Title: Snowed In – Gone Wrong

Chap 1 of (2 or 3): My Type

Author: Devylish

Category: Het/Romance/Sm. Angst

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Pairing: Mac/Dick

Rating: Will be T (R), this chap PG-13 because Dick has a potty mouth!

Spoilers: Vague references to mid season 3 Veronica romantic life.

Summary: a variation on the Loveathons 'Snowed In Challenge' which was to have Veronica and Logan snowed in somewhere together… and while I love the LoVe, the MaDi kept fighting to come out… eventually, I just gave in… Who am I to fight young love?

Disclaimer: I desperately WISH I owned either LoVe or MaDi, but unfortunately, both are owned by Robbie, and I only own the computer I'm typing on. So, please don't sue me, cuz it would only earn you a half-a lap-top!

Note: Unbeta'd cuz… uh… I donts gots one… volunterz:D

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It had seemed like such a good plan when she'd made it. A text message here. A text message there. A little research. A little expenditure of money… (okay, that part had hurt a bit, but – in the name of friendship, Mac was willing to spend her last dime).

It HAD been a great plan! A wonderful little scheme to try and get Veronica and Logan back together – even if only temporarily – up in a little cabin in the woods.

Yup. A swell idea. An idea that now somehow found Mac trapped: 1) in a cabin 3 hours away from Neptune, Hearst, or any general sort of technologically savvy civilization, 2) in the middle of what appeared to be the snow storm of the century, 3) with – she gulped and blinked hoping that the tall blonde snow covered vision before her would disappear – Dick Casablancas.

Mac groaned.

"So Dude," Dick stared at Mac with a look of disbelief that she was pretty certain was echoed on her own face. "Let me get this straight. You planned this? This was all just a… a 'trick' to get Logan and Veronica back together?!"

Crossing her arms over her chest, Mac tilted her chin defensively before responding. "Yes. I told you that already… Twice!"

"So you, what…? Sent V a text message to get her up here telling her you were in trouble, and then sent Logan his text message 'from V' telling him that she was in trouble and to get up here ASAP?"

"Yes. Dick. Good. Boy. Dick. You've. Got. It. Now. Dick,"

Ignoring Mac's sarcasm Dick continued, "And then what? When they both arrived at the cabin you thought they'd be forced to talk to one another again and realize they are, like, miserable without one another? And then they'd, like, spend the whole weekend in your cabin getting it on in front of the fireplace?"

Mac sighed, "It's not my cabin, but yeah, it was suppose to work out something like that."

"Dude, dumb ass plan."

Mac bristled. "All Veronica and Logan need to do is be alone together in the same space … away from the distractions of Hearst, and Neptune, and drunken Dicks," she shot that barb directly at him, "and they'd see that they are better together than they are apart." She took another tack in defense of her theory, "Honestly Dick, hasn't Logan been more miserable in the past two months than you've ever seen him before? I sure know Veronica has been."

Dick shook the melting snow out of his hair and began to take off his coat. "Yeah, well, it was still a dumb ass idea Ghost World cuz, as you can see, it didn't work."

Not normally one for violence, Mac quickly contemplated the logistics required for her to span the six feet between them, jump the foot of height difference between them, and slap Dick on the back side of the head…. Sighing she realized she probably couldn't get enough lift to actually make her hand reach the back of his head.

Well if she couldn't hit him… maybe she could place some of the blame for the situation on him. "And tell me why again you're here instead of Logan?"

Dick turned his back to her and looked for a place to hang his coat. "Logan forgot his cell at the Grand."


"And…," sheepishly, Dick admitted "Logan would kick my ass if I'd gotten a cry from help from V and ignored it."

"So you drove 300 miles to this cabin to save Veronica?"

"Dude – Logan is scary when it comes to V. He really would kick my ass if I let something happen to her… or" Dick smirked "he'd try to kick it anyway." Giving up on finding a place put his coat, he dropped it on the floor next to him and ran a hand through his shaggy blonde mane.

"Did you even try to find Logan?"

"Without his cell phone? Do you know how big Hearst is? I don't know about you Ghost World, but my telepathy skills aren't what they use to be."

"What about Veronica? Why isn't she here?"

"Dude! How the hell do I know?! I just told you, my - ESP - skills - Not - Working!" He used hand gestures to emphasize each of his words.

Seriously, she thought, one smack upside the back of his pretty blonde head. Just one!

