Title: Snowed In – Gone Wrong

Chap 3 of 3: Breaking the Rules

Author: Devylish

Category: Het/Romance/Sm. Angst

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Pairing: Mac/Dick

Rating: This Ch. Is T (R) for sexual situations

Spoilers: If you've made it thru season 2, you're golden.

Summary: a variation on the Loveathons 'Snowed In Challenge' which was to have Veronica and Logan snowed in somewhere together… and while I love the LoVe, the MaDi kept fighting to come out… eventually, I just gave in… Who am I to fight young love?

Disclaimer: I desperately WISH I owned either LoVe or MaDi, but unfortunately, both are owned by Robbie, and I only own the computer I'm typing on. So, please don't sue me, cuz it would only earn you a half-a lap-top!

Note: Unbeta'd cuz… uh… I donts gots one… volunterz:D

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Mac woke up to the sound of her own teeth chattering.

Well, okay, not really, but, she was cold enough when to have been awoken by chattering teeth. Everything from her toes, to her fingers to the tip of her nose was chilled; none of which really made sense to her slowly unmuddling brain. Last night the whole cabin had been comfortably warm, a toasty little 'oasis' in the middle of the woods. So much so, that AFTER she locked her bedroom door (locking Dick out, or herself in, she hadn't taken time to mull over) she'd settled on sleeping in just the oversized tshirt she'd been wearing beneath her sweater. The tshirt combined with the blanket and comforter on the bed had created a perfect cocoon of warmth for her.

Sitting up in the bed and drawing the blanket around hers shoulders, Mac blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. 'So why is it so cold now?'

The generator.

It had looked rickety and untrustworthy when she had crossed her fingers, did an incantation and pressed the starter yesterday afternoon…. Maybe it had died and she needed to go jumpstart it or something.

Since she was just planning to go show the antiquated generator 'who was boss' and then climb back into the happy warmth of her bed, Mac didn't bother getting dressed. She simply put on her tennis shoes and wrapped the blanket around her chest sarong style.

As she quietly unlocked her door she had a half a moments worry of running into Dick, but then she recalled, Dick only got up early for one, erh, make that, two things: surf and sex – neither of which was plentiful here in the middle of nowhere.

Imagine her surprise when she opened the door and found Dick standing right in front of her bedroom.

"Dick!" Her hand flew to the side of the blanket just to make certain it was still firmly in place. Safe and secure.

"You were expecting someone else?"

"No. Yes! No!! I mean, I wasn't expecting anyone! What the hell are you doing up at…" she squinted at her watch in the faint dawns light "5:16 a.m.? And what are you doing outside of my bedroom door?" She pulled herself up to her full impressive just over five feet tall and glared at him. "And if you dare say you were 'sleepwalking' I'll kick you in the shins!

Grinning, Dick responded, "And since I so totally value my shins, I think I'll just say that I was out here trying to decide whether I should bother you about the whole 'colder than a witch's tits' situation or not." He ran his hand through his hair and yawned, "Mackie, Dude, it's fucked up freezing in here."

Mac blinked. Blinked again. And realized that Dick, 'freezing Dick' was standing in front of her wearing nothing but his boxers and a pair of socks. She couldn't stop her eyes from taking in his lean legs, the low slung boxers, the tanned athletic abs and chest, and those damn strong shoulders….

Naked Dick… Most dangerous ammunition. Fight or Flee.

Gathering up the drool covered shreds of her brain Mac went into defensive mode.

"Well, perhaps you wouldn't be quite so cold if you weren't ignoring rule #2 by walking around the cabin NAKED!"

Dick had seen Mac scan his body with her eyes and he could have sworn he recognized something … saw something flicker in her eyes briefly… before she turned into rule maker Mackie again. Sighing inwardly, he looked down at himself, then up at her again, "Dude, I thought you were smart!" Seeing no light of comprehension dawning on her face, he continued, "A) Rule two was 'no nakedness' and I would like to point out that I'm wearing socks AND boxers, which, ta-fucking-da equals 'no nakedness' and number 2) Babe, this is clothed for me at night… like I told you before, I sleep au natural. Big Rick and the Bodyguards need to be free, loose, breathing –"

"—Argghhhh!" Mac interrupted frustratedly.



"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means, Dick," Mac pinched closed the side of the blanket and shuffled past him, "that I'm slowly freezing each and every one of my brain cells to death, and instead of doing something about it, I'm out here having an inane conversation with you about your naked little Richard!"

"Yo, Mackie, wait up!" Dick turned and jogged the few steps it took to catch up with her. When he reached her side he leaned over and said, "Just so we're clear about things Mackster, there's nothing small about Big Rick". Smiling at the snort of derision she delivered in response to his claim, Dick held the kitchen door open for her.

"So… are we making a snack?"

"No Dick."

"Getting some supplies for some kinky sex?"

She laughed in spite of herself, "uhhh, that would be a super-sized no Dick."

