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"Kyuubi. Kyuubi, are you awake?"


"Kyuubi! Come on, almost there, if you fall asleep again I don't think you'll wake up…"

Kyuubi felt tired. Dead tired. Who cares what this voice said, he needed to sleep…

"Kyuubi? Kyuubi, I don't want to…well, actually I do, but don't make me…"

"Shut…up…I'm trying to slee…"


"What the– just who do you think you…"


Kyuubi got a good look at who was sitting in chair near his bed. He also realized he was on a bed, but the person sitting next to him was much more interesting. And frightening.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.


"AAARRGH! No…You'll NEVER take me alive again!"

"Kyuubi, wait!"

Kyuubi sprang from the bed, pushing the sheets that had been covering him away. But he didn't get far before he collapsed.

"Kyuubi, you're just hurting yourself more…"

"I DON'T CARE! IF THIS IS HELL, there's NO way I'm just gonna take it lying down!"

The man, still sitting in the chair, began chuckling.

"You think this is hell?"

"Of course! Why else…why ELSE would I be trapped in a room…with…" Kyuubi couldn't even force a name out. "…YOU!"

"Oh, come on, you didn't mind it before!" The Fourth Hokage, looking not a day older, grinned widely.

"What…in seven hells…do you mean?" Kyuubi had settled on glaring at the fourth from the ground.

The young Hokage's grin nearly split his face in half.

"Maybe you'd remember … if I talked more like this."

Kyuubi's brain gave up trying to put two and two together, because it kept getting six. Kyuubi began to go into seizure like spasms.

Yeah, that's the stuff …maybe if this kills me I'll respawn in a different part of hell…

Unfortunately for Kyuubi, no long white passageway appeared out of nowhere, and the spasms soon ended.

"For the love of all that is fiery and hateful, just kill me now."

"Aww, cmon Kyuub, don't you want an explanation?"

Kyuubi's eyes grew wide as he remembered. A battle that shook the foundations of fire country… Destroying half of Konoha (He grinned foxily at that memory)… Dying against Naruto…wait. No, he didn't quite remember actually dying…

"…Didn't Naruto kill me?"

"Nope! Actually, that reminds me. You owe me. Big time!"

"Too bad. I make a habit of not remembering debts unless it means someone owes ME."



Ok, ok…. Well, after you fainted like a little girl…"



Naruto was blown back by the force of it. This Rasengan was different…it was the size of a man's head...and it could be described as nothing but perfect. The chakra within it swirled without a bump of imperfection, sustaining itself. While that was nice, the winds within also swirled much faster than any Rasengan Naruto had seen before.

"Little fool, who do you think you are to mess with ME–"

The blond lighting bolt didn't waste time, and promptly stopped Naruto's monologue by smacking him on the stomach.


"Shut up you troublesome little kid…" The Fourths teeth were bared fiercely, and sweat was coating his brow as he seemed to be….ripping the chakra out of Naruto's stomach. "Think I'm enjoying this …?"

A flash of light burst between them, and they were blown apart.

Naruto seemed to be loosing consciousness, along with his foxy accessories.

"D-darn you…just…who…are…you?"

The fourth seemed to be shaking with suppressed energy but he was able to say a few words. "Your maker…"

"Lies! … You look like no god…"

"I mean maker in the more literal sense…you see, when a man and a woman are very, very drunk…I mean…when they love each other very, very much…"


"Ask Kakashi."

Then the Fourth disappeared in a Hirashin flash.


"Damn it… ARGHH!"

The Fourth had been flashing across the entire elemental countries, trying to use up the chakra …but there was too much of it!

The fourth collapsed onto the cround, bringing up a small cloud of dust. He writhed in pain …how could Naruto had stood against all this?!"

"You foolish kage…I'll kill you from the inside out."

"Oh that's why. This chakra thinks."


Now that they were both aware of each other, Kyo-kage needed to get rid of it fast."

He teleported to the wind country… deep, deep…into the desert.


The Fourth hokage stood alone in the desert, an endless sandstorm keeping him from seeing anything.

"Kyuubi's Anger."

"Yes? Could you make it quick, I'm trying to kill you."

"I am asking you this…not as friend…but as one man to another.


"We must re-enact…that manliest of all scenes."

"..You don't mean...!"

"Yes. I do. You must help me remember the words."

"I shall. Let this fusion of demon chakra and kage end."

The fourth took a deep breath…


"He was…my best friend." The chakra spoke through the fourth's mouth.

"He was kind, gentle…"


"I'm not going to let you… GET AWAY WITH THIS!"


