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Utter Chaos

Full Summary:

Sasuke and Sakura is know in school because of their smarts, looks, wealth, popularity, and for the fact that they so so so so SO hate each other.

When both of their parents arrange a marriage for them, what will happen now that they are asked to live in the same house, room and sleep in the same bed.

High school fic…..


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Chapter 1:

Character Profile

Haruno Sakura:

16 years old

Only heir to the Haruno and Ama industries

Haruno and Ama industries is known for their own fashion line, malls, resorts, toy stores, and hotels tat are scattered all over the world

One of the most popular.girls in Japan, known for her beauty, brains, and wealth

Known for hating the school's heartthrob, Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke:

16 years old

Both him, and his brother are heirs to the Uchiha and Masuno industries.

Uchiha and Ama are known for their resorts, farms, and cars, also known for their for their factories hotels that are scattered all over the world.

Schools heartthrob that can make girls faint by just giving them half a smirk

Smart, handsome, cold and is sometimes called "the ice block", sometimes an ego-headed freak.

Known for trying to play his game with Sakura and failing (not 'that' kind of playing you pervs. lol)

Uzumaki Naruto:

Heir to the Uzumaki industries.

Goof ball and sometimes acts like a total idiot.

Uzumaki inc. is known for their beaches and resorts that are popular all over the world.

Hyuga Hinata:

Co-heir to the Hyuga inc.

Hyuga inc. is one of the richest companies in the world, it runs 3rd on the world's top 10 most richest industries/inc. next to the Haruno , and Uchiha who are ranking 1st and 2nd as of 3 months ago….

(A/N: don't know if that exists, sorry)

Shy but intelligent girl, popular for her looks

Hyuga Neji:

Co-heir to the Hyuga industries/inc.

One of the school's heartthrob like Sasuke, and Naruto

(A/N: forgot to mention that Naruto's a heartthrob as well, sorry)

Prodigy like Sasuke, Smart and sometimes an ice block

Tenten Chichiro (dumb name, sorry):

One and only heir to the Chichir industries.

Chichiro industries is known for their unique weapons, and also for their fighting skills. Their weapons are commonly used for killing and or assisinating purposes…

Smart, pretty, nice, and popular, just don't make her angry…

Nara Shikamaru:

heir to the Nara farming and research center

their company researches and tries to make different cures and they are also known for their fine sheep…

lazy ass genius known for being so lazy and for some of his looks a

Yamanka Ino:

only heir to the Yamanaka industries

Yamanaka industries is known for their various shops, flower shops, and make-up stores all over the world

Perky teen known for some of her smarts and looks

Both the Haruno and Ama industries were once rivals but decided to settle the manner by arranging a marriage for their children

(Sakura's parents)

Now, both the Haruno and Uchiha industries wants their children to marry to settle the arguments between them and to further insure the future of their company.

(They wanted to link both companies together to make one big company)


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