"Okay, I'm stumped, what are we doing in the kitchen?"

Reaching for the paneled wall next to the mini stove, Mac looked over her shoulder and clued him in "the generator is in here."

Mac pulled on the two handles that held the paneling in place and: nothing happened. She tugged again, putting more of her weight into her pull this time and again, nothing happened.

"It kind of sticks," she said as she braced her feet and regripped her hands on the handles, "it happened –"

Dick stepped directly behind Mac and leaning in wrapped his hands around hers on the handles. "On the count of three okay?"

She couldn't breath, much less count, but she nodded in agreement.


She wondered if he could feel her heart beat pounding through the back of her rib cage into his chest.


Why did he have to feel so deliciously warm and strong wrapped around her as he was?


They both pulled and the paneled wall finally gave in and released.

"Whoa." Dick steadied them both.

"Ummm, thanks." She wiggled out of his grip unceremoniously and tugged at her safety blanket before focusing on the task at hand – the generator.

Dick watched Mac stare at the generator for few seconds before he asked, "so, are you having a staring contest with it? Winner takes all?"

"Shut up Dick."

"I'm just saying... you're 'looking', you're not 'touching'."

"I know that!"

"Have you noticed that that seems to be a theme for you?"

She looked over her shoulder at him and even in the rooms' soft morning light he could make out the laser glare she shot him.

"Okay, 'ow!' I'll just shut up now."

Mac reached for the generator and, saying a little 'blessed be/please God', pressed the starter. Nothing happened. No gears grinded. No metal hummed to life. She pressed it again, more forcefully, and this time she was greeted by: more silence. She was starting to get royally pissed off by this weekend's display of her ineffectiveness.


"Don't say anything Dick."

"I was just wondering…"

"Value your life at allll Dick?"

"A lot actually, but…"

"Just give me a second okay; I work on computers all day, this pre-historic piece of metal isn't going to outwit me."

"Dude! I know you want me to be quiet, but I think I know why it's not working!" Dick spat out as quickly as possible.

Mac spun around, looked at Dick and raised her eyebrow. As he raised his hand and pointed to something on the floor of the generator room it dawned on her exactly what their problem was.


"Gasoline," she moaned.

"How much did you put in there?"



More quiet.


"So I forgot one thing!"

She placed her hands on her hip and braced herself for the wrath of Dick. Instead, she was greeted by his laughter. Dick laughed so hard he almost cried.

"You… Dude … you…. forgot to bring… gas… for the generator… Dude, Finally!"

Lifting the panel door back into place she pressed and pushed it firmly in alignment with the rest of the wall and turned back to Dick. "'Finally' what Dick?"

"Finally proof that you aren't perfect!"

She had just slid past him to walk out of the kitchen when he had called her perfect… or rather 'not perfect'. But the fact that he 'had' thought her perfect… it brought her to a complete halt.

"Perfect? Me?!"

They were standing in the doorway, a scant three inches separating them.

"Mmm hmmmm, perfect. It's fucking irritating." His voice was low, and his eyes were mesmerizing. And he was looking at her as if he did think she was perfect.

Not even Cassidy had looked at her that way. Cassidy had looked at her as if she was cute, unique, but not perfect…. And here was Dick – admiring her for a perfection that he admittedly knew she didn't have.

Mac backed a step away and Dick took a step forward. She took another step back, and he took another step forward. They continued that way in silence until she found her bottom pressed against the back of the couch.


"So." His voice rumbled from his chest.

"You think…thought, I was perfect? What do…did you find perfect about me?"

He smiled. "Fishing for compliments Mackie?" Careful not to break rule one Dick put one hand on either side of her on the sofa back and leaned in until he was breathing the same air that she was. "I think your hair is perfect. Chocolate brown, and green, and blue, and pink, and rainbow-like. And your mind, your mind is definitely perfect. You're Einstein-fucking smart, well, except for when it comes to generators." He smiled. "And then, then there's your nose. Your nose is a work of art. Button fucking cute; I'd even call it sexy. And, have I mentioned your eyes yet? Cuz your –"

And Mac broke rule number one. Stretching up onto her tiptoes, she stopped Dick's appreciation of her various bits of perfection by tentatively placing her lips against his.

It's amazing how you can find a universe in a single moment.

But that's what she was finding now. With Dick. In the sweetest kiss. When she pulled her lips away gently, she found his mouth chasing hers.

"And now," he nibbled on her lower lip – once – twice -- "now I've tasted your perfect lips." He groaned into her mouth and captured her again, this time in a more demanding kiss.…

"Mackie, Mackie, Mackie…."

With a gentle nudging, his tongue invaded her mouth and began to dance with hers. He tasted cinnamon. He didn't know why, or how, but she tasted of cinnamon: spicy, sugary. He trailed his lips along her jaw slowly, tenderly, teasingly, until he reached the spot where her neck and jaw joined. When she arched her neck to give him better access to the sweet spot he wanted to take her in his arms and …



"Dude, this would be a lot more fun for both of us if you could um, lift rule # 1."

