"You sure this will work, kit?"

"Of course! Don't you trust me?"

Naruto and the Kyuubi were currently in Naruto's mind. Naruto had come up with an original jutsu to help the fox, combining a weakening of the seal, part of a summoning jutsu, and the Kage Bunshin, in return for all the chakra Kyuubi's lent to him.

It would let Kyuubi out of his cage for a while, albeit in a human form.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just let me… take over your body?"

"No way! You'd probably go destroying things!"

"And what would be the difference when I'm in this human body you keep talking about?"

"He He…you'll see."

"…Tell me again, WHY I am agreeing to put my life in the hands of a hyperactive, colorblind human?"

"Because you haven't been outside for like, 13 years! Hey… what do you mean by colorblind?"

"…Have you not SEEN the color of your clothes? There could be no other reason."

"HEY! Orange is a great – "


"Fine, Fine…" Naruto started the set of 26 seals.

By the time the first five were done, there was a creaking of the gate.

By 10 Kyuubi started to feel a tug on his being.

At 20 the tug had gotten VERY painful.

When the final seal was completed, the gate opened and a white light filled Naruto's mind as the Kyuubi was pulled from his cage.