It was raining hard that night as Kyouya sat back in his limo after leaving his friend Tamaki's house to squash a spider the blond was to afraid to squash or have someone squash for him.

"Why do I even do that idiots bidding?" Kyouya sighed to himself as he placed his folder of papers down next to him in his seat and looked out the tainted windows.

Kyouya only brought them along because he thought they would keep his mind occupied so he wouldn't have to actually take notice to anything around him. After so long at the host club he learned to tune out the world around him and found peace in numbers and files. But tonight he had finished everything and found himself looking about the empty and dark street.

"It's 3 in the morning. No wonder no ones out "Kyouya said looking at his watch then returning his view out the window when he was startled to find a young woman leaning against a street sign casually seeming to look out to space. Though he was driving through a common neighborhood on his way home he knew even commoners weren't stupid enough to stand out in the rain.

"Pull over" Kyouya ordered his driver as he rolled his window down coolly getting ready to put on his practiced host club smile.

"If someone found out the son of the Ootori family let someone stand out in the rain and get sick it could be hazardous to my father" Kyouya thought to himself as the car slowed down next to the woman who seemed to pay no heed to the black limo.

"Excuse me miss but I do believe if you continue standing out in the rain you're bound to be sick tomorrow" Kyouya yelled out with a smile.

The young woman smiled and turned her head towards Kyouya. She had long light brown hair that seemed to be pasted to her back in the downpour, her eyes were innocent yet wise the green of them seeming to sparkle. She was wearing a floral yellow spring dress which stopped mid calf and was perfect for the season but not the current weather. Kyouya had to remark in his mind how this girl looked to be about his age or a year younger.

"I don't mind being sick tomorrow as long as I get to see this wonderful view "She said her voice calm and soothing with a hint of joy in it.

Kyouya smirked and fixed his glasses causing them to glare menacingly.

"Not to be rude but your standing in the middle of the sidewalk. What view could there possibly be?"He chuckled a little trying not to show how much of an idiot he thought she was for standing out in the pouring rain.

"Not to be rude but seeing as you're in a large limo what could you possibly gain from stopping me from getting a cold?" She retorted mimicking the same expression Kyouya had.

Kyouya had to stop himself from chuckling as he said "touché" and stepped out the car waving the driver off from jumping out to open the door.

The girl was a bit startled by him coming out of his limo wearing what looked to be a expensive hooded jacket and jeans which quickly became soaked in the downpour.

Kyouya merely smirked at her and fixed his glasses again." So show me this view of yours"

The girl smiled and stood next to Kyouya and gently grabbed his arm moving him to the spot she was at.

"Now this is going to be very hard for you but once you succeed you'll thank me" She said standing on her tippy toes to be eye to eye next to Kyouya who was at least 4 inches taller.

Kyouya glanced at her sure in the fact he would walk away from this with a cold tomorrow and the satisfaction of making this total stranger realize the idiot she was to be standing out here in the rain.

"Now you see that full moon? Look at it and watch the rain at the same time." She said her voice gentle and compassionate.

Kyouya sighed and crossed his legs as he leaned against the pole and looked up at the moon seeing only the rain and the moon.

"I don't see this wonderful view you were talking about…"Kyouya started but was cut off as he saw for a few brief instances as each drop of rain reflected the full moon making it seem as if around the moon there were little orbs with little moons around it. He had never seen anything so beautiful. When the drops reached the ground and formed puddles they seemed to turn into little lakes all around reflecting the white light of the moon.

The young woman giggled and whispered in Kyouya ear "your welcome".

Kyouya still keeping his cool composure turned to say something back but was met with the air.

He looked around and swore he saw the end of a floral dress turn a corner into an alley. He quickly walked to it hoping to catch her trying to be all mysterious but when he faced the alley nothing was there except a soaking wet kitten who had a surprised look on its face.

Kyouya smiled and walked back to the limo where the driver was waiting completely wet. As he got into the car and the door closed he took one last look at the moon trying to catch the glimpse again. He laughed a bit to himself when he couldn't see it again and rolled up the window.

"That was. Interesting" he said as the limo drove on.