Letting go of her fantasy Mac crossed the floor between them and picked up the jacket Dick had just discarded. "Well Dick, now that you've done your duty, and you know that Veronica isn't here or in danger…" she held out his coat to him "go away."

"Dude, even you can't be that dumb. There's a fucking blizzard out there. I'm lucky I even got here in the first place… I'm not going no where – no how – no time soon." And to prove his point, he did a back flop onto the couch, propped his hands behind his head and stared up at her.

Alone in a cabin with Dick Casablancas overnight… her worst unrealized nightmare come true. "Dick, you have to go! You… we… can't stay here…together!" Realizing she was still holding his coat in her extended hand she threw it at him.

It landed squarely upon his face but he didn't even flinch in response, instead he spoke to her through the jacket. "Since you said this is not your cabin, and you're soooo anxious to not be here with me Ghost World, YOU leave. And uhhh, good luck getting that little green thing you call a car outta the driveway… the frickin' blizzard has made things kinda snowy out there!"

"Hey!" He shook the coat off of his face and propped himself up on the couch, "what the hell are YOU doing here still?"

"Huh?" She played dumb to buy some time.

"You made this plan to give V and Logan some primetime make up time… well they wouldn't be able to get it on very well if you were here when they arrived – unless, Ghost World, you were looking to introduce V to the great pleasures of threesomes –" he grinned and looked at her blushing face. "And I don't think that was part of your plan, so what the hell are you still doing here!" He had a knowing look on his face. He so knew the answer, but he just wanted to hear her say it.

Mac realized she was going to have to 'Byte the Bullet' as her favorite t-shirt said. Straightening herself up to her full 5.3 of height she placed her hands on her hips and looked Dick directly in they eyes. "Fine Dick; by the time I got done cleaning here, and stocking the fridge and all of the other stuff I had to do to get this plan in place I was already snowed in. But the cabin has two bedrooms so, I just figured I'd hole up in the back bedroom for the whole weekend while Veronica and Logan were… were…"

"Say it Mackie… you know you want to."

"Don't be such a dick Dick."

Lying back down on the couch Dick closed his eyes and stretched and Mac found her eyes trailing down the length of his long body. For being brothers, he and Cassidy couldn't have been more different – from looks to personality. There was an energy to Dick that was always present, always on the surface… 'almost animalistic' she thought as his body relaxed back into place. Cassidy, well, his energy was always hidden… always just hinted at, something she had always thought she would be able to tap into if she spent just one more day, one more minute, one more second with him. Of course it turns out that he had depths that no one even dared to dream of… dark depths where he had stored a sad frantic energy…. Dick stored his sadness in a bottle, still definitely not the healthiest way to deal with ones' emotions, but, on the other hand, so far he hadn't blown up any planes, buses, or attempted to kill her best friend. 'Dick vs Cassidy. Dick wins.' Mac nearly choked when she realized she had just compared Dick to Anyone and that Dick had come out on top... she tried half-heartedly again:

"Dick. Seriously, don't you think it would be better for you to go back to the Grand or Hearst? They have, uhh beer there. And girls there. Lots and lots of girls there."

"Tempting as all that sounds Mackie, my staying alive by not sliding off a mountainside cliff sounds, ohhh, a little bit better. Look Dude, I know you're worried that you won't be able to keep your hands off my hot bod if I stay here with you overnight, but, you don't have to worry Ghost World, you're not my type." Truth was all women were his type…. He just usually dealt with the ones that gave it up the easiest… I.e. the non-Mackie types.

"I'm not…! You're not…! Keep my…!" Mac sputtered with frustration.

"You know, when you get all red in the face like that, you match the color of the streak in your hair." He didn't add that it was kind of cute.

"Fine Dick, you win. –"

"-- That's what I like to here baby!"

"You can stay,--"

"— Like there was ever any doubt!?"

"But here are the rules."


"You keep your hands to yourself… no touching me."

He eyed her. Very interesting that she would make that her first rule. "What if you fall and you hurt yourself? Can I touch you then?

"Yes Dick, yes. Then you can touch me."

"What if you get an itch in the middle of your back, a horrible terrible evil itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach? Can I scratch your itch?" He asked this last bit with a lascivious tone and a wiggle of his eyebrow.

"Tell you what Dick… here's the modification to the rule, you keep your hands to yourself… no touching me unless I ask you to, will that suffice?"