"Hmmm? Ohh," Mac had been so lost in the touch of Dick's lips on hers, that she hadn't even noticed that he was honoring the 'rules' she had set up for him yesterday. Using her own hand she lifted his hand and brought it to her neck. "Touch away."

"Yes! And uhh," he lowered his voice, hoping he wasn't pushing his luck "rule #2?" He used his thumb to stroke her neck.

Looking up at him as she leaned in toward his chest, Mac whispered, "Well what fun would it be to break rule #1 without breaking rule #2?" She kissed his bare nipple.

"Aw hell to the fucking yeah!"

Bending down, Dick scooped Mac up over his shoulder and, ignoring her squeals, carried her into her bedroom. After kicking the door shut behind him Dick lowered Mac to her feet and dove in for another kiss.

His intended target -- her lips -- was missed as she turned her head and called his name.


"Mac." He settled for nibbling on her ear and the long column that led down to her shoulders.

"Mmmmm, we need to talk."


"Yes, mmmmmmmm."

"Mackie, you talk too much, you need to 'do'."

"That's what I…, oh, God, that… that….mmmmmmm."

Dick fought the smile that crept to his lips before just giving in to it. The skin on Mac's neck was as soft as the skin on her hand had been … perhaps even softer. And apparently, it was very very sensitive.



"You were saying?"

"Was I?"

"Mmmm hmmmm."

"Mmmm? Oh, yeah. I'll, ummm, keep it short. I haven't done this before." She wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him closer as if afraid he'd escape or disappear.

"You haven't done this before?" Dick repeated with a definite lack of comprehension. Mac leaned back, looked Dick in the eyes and quirked her eyebrow.

"Oh! You haven't done 'this' before! Gotcha!" He lifted his hand from her hip and ran his thumb across her lower lip… "Jesus, for being such a smart guy, my baby brother was fucking dumb."

Dick reached for the edge of the blanket Mac had tucked in to hold it up as a sarong and worked it loose until it slid to the floor. He then bent down to kiss her before lifting her up so that he was standing up straight with her body pressed against his. He moaned with approval when she slid her arms around his neck and wrapped her thighs around his hips. And he stopped breathing altogether when she shifted her weight against his swelling cock.

Edging his way to the bed, Dick lowered both of their bodies onto the cool sheets. His full weight was pressed against her small body; her breasts and his chest only separated by the thin cotton of the tshirt she wore. His cock straining the fabric of his boxers – pushing against her belly. He could feel her small hands in his hair, caressing his head with soft almost possessive strokes. He found he liked being possessed, at least by Mac. Now, if he could somehow manage to get himself to take things slowly with Mac… to make things last longer than three minutes. He had stamina. He had will power -- with most women. But everything seemed to be different with Mac. He took a deep breath to steady himself, to try and calm his nerve endings down. But like he said, everything was different with Mac.

"Dick, clothes off, now!" She wriggled beneath him.

He groaned. "Dude, you can't move like that…." He raised himself up on his arms and looked down at her tousled hair, soft lips, long eyelashes….

Mac let her hand trail down from Dick's shoulders to his chest, down to his perfect abs, down to where she still has her legs wrapped around him. "I can't move like what Dick?" She moved her hips slightly and watched as his eyes flickered closed. "Like this? Or," placing both of her hands on his ass, she closed her eyes as she ground her hips a little more firmly against his cock. Definitely a Big Rick. "Mmmmm, should I not move like this?" She was rewarded with a guttural groan from Dick followed by a surge of his hips against her sensitive mound. His obvious attraction to her, even if it was physical/animalistic was definitely a boost for her 'feminine charms' and Mac wasn't about to let go of the power now that she'd tasted it.

"Dick. Clothes. Off. Now. Mmmmmmmmm, uuhhhhhhh."

He listened this time. Slow would have been good, but, if the lady wanted fast…. Lifting them up so that she sat upon his thighs, Dick tugged at the edge of Mac's tshirt until he could free it from her lower body and pull it off over her head. Dick was spellbound. Mac's skin was creamy in color from top to bottom except for the perky (and hardening) nipples, and the thatch of wavy brown hair between her legs. He reached out tentatively for a breast and found that hers were perfect. The perfect size for his hand. Taking his second hand he cupped her other breast and massaged it. He kneaded and rubbed her breasts with a concentration that Mac found adorable until she realized that she was turned on and naked and he STILL had his clothes on.

"Dick, this is your last chance," she was totally bluffing, but he didn't need to know that, "take off your boxers, now."

He laughed, "Yes ma'am!" Laying her back down, he got up, dropped trou, and struck a pose. "Big Rick, meet Mac… Mac, meet Big Rick." Mac giggled as Dick jumped into the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms. "Any other demands?"

She smiled, "I'll make them up as we go along."