Disclaimer: All characters and events of this fiction are the bread and butter of Tamora Pierce. Long may she dine!

Who Am I

My answer to prompt 37 of Tammy Drabbles

Word count 261

Out of nothingness surged brilliant purple light like nothing he'd ever seen – or at least he thought it was like nothing he'd ever seen. A moment before he'd been… What had he been? Where had he been? Who was he? He possessed no answers.

He stretched, limbs stiff and reluctant. There had been no pain before. Now there were a dozen small aches – a pain which was somehow welcome, though he couldn't be sure why. He felt he should know – the answers were just around the corner, barely out of reach, but shrouded so that he could not close the distance in the right direction.

He took a faltering step forward and heard a gasp of relief. He blinked to clear his vision and focused on a stranger standing in the darkness before him. It was a young man, with skin so white and pasty that it resembled raw bread dough. His unruly red hair topped brilliant violet eyes that seemed familiar though misplaced. "It worked," the stranger said in a hoarse whisper. "I can't believe it worked!"

"What worked?" asked the man who did not know his own name.

"The spell, Duke Roger, the spell."

"Duke Roger?" he tried the name with his own lips. And as if the words called the image of truth to his mind, memories came rushing back; wonderful memories of triumph and brilliance. He had a destiny to fulfill.

Duke Roger surveyed the sorcerer before him with new eyes. He was powerful, but naïve. Roger could use a man like that. Oh, yes he could.