfoy. My equal. My enemy. My rival. But during a trip to Diagon Alley, he Oh, he was his normal sarcastic self, picking on others. He just looked...awful. Diminished. Frightened. Nervous. I swore he had to be a Death Eater. Bearing the Dark Mark upon his arm. But maybe the others were right, he wasn't a true follower.

But what scared him? What gave that sad look in his mother's eyes that day on the platform? Why were they both diminished? It couldn't be because Lucius was in prison, could it? They hid behind their masks...behind the proper behavior of a Malfoy. Something or someone had gotten to them. My only thought, Voldemort. And I felt it prudent to warn Arthur about Malfoy's behavior. It had drastically changed since Lucius' imprisonment.

I resolved to keep a close eye on the diminished blonde. Easier said than done. Slughorn had begun hounding me. Reeling me in as his favorite, at least one of the few. Perhaps I'll learn more of Lily.

At first I hadn't been sure about him. I hoped he would be capable in class. Imagine our surprise when Snape was announced as our DADA Professor and Slughorn our Potions Professor. I knew this year I would have a better chance of passing Potions than I would Defense. I still blamed Snape and Dumbledore for Sirius. Dumbledore had left, leaving me no one I trusted to tell me Sirius was safe. Snape hated my Godfather; I believed the man took his time as I fled for the Ministry.

To me Snape was rewarded with the spot he coveted. Defense Against the Dark Arts. Oh, I still respected his spying status. One must when dealing with Voldemort, especially as he was an accomplished Legilimens. To lie and actually survive took courage and cunning. Snape had the qualities of a fool-hardy Gryffindor backed by the underhanded Slytherin to protect himself on this mission. Despite my respect, I prayed the cursed position would follow through. Hoped that Snape would leave willingly or unwillingly. And something in the back of my mind promised, Snape would be gone but not in the way I had wanted.

My curiosity was about to take a trip. Mysteries I had questioned were about to be solved. One came to be when I was handed my new Potions textbook (thought I couldn't get in with an Exceeds Expectations but Snape wasn't teach...Slughorn allowed me entrance and gave me a textbook.) Someone had scribbled new instructions over the textbook procedures, even added curses and hexes that I had never heard of but desired to practice. Those new notes on steps of Potions making made things easier for me to possibly understand and create the perfect potion to pass the class.

Oh, how Hermione ranted and raved. Why? I finally understood and brought my grade up, surpassing her as I made my potions better than hers. So, why care? I was finally passing without her harping. Okay, yes, I was cheating by using a used book with different instructions. Yes, someone wrote in it. Yes, I followed. But it gained the same results. That was good, right? It did feel strange to win. I had the best potion in our first class. "Good lord, it's clear you've inherited your mother's talent. She was a dab hand at Potions, Lily was!" (2) That was worth every second of cheating and the silent extra help.

But the mystery that intrigued me, "this book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince." (3) We were all wondering who the half-blood prince was...she thought Voldemort since he was a half-blood. I had a different opinion. If Voldemort was the prince then he should have been able to create his own superb creations to lengthen his hopeful immortal life long before he had fallen by confronting the Potters.

My second mystery that Dumbledore believed would help me win, Voldemort's past. We hoped to find some help me defeat Voldemort's existence from this world. All it took was searching through memories. I discovered much. He really was Salazar Slytherin's heir but only through his Pureblood mother.

Merope Gaunt, a Pureblood witch living with her father and brother, had fallen for a handsome Muggle boy called Tom Riddle. She obsessed over him, even though he already had a sweetheart. In a way, I felt sorry Tom Riddle and his son. Merope had manipulated their lives for her selfish pleasure but she did reap what she sowed. Her husband had abandoned her soon after their marriage, returning home.

Not only was I learning of Merope Gaunt's deception and Voldemort's life, Dumbledore was leading me to something more serious than defeat. I had shuddered to think what it could be. Could there be a clue...a item..that would forever destroy Voldemort? I also knew this. To destroy him, we had to vanquish his soul. He already survived fourteen years as a spirit tied to this planet. Unicorn blood and Nagini's venom were simply extra help to keep him alive. But I knew Voldemort wasn't stupid. He obviously had some other means to remain. How else did he survive the backlash of magic that October night, long before the blood and venom? It was some item, some thing, that would be the step in his ultimate downfall. That same item that had blackened Dumbledore's hand and had to do with a certain piece of jewelry I had noticed belonging Merope's father but in the Headmaster's possession. I knew there had to be a connection. But what? What exactly could Voldemort need with jewelry?

