Chapter 28: In hot water… part 2

Last time: "WTF?" And both Kagome and Sesshomaru's snapped in the direction of the voice. Inuyasha. His eyes started to narrow in anger, turning red as he saw Kagome dripping wet and half-naked with his blasted brother Sesshomaru just sitting there watching her with hunger and lust in his eyes? It made his blood boil with anger.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered timidly.

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-Sesshomaru's chambers- (main wing)







And time seemed to go by slowly as Inuyasha and Kagome just looked at each other. Kagome freezing and looking a bit embarrassed and Inuyasha angry looking like he was going to rip something rather someone apart. Suddenly Kagome sneezed and Inuyasha snapped out of his 'I'm-kick-you're-ass-trance.' "Inuyasha are you like okay?" Kagome began slowly. 'Why am I even asking him that?' She thought smacking her head mentally. 'Of course he isn't! look at him with his red eyes and growling and everything….'

"Okay? Okay? You ask me if I'm okay Kagome?!" Inuyasha yelled causing Kagome to flinch and Sesshomaru to glare at the half-breed still not moving from his spot. If Inuyasha got any closer than he'd just have to step in. He was upsetting her and it was unsettling him. "You are naked! Naked I tell you! Almost as naked as the day you were born and you…" he was cut off by Sesshomaru who wasn't very pleased that Inuyasha was yelling and in his palace no less….

'Kill him!' his beast said.

"Kagome…." He said in his smooth and calm voice not betraying any kind of emotion or angry expression on his face.

"Oh right!" she said grinning at Sesshomaru and Inuyasha glaring at her. "SIT BOY!!!"


And with that said, Sesshomaru walked up to an unconscious Inuyasha, picked him up by the collar and threw him out the window which was conveniently open. He turned around to see and freezing Kagome and sighed. Things sure were interesting now that she was around….

'Yup!' his beast said.

"Kagome lets get you into something warm…." He walked over to his wardrobe and then stopped suddenly. An evil smirk came and went on his face. Why would he want her to wear anything at all? She just needed to get warm right? He turned around then and looked at her.

"Um Sesshomaru what's the matter?" she asked him looking at his hungry expression. 'Err…eh-heh.' She thought. He walked closer to her and she just blinked at him with her big and innocent eyes wondering what the heck he was doing and where were her dry clothes that he'd promised her? "Hey you stop that!" she said suddenly as he started untying her very wet robe. Like what the heck? Who hit him across the head? And then the whole robe suddenly pooled around her feet.


-Start Lemon-

Without warning Sesshomaru pulled her forcefully against his body and his lips crashed down on hers. What was he doing to her? She 'eeped' when his hand started caressing her back…..and then suddenly all her worries flew out the window. Hmm…was she still perhaps drunk?

She was now pulling him closer if at all possible. When she shyly answered his kisses he growled pulling her close. She snuggled even closer, challenging his tongue with her own. His hand found a way under her clothes and when he touched her skin it sent shivers throughout her whole body.

But his lips didn't linger on her lips… They moved to her cheek, her ear, then down her neck. His mouth went up her body, down and finally up to her breasts. She gasped softly when his hand cupped one of her breasts. He carried her to his bed and placed her on one of his pillows. What an angel she was, creamy skin, rosy lips and raven locks that were just begging to have someone run their hands through. He'd never begin to wonder why he'd ignored her for so many years. Yes even he'd admit that he had been wrong about her and of course only her that was!

Why was this different? When she screamed Inuyasha to 'sit' if he ever saw her naked in the springs….here she was in front of Inuyasha's enemy his own brother and loving every minute of it…..She suddenly blushed when she caught him looking at her.

"Look Sesshomaru I…." She began only to be cut off by him and she basically screamed aloud when his arm slid around her waist, lifting her up so he could continue kissing her breasts. Well…'Well what?' she thought as she stared at him through cloudy eyes wondering if she could really…..really do this. She had an obligation to the shards and if she became pregnant….(no doubt he'd find out soon) then he'd keep her here and never let her out of his sight. 'Well….to hell with the jewels for now….'

Suddenly she was slowly pushed back against the pillows now lying on her back. Then she felt one of his long fingers slipping into her. She held her breath and then suddenly gasped She released it as sob when the finger touched her center and she felt him move within her. What…What was he doing to her?! She'd never felt this way before.

"Sesshomaru…" she moaned. He lifted his head and looked into her blue eyes, which were clouded with passion, a dazed expression on her face. Suddenly he got up off of her and slowly removed his clothes. She gulped hard and felt a hot liquid pool at the entrance to her body when she saw him. Within the blink of an eye he was on top of her pressing his body against hers, his hunger for her made her shudder.

As soon as she arched her body up he pushed her legs apart and started kissing and licking and biting her center. She panted….she'd never felt this way before….oh god! She wanted him so bad! Soon his tongue left her center and one finger entered her and then another finger, she moaned and cried out his name. He looked down at her cheeks flushed, her body that just begged to be taken…. He kissed her deeply and then pulling his fingers out of her he asked her, "Kagome are you sure about this?" and she nodded her head.

Then he pushed himself into her body destroying her virginity. Kagome felt the pain and flinched a little but it faded away as she felt him deep inside her. He started to move and she groaned. As soon as he had done that he slid out of her and bit down on the juncture of her neck and shoulders so she wouldn't feel so much pain…..

Sesshomaru suddenly lifted his head and looked down at Kagome…his mate and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Suddenly she opened those sexy blue eyes of hers and smiled up at him too.

-End Lemon-

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-Sesshomaru's study-

Inuyasha had just arrived in Sesshomaru's study (after he'd been rudely thrown out the window, courtesy of his brother) to see Miroku and Sango sitting there looking at two very guilty looking kids. Shippo and Rin who didn't look like they'd did anything bad and on top of that they were whining,

"I'm tired."

"I'm bored."

"I want to go and annoy Jaken."

"Why are we here?"

The nerve of kids these days…

Inuyasha opened his mouth clearly showing that he was going to say something mean and bad and Miroku said, "Inuyasha now is clearly not the time and it is not up to you to berate the kids. That is Kagome's job and by the way do you know where she is?" Inuyasha just scowled at him and sat down on a sofa opposite him staring into the fire.

"We didn't do anything bad!" both Shippo and Rin said together. And then there was dead silence in the study. Both kids gritted their teeth…Kagome mama was going to be angry wasn't she?

Sesshomaru and Kagome chose to appear at that very same second (fully clothed and washed up) and then Inuyasha jumped off the couch seeing them walk in. His eyes narrowed…they were walking way to close and holding hands?! WTF was that all about??!!!? And Kagome smelled way too much like Sesshomaru….didn't he just give her clothes to wear?

"Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome-sama…you have finally arrived." Sango said.

Jaken decided to show up at that very moment and then asked, "Lord Sesshomaru is the danger finally over?!" everyone just stared at him and Sesshomaru kicked him far…far….away.

Kagome decided she wouldn't berate the kids too much and only told them that it was dangerous to do something like that even if it was fun too see someone singing nursery rhymes and it wasn't a way to get people together. They both nodded and said they wouldn't ever try anything like that ever again.

"Come on Kagome, we're outta here." And Inuyasha walked forward to grab her arm only to be stopped by Sesshomaru himself.

"Don't touch my mate. She could be pregnant…." Sesshomaru said coolly.


And the only thing Inuyasha yelled was….


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