Chakra burst from the kage. There seemed no end to it. It flowed fast and thick, quickly eating up the sand, leaving nothing but glass. It exploded into the air, bring the sandstorm to a complete stop, twisting and turning it to it whims. The ground shook and bucked from the force of the chakra. The Kage could not be seen, surrounded by a red haze of chakra. But he could be heard. The kage, and a beast that sounded satisfied.


"…There's no way that happened."

"But it did! Naruto must have been watching it once, and your anger was probably interested in the angry growls, so one episode lead to another…"

"Now explain…that body of yours."

"…I…am the Fourth. Always have been."

"Then how…"

"Let me finish!"

"The death god….he knew you were getting out, but he didn't think you be much trouble. But I argued with him, I told him the contract said you were supposed to be kept in Naruto's stomach. He wanted to just put you back in, but there's all this free will stuff he have had to go through…so I suggested he let me take care of things. He let me go, gave me some power and…"

"You became. My conscience."

"Well, yeah."

"You invaded. MY MIND."


"That still doesn't answer…" Kyuubi gritted his teeth. He wanted to leap up and tear the man to shreds, but he had already tried it several times, and for all his efforts he had only scooted a few inches on the floor. "How you got this body."

"…When you left Naruto's mind, I tried leaving too, but you weren't connected to it anymore. So I was just floating out there. And back in the' real world' I wouldn't have been much help…and I knew that Naruto was probably gonna do a lot of damage. So I broke a few of Mr. Death Gods rules, High- tailed it to my body. Problem was, I didn't know where they put it. It took a long time searching, and the whole time Konoha was practically crashing down. Nice job, by the way."

"Thanks. I think it WAS one of my better demolishes."

"I was being sarcastic."

"So?" It was Kyuubi's turn to grin.

"Once I found my body…it sucked. I reanimated it an all, it wasn't that moldy or anything, but… you've never gone from just being a spirit back to having a real body weigh you down…its horrible."

"Oh, boo-hoo, none of this would have happened if you hadn't sealed me."

"If I hadn't you would have killed us all."

"Oh, so MY happiness isn't important?"

The Yondaime laughed. "I gotta say, being stuck with you wasn't all bad."

"How about just being stuck to my claws."

"Kyuubi...isnt there something more important for you to be worrying about?"

"Wait…where's Naruto? And where are we anyway…"

Right, there, next bed. We're at my old house…I'm not surprised no one lives in it.

"Kyuubi…I wanna ask this. Could you…take care of Naruto?"

"You ask you greatest enemy to take care of your only legacy. Yeah, you ninja are real smart."

"Kyuubi, I'm serious. I can't be there. Please."

"Fine, fine…wait. There's no way I agreed to that."

"Well…all your murderous anger is gone…and the calm you doesn't seem to be such a bad guy!" The hokage laughed.

"I give up; you ninja just don't make sense…wait. AGH! How could I even FORGET?!"

"Now he remembers."

"Shut up! How much time do I have left?"

"Y'know, the moment you go back in Naruto, same time I've gotta be back with death…"

"How. Long."

"…A little bit less than an hour."

Kyuubi simply let himself go limp. He looked up at the ceiling. An hour? That was no time at all. A whole day and he haven't even gotten to…

Memories flashed.

Talking down to Rock Lee…

Getting clothes…

Destroying half of Konoha...

arguing with 'Kyo'...which had been a little fun..

The human barrier that saved him from Ino…

Escaping from Tsunade…

Fighting thousands of clones...destroying thousands of clones...

Kakashi…wait. no. ew. he was going to have to find a way to erase his memories of those dogs...

Destroying half of Konoha…

The awesome battle with Naruto that he won…(obviously, Naruto had cheated. So he won by default. At least thats what Kyuubi

"So, kyuub old boy. What should we do now?"

Kyuubi sat up. He looked from the young boy asleep in a bed not far from him, to the man he hated so much, but wasn't too bad company.

There was silence.

Kyuubi spoke slowly.

"Let's…Get some ramen." (1)


Day later…

A guard at the sand was confused first there was glass all over part of the desert, now some kid in a cloak wanted to join the sand village…

"Why do you want to become part of the sand, kid?"

"I wanna…start my life over. Yeah. Get a fresh start."

"What did you say your name was?"

The kid looked up. His purple eyes shined brightly.



(1) From the beginning, Kyuubi's associated Ramen with the Fourth, his prisoner, and Naruto, his prison. Hes going to spend his last minutes trying the 'ramen' and seeing if it isn't that bad.

And yes. I HAD to throw in a super saiyan like burst of energy for the good ol' 'Kyo-kage.'

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