At one time I had thoy thought Cho was my true love but it was only a crush. Sure I still felt some feelings towards her. She's a lovely girl unless her emotions get the better of her. But lately I had begun to notice someone I once thought of as a fellow friend. This same person was making my heart leap just as Cho had. I began watching her as everything around me was slowly falling in to place. And when she vanished from my side, I missed her. I was jealous of Michael Corner until she left him. And now I was jealous of Dean Thomas until she left him. Ginny Weasley.

Ginny's much like Hermione. Both were my friends until some force caused me to see them in a new light. Hermione was a logical reader and learner until she wore a feminine dress of pink flowing silk at the Yule Ball. She was beautiful with her hair curled, tied back in a loose knot while pieces framed her face. Her eyes lit her face with creamy beauty, lips plump and curved. Hermione was beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside and still my best friend.

Ginny was a fiery tempered little girl, the baby sister of Ron. This year I saw how lovely Ginny really was. Fiery strands of red hair flowed about her, hinting at a hot temper backed with a vicious bat-boogey curse. Clear eyes sparkled with her laughter and anger, lips curved in a bright smile or predatory smirk. Creamy flesh shimmering with a reddish pink flush as her heated attitude beamed from a little girl growing in to her womanhood.

I had begun to notice the fairer sex even more this year, not realizing many were noticing me as well. "It's not Quidditch that's popular, it's you! You've never been more interesting, and frankly, you've never been more fanciable." (4) Since telling the truth and the new Minister (Fudge had been forced to leave his seat this I celebrated but didn't really like the new Minister...the new one wanted me on his side and under his power as well but I refused) confirming my stories, I've just noticed people constantly vying for my attention. I've gone from servant boy to Harry Potter to savior-turned-delusional to the Chosen One.

I was the one everyone was noticing. I thanked the skies that I had close friends who saw me as Harry. Just Harry. A loyal friend, adopted family member, and a regular teenager. One day I hope the world would also see me as Harry. I'll hold my breath until then. For now I'll play my part. The hope...the savior...the chosen one. I will do all it takes to protect the innocent children, both Muggle and Magical.

To do that, I read every handwritten scribble in my used textbook. Kept up in my lessons with Dumbledore. The clues began to add up. The textbook had belonged to someone I knew. One spell in particular I had seen...Levicorpus. The same one Dad used against Snape...held him up-side-down by his ankles with magic. At first when I found that spell I was thinking of my Dad. But I remembered, Dad was a Pureblood wizard. So, not him. This person was Half-blood. The only other ones that could have known were Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, and Lily Evans.

Lily was a female. That ruled her out. It said a prince and she was actually a Muggleborn as well. So, not her.

Sirius Black was a disowned Pureblood. It could have been him but like Dad, the bloodline wasn't right. So, not him.

Remus Lupin was a werewolf. He could barely afford the Wolfsbane potion. He didn't have the ability to create that complex potion every month. But I believe he was also a Half-blood. Still, he's not a Potions expert, well, not a Master. So, not him.

Peter Pettigrew was one of two guesses. But Voldemort had told Pettigrew about his resurrection potion and how to create it. Pettigrew was a coward and weak, according to those of his school years. He couldn't be the Half-Blood Prince because he barely realized that common rats don't live for thirteen years. He cowered before any type of authority so he couldn't possibly be a Potions Master. So, it couldn't be him, right?

And then there was Severus Snape. A Potions Master and suffered that spell. I truly thought he was the prince! But then again...why brag about mixed blood when he had joined with the Death Eaters? He joined a group bent on Pureblood ideals, right? Or did he suspect Voldemort of being a half-blood and hid his blood heritage the same way? So, it couldn't be him either, right?

Two choices and the only one my gut was leaning towards was Snape. But who was the true Half-Blood Prince? Or was it really Voldemort and I was wrong in my theories?

