Kagome's WHAT?

Lady Nefertiti

Summary: Someone thought it would be funny, very funny to see Kagome running through Sesshomaru's castle...Drunk…...but being drunk does come with consequences….like running into Sesshomaru….GAH! Kagome RUNNN!

Chapter 1: Was this expected?

"AHHH!" Kagome yelled out loud having to screech into a stop to avoid colliding with a certain hanyou. 'Damn him why couldn't he have said anything? I just had to be walking RIGHT behind him too!' 'Baka Kagome!' She berated herself. "Inuyasha why didn't you….." But she was cut off by his angry yell and was surprised that he pulled out tetsuiga out waving it, yet again like a mad man. Would he never learn to respect his father's fang? He had almost destroyed it once….. "Inu…."

"Where is that Bastard? Where? I can smell him! His stench is everywhere!" Inuyasha looked around wildly into the trees then towards the clearing but saw nothing and no one.

"And which bastard would that be Inuyasha?" Miroku asked him. "Naraku? Sesshomaru? Bankotsu? A demon with the Shikon shard? Or perhaps your nose is failing you?" Inuyasha glared at him preparing to pounce on the damn Monk when a 'sit' was heard followed by a crater, Inuyasha disappearing from sight. Sango just shook her head and Shippo who was currently perched on Sango's shoulder looked down at Inuyasha.

"Kagome-mama? Do you know where we are?" Shippo asked her wondering why she had suddenly fallen silent, anger dissipating. It was unlike her to suddenly fall silent had she perhaps smelled or heard something too? After all she was a Miko and had powers too….he puffed out his chest proudly, yes he was so proud of his mother. Kagome sat down and looked down at the 'Inuyasha crater' sighing suddenly. She was so sorry, she knew it hurt him when she 'sat' him. The last time it had been when Inuyasha turned full-fledge demon and attacked her. She didn't blame Miroku for acting so cynical towards Inuyasha….it was the 'argument' Kagome and Inuyasha had earlier that Miroku intervened and she'd told him not too! And now Inuyasha just tried to attack Miroku.

"Um Kagome? Are you planning on sitting here for a while?" Sango asked her.

"Kagome where are we?" Shippo asked her again.

"Lady Kagome thank you." Miroku said giving her a little bow.

"Wench! Why the hell did you 'SIT' me?!" Inuyasha roared at her angrily.

"Lady Kagome I found a nice hot spring that you and Lady Sango can relax in for tonight." Miroku said trying to act helpful.

"Kagome-mama why did Inuyasha say that he sensed someone? Do you think it was Naraku?" Shippo asked her.

"Wench! Kikyo would never have done and sit me like you did!" Inuyasha continued on.

"Kagome I really think we should press on these woods don't seem so safe." Sango said looking towards the woods.

'Twitch…Twitch….' Would no one leave her in peace?!

"KYAAA!" She screeched finally. "WILL EVERYONE JUST QUIET DOWN!" Kagome yelled angrily. She officially had a massive headache and could really use some Tylenol right now….That shut everyone up but there was a certain thing Kagome had forgotten to say…..

"And Inuyasha SITTTTTTT!"

(CRASH!) and Inuyasha made contact with the dirt….again.

"#$#$$&$#$&" Was coming from Inuyasha but it was ignored.


A soft chuckle suddenly came from the shadows. This was more amusing than what he had come here to say to the 'rag-tag' group, the Inu-tachi. If this kept up perhaps he wouldn't have to kill Inuyasha, Kagome would do it for him. 'Kagome..' She was the only one he needed from this group and he'd be damned if he couldn't have her…

-Back to Inu-tachi-

There was dead silence amongst the group even Inuyasha who had just come out of his 'death chamber,' the crater. Kagome had never yelled so loudly. Aggravated….simply angry….everyone had their limits.

"I need a break….I need to go home for a while okay guys? I just can't take any drama right now…." Kagome turned to look at Inuyasha daring at him to contradict her….He didn't…..

"I'll….I'll walk you to the well Kagome…." Inuyasha said ears flattening. Normally Kagome would exclaim 'Kawaii!' When he did that but she wasn't even looking at him, rather she had shut her eyes…and seemed to be counting from 1 to 10? He sighed inwardly he never liked his friend so upset. He didn't know her patience was hanging by a thread….but she'd never been that way before. Had something happened? It wasn't Kikyo because she'd stay in this era and sit him every chance she got so…..Sometimes he didn't know how she coped. She lived double lives…


His eyes flashed red for a second. She was returning home and it was thanks to her so-called friends who were driving her over the edge. How dare someone treat her as such?! Inuyasha would 'Walk her to the well?' how very peculiar. Perhaps he should be the one to destroy Inuyasha after all…..

Why was he here again? Oh yes….because he needed to talk to the Inu-tachi but the most important member had or was about to vanish through a well….the only one he deemed important….the only one he cared about. He'd have to wait it out….and when she came back he'd have her.

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