He sat up on the couch, let his eyes trace down… then back up her slight frame before he made eye contact with her again. "Works for me Mackie."

Mac physically had to stop herself from shivering under his gaze. Making herself move to the far end of the couch she sat down faced him and spoke again. "Rule 2."

A groan from Dick.

A smirk from Mac.

"Clothing is NOT optional. You must remain clothed in the cabin Dick."

"Dude! I sleep in the raw… the boys have to breathe… I'm not changing that for nobody."

Blushing, Mac held up her hand to stop him from giving her more information. "Dick you can do whatever you want to do" she paused as a series of images passed through her head, "while you're in your bed UNDER THE COVERS, but before you get out of bed, before you traipse through the cabin, you will be clothed… no… no little dicks… or 'breathing boys' will be allowed outside of the bed. Understood?"

Dick sighed. "Yes el Capitan! Any other rules el Capitan?"

"I'll make them up as we go along." She grinned at him.

"Ghost World, you take all of the fun out of … hmmm … well pretty much everything."

"That's odd, I'm starting to have tons of fun," she smiled at him.

The next few hours passed more or less peacefully… with Dick somehow commandeering her laptop in order to play the games on it, and Mac staring at her cell phone wondering if she should go outside were she actually got some reception and try and call Veronica. Fear of the petite blonde's anger eventually won out and Mac simply turned the cell phone off to conserve the battery…. She had a charger in her car, but having to dig a tunnel through the snow to her car to start her car to charge her cell phone did not rank high on her list of things to do. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun would come out and start melting the mountain of snow it was pelting the little cabin in the woods with.


Dick's shout woke Mac out of her reverie and she realized that she had been staring at him, at his hands as they danced effortlessly over the keyboard. She wondered if everything he did with his hands was done with such grace and dexterity.

'Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa girl! Back the Mac truck up and erase that thought!' Bad, bad: graceful, dexterous Dick hand thoughts.

"What's wrong Dick?"

"Dudette, do you have another battery?"

"Sorry 'dude', no."

He tapped woefully on the keyboard, and then watched as the screen flickered to black. "Damn. I was starting to kick some alien ass there too." He put the laptop down on the coffee table in front of them, and looked at Mac, "I was going to take your high score down Mackie."

"Try. The word you want to use is 'try'."

He grinned his cocky surfer boy grin and she felt her stomach flutter. Stomach fluttering?! Since when did Dick equal stomach flutters? Stomach rumbling, yes, but stomach fluttering?! She must be suffering from cabin fever or the flu, or something.

"So what now Mackie?"


"Yup. Entertain me."

Mac laughed outright at his request. Only Dick would make that kind of demand of someone; especially someone that he 'disliked' as much as his dead brother's ex-girlfriend. She decided to remind him of that fact.

Bringing her heels up against her bottom and drawing her knees up against her chest, she pulled her hands inside the arms of her sweater until just the tips of her fingers were exposed. Wrapping her now warmer arms around her knees she stared at Dick.

"Dick, don't you think it's rather odd for you to be asking a girl who isn't 'your type', and who you happen to hate, AND who happens to be your," she paused, then pushed through "dead brother's ex-girlfriend to 'entertain' you?"

Dick was use to women who were sexy and knew it. Women who's every movement and action was calculated/made for the sum/result it would bring. Mac was different, she was sexy, and she apparently had no clue about that fact. Take for instance the way she had just curled up on the couch, it wasn't overtly suggestive, there'd been no bare skin, no batting of her eyelashes, no licking of her lips -- not that he'd complain about any of the above! -- but it was rare, maybe even the first time that Dick had actually spent time with a woman who wasn't aware of the power of her own natural sexuality. Maybe that's what bothered him so much about her, she wasn't like any of the other women he normally dealt with.

"Earth to Dick." Mac raised a hand and waved it at his staring face. "Yo, Dick… what?" She looked down at her shirt "Am I drooling or something?"

"Uh. Yah, sorry dude. No, no drool. Ummmm, okay, here it is. 1) I kind of lied about the type thing, 2) I don't hate you 3) maybe you're the only thing Beav ever got right. So, uh, yah, entertain me Mackie."

Ever been hit by an emotional bomb before? The kind that just out of no where drops down on you, shatters all over and around you and leaves you living but forever changed? Yeah, well, apparently, the Casablancas men specialize in dropping those kind of bombs.