Seeing Voldemort at age eleven, well, that was an eye-opener and put a damper on things. Without knowing his magical heritage, Voldemort knew he was different and could do anything he wished. He even knew how to manipulate others by using the tone of his voice and eye contact. And he was proud! He even dared to force Dumbledore to his selfish bidding!

"He showed his contempt for anything that tied him to other people, anything that made him ordinary. Even then, he wished to be different, separate, notorious." "Tom Riddle was already highly self-sufficient, secretive, and, apparently, friendless." "He preferred to operate alone. The adult Voldemort is the same. You will hear many of his Death Eaters claiming that they are in his confidence, that they alone are close to him, even understand him. They are deluded. Lord Voldemort has never had a friend, nor do I believe that he has ever wanted one." (5)

Ironic. I can't always remember my studies for tests or essays but I can remember quotes of others throughout my sixteen years. Hermione would be stunned and then demand, even lecture, that I use my skill in class. Ah, but that's life. Fate has a fickle sense of humor. At least that's what I believe.

Of the memories I have seen, where is that clue? So, he was evil little bully. That gives me nothing to work with. Does Dumbledore exqect expect me to shower Voldemort with hugs and kisses, friendship, love??? What about mercy? Those are definite powers he knows not. Would they work, dear Headmaster? Huh? Or did the Fates desire some other power?

You know, I always thought Christmas was a time for family. Oh, I may have had bad examples with the Dursleys but at least I would sympathize with Fleur and Tonks. The Weasleys were desperate for a break-up. Molly dared to push Bill on Tonks or Tonks on Bill. When will they realize that Fleur and Bill are happy? I felt bad for Fleur. The Weasleys were practically treating her as the Dursleys would me! If I wasn't sure about the two, I would go along with the family but she didn't deserve it either way. No one does. I doubt they'll realize that any time soon. Then again, all but Molly were pushing away Percy.

Percy Weasley. Left Hogwarts for a career in the Ministry. I was happy for him. He was trying to make a new name for the Weasleys, prove what they were worth. So, what? He was trying. And then the downfall. He had sided with ex-Minister Fudge on many occasions, especially against me. He tried to make them see things their way. He desired to protect them. That I couldn't fault him. I would have done the same if it was my family. Why couldn't they see that? I don't like his methods of protecting his family. Nor do I like his high-and-mighty attitude. But I respected his desire to keep those he loved safe.

Now the strange jewelry. Horcruxes. The two became a puzzle piece with a missing memory from Slughorn (or the same memory he had altered to keep himself in a better and brighter light.) The Horcrux was a type of advanced form of Dark magic. I wouldn't put it past Voldemort. He wanted domination, as do all rulers and hopeful tyrants. They all wish immortality to establish and continue their unchallenged reign. But the Horcrux worried me. I knew it was a clue, one Dumbledore refused to explain. Apparently I must discover the answers myself. Answers that belong to Slytherin's artifacts...the jewelry...and the sudden need for a Horcrux.

"You've got nerve, boy! Oh, you're like your mother." "That's the individual spirit a real potion-maker needs! Just like his mother, she had the same intuitive grasp of potions-making." (6)

Helga Hufflepuff. One of the four Founders. She had a descendant of her bloodline. With this descendant was a powerful treasure, a small golden cup with an engraved badger. Not only that, the woman had one of Slytherin's treasures...a locket I believe. Voldemort had not been happy that she held those items, returning at night to claim them and end the bloodline with the woman's poisonous demise.

Why? What was so interesting about these items that would grant Voldemort domination, let alone immortality? Had they been a means for Horcruxes? If so, how is one created? I needed Slughorn's true memory.

"Very brave...Very funny..." (7) Oh, Mum.

How is it when one drinks their lips move easily? Slughorn was one. It was easy to keep his attention. All I did was slip in a memory of Voldemort going after my mother and he remembered her being brave. In return, my answers.

Now I understood. He was embarrassed. He had unknowingly helped Voldemort achieved his immortality. He unknowingly aided Voldemort with the process of splitting one's soul. He trusted his favorite student, hoping against hope. There are seven, seven Horcruxes! Slughorn had believed that seven would have been dangerous, impossible. His student had believed it would make him powerful to have such a high number.

These were the ones Dumbledore and I could guess. One: Tom Riddle's diary in my Second Year...destroyed by me (pierced by a poisonous Basilisk fang.) Two: Salazar Slytherin's ring...destroyed by Dumbledore (I guess when he retrieved it, his hand suffered.) Three: Slytherin's locket (possibility since he went through the trouble of stealing it from Hufflepuff's descendant.) Four: Helga Hufflepuff's cup (same as the locket.) Five: Nagini, his familiar (possible--she was his aide before the resurrection potion and always at his side as well as had been possessed by Voldemort when she bit Arthur.) Six: Voldemort himself (possible---he regained his human form and suffered fourteen years as a roaming spirit.)

Dumbledore could only guess that six had been created. But we knew he was determined to obtain seven all together. So, what could the seventh one be? And I'm terrified. Voldemort had come after my family before he was banished from mortal flesh. I'm fearful that the seventh is me. He failed to kill me, linking us together through my scar. Or would I be the sixth? He survived as a spirit and I suffered him through our link.

To destroy Voldemort means to obliterate his Horcrues...six of them if Dumbledore is right. But we tried guessing what the possible seventh could be. A treasure of Ravenclaw...a treasure of Gryffindor. Why not? He already had Slytherin's and Hufflepuff's. I can only hope there are only six. I have no desire to die trying to destroy Voldemort, even if it means seeing my family again. James Potter, Lily Evans, and Sirius Black.

I had known Malfoy was up to something. No one else would believe me or dare to try anything. A deed he must perform was tearing at his soul. I spent six years fighting against him and he against me. We pretty much knew each other well. I knew if Voldemort had gotten to Malfoy, then Malfoy was after someone, a target he must destroy. Oh, I didn't realize the absolute truth until it was too late.

I suspected. I believed. Snape and Malfoy had a secret, something with an Unbreakable Vow. One that angered Malfoy. Snape had promised someone to watch over the small blonde, to aide him in any possible way. I trusted him. I respected him. I believed in Dumbledore.

How could Dumbledore trust the one man who gave Voldemort half the prophecy Trelawney had predicted? How could he believe the man who helped set up my parents? How?! How could you?! Snape hated my father! He hated Sirius! He hated Remus! And two of the three were now dead, Dumbledore! Dead!! But you still stuck by your precious story. You trusted a spy! A Master of Occlumency! Did you ever question him with Veritaserum? Why not have the Ministry do it? Or did you stand by him because you failed him when Sirius sent Snape to Remus on a full moon night?

What do we do now?

I've learned much. I suspected Snape of many things but I gave him the benefit of doubt. For you! You! How I wish things went differently. I had been happy. Learning of Mum. Succeeding in Potions. Gaining knowledge to destroy Voldemort. Falling in love and gaining Ginny as my girlfriend. And like it always does for me. (I swear Fate and Destiny are determined I suffer.) Life fell apart. The truth came free.

You knew, didn't you? You knew and decided to believe a Death Eater. How? Why? Please tell me. I wish to know.

We had gone for the third Horcrux. I forced you to drink the goblet's liquid for the locket at the bottom. I had hoped all would be well. My instinct screaming loudly, pounding on the mental barrier, telling me to run, run back to Hogwarts. Things were wrong. All year they had been wrong. People suffered. Everyone suffered and here we were. I cried as you suffered the liquid. I wonder if it could have been a trap. Did you know it was a trap?

Hogwarts had been stormed by Death Eaters. Malfoy led them into the school through an enchanted object within the Room of Requirement. He was ready to fulfill his promise but froze at the last minute. You could see it, couldn't you? Malfoy didn't want to be a killer. He didn't want to be his father. Did he? He wanted the fame, yes. He wanted to prove himself, yes. But he didn't want to be someone's servant, did he?

You bound me beneath my cloak, knowing I would try and save you. Why couldn't you let me save you? I wanted to save you. I needed you! Now all I can see is my parents with you in their place. A flash of green and death. Anger and fury refuse to let me forget.

You begged! Begged! Why? You refused to bow to Malfoy, forcing yourself to remain calm and standing. Talked...chatted. You seemed as if you were waiting for someone else. I had hoped a rescue when your precious spy stalked inside. Robes flying and snapping, the Dark Angel of Mercy. But it wasn't to be was it?

How could you, Snape? He loved you...trusted you..believed in you. You abused it! You took Malfoy's side! You ran with them! Why?! How could you?! What were you thinking? Was it worth it? Did you pretend to be Dumbledore's friend in hopes of helping your Master? Were you ashamed of your past? Did you think Voldemort would overlook it? Did you hope for the fame and glory? Like Voldemort you had Muggle and Pureblood running through your veins. Did you lie to him about your parentage? Believe in that Pureblood crap? You destroyed everyone's hope and belief in you. And I will find you both. Dumbledore didn't deserve a cold hearted death.

But something gnaws at the edges. Why did he beg? Why you? Malfoy couldn't kill him. The other Death Eaters never got the chance. Why did he talk so calmly? Why have spoken words if he knew his death was coming? But one look at you and he pleaded. For death? For mercy? For help? For what? Did he already know? Was Hagrid right? Did you and Dumbledore set this up, hoping to cement your spying status?

And now I've confused myself. I know what I saw. I know what I heard. I know what I felt. I know what I believe. But was any of it correct?

Without a doubt, now, I will be going for the last Horcruxes.

I left Ginny to her own future. I refused to drag her along. Everyone associated with me suffers and I wanted to save her from that. I suffered watching the funeral, knowing I was the only one with the truth. Everyone had paid him their last respects. Centaurs, Merpeople, Hogwarts students and Professors, Ministry Officials, and the public. We all could swear that the Phoenixes were paying their respect as well.

A white burial tomb is all that's left of the great Albus Dumbledore. And those of us left behind had tears but very few were determined.

Bill suffered in the attack. And the Weasleys got the message. Molly thought her dream would come true, though she worried. Bill had been attacked by Fenrir Greyback, the same man who made Remus a werewolf. Bill would life, scars and wolfish characteristics his only setbacks of the battle. Fleur proved everyone wrong. She didn't care for the scars nor his looks. She cared for him. She was determined to wed.

Tonks was as determined, about Remus. I was happy for my guardian. Remus was the last link to my family, if not actually familial ties. He had become my true guardian and family in the sense of kinship. We suffer in different ways but try to help the other. He deserved to be loved, especially by someone not scared by his wolfish outbreak once a month. He needed all the happiness he could get, all the love.

Despite Dumbledore's death, the Order was ready to fight. McGonagall refused to close the school. If any wish to return, they may. But I believe many will come to Hogwarts looking for sanctuary and safety.

But I, I will keep my promise, my vow, my word to Dumbledore. I will hunt down the Horcruxes. And at my side (despite my misgivings...wanted them as far from me and safe as possible) Hermione and Ron will take the travel. Together we will destroy the Horcruxes, avenge Dumbledore, and vanquish Voldemort. At least that's our plan.

If you can hear my plea, Mum, Dad, Sirius, Dumbledore, please help me. Give me the means and strength to continue this battle. We need your aide in winning. Please, help us.

I love you all and miss you all very much.//

Harry sighed. It was done. All his burdens had been eased in the pages of his mother's journal. He felt free and determined. "Almost time." Emerald eyes stared out into the dark, starry, night sky. His decision had been made months ago. Now he was sure he made the right one. He would leave the Dursleys behind, visit the place that began the nightmare, Godric's Hollow, appear for Bill's wedding at the Burrow, and then he would disappear. He didn't know where he was going. He only hoped something would come along and lead him in the right direction.

"Harry?" He turned to face his aunt, nodding. She gave a tight smile, "The door is unlocked. Vernon and I will watch out for your friends."

He watched the bedroom door slowly close. Earlier, he mentioned Hermione and Ron's arrival later that night. His seventeenth birthday would begin the crumbling of his protective wards. But he hoped his family had a back-up plan when he walked away, possibly forever. For now, he returned to the stars, I will end this. One way or another, it will end. I will find my answers.

The door slowly creaked open; he hadn't realized time had passed. "Harry?"

A soft smile crossed his lips as he turned to face his two best friends, standing with a grip on his journal. "Hello, Ron, Hermione." It was time for their plan to be kicked in to gear. Time for them to leave and begin the final journey of the raging war between Dark and Light.

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