Hello everyone and welcome to my very first House fan fiction. I was introduced to the fandom through my sister (we bought her the Season One DVD for Christmas and I watched an episode with her. Needless to say, I was hooked. I've been doing a LOT of reading of House fanfic on this site and on others. I've read some really great House stories! I am a bit of a slash fan, even though I can write het, I prefer not to lol! So this story will be Chase/House based. Don't read it if you don't like it and then please don't complain to me that Chase and House aren't gay. This is my FICTIONAL world and I can do what I want. I haven't seen ANY of season three, in fact, I'm still working my way through Season One (I've seen all of Season Two) so please don't comment or spoil me in any way. I'm just waiting for the DVD. Anywho, I suppose you want to get on to the story! I do not own House or Chase (even though I wouldn't mind owning Chase...just to make him talk to me in that amazing accent of his...sighs...) and I'm not making a profit! Anyone who would be kind enough to leave a review gets warm hugs sent their way!

"Foreman, I want a biopsy, Cameron, go do my clinic hours, Chase, my office." House ordered. Chase felt his breath catch in his throat. He saw Cameron give him a sympathetic glance as she and Foreman left the conference room. Earlier Cameron and Chase had been in the lab, talking and running tests on their latest patient, when Cameron had confronted him.

"Chase, can I ask you a personal question?" She asked, tentatively. Chase grinned.

"Sure, doesn't mean that I'll answer it." He replied, his Australian accent very pronounced.

She stopped looking into the microscope and looked up at him. Instantly, he knew where this was going and he mentally prepared himself for her question. He thought about denying it, like he did with the rest of the staff, but somehow he felt that he could trust Cameron. "Are you gay?" She asked, seriously. Her voice wasn't condescending or joking like everyone else who asked him that. There were no 'pretty boy' comments or 'down under' jokes.

He dropped his head and looked up at her. Taking a deep breath, he nodded his head. Unexpectedly, he felt tears brimming in his eyes. It had been a long time since he had come out to anyone. The last person had been his best friend in college, her name was Jamie. She had noticed him watching and swooning over their other friend, Josh. Josh had ended up as Chase's first boyfriend and his first male sexual encounter. They had continued to date until Chase had left for America. He missed him, but it had been his decision. A decision he knew Josh hated him for.

"And you like House, don't you?" She pressed on. He had almost forgotten that she was there.

"Yes, I like House." Chase had admitted. A clunk of a cane behind him had made him jump. He whipped around looking like a deer caught in the headlights and ran out of the room. He ran as fast as he could, knowing House couldn't keep up with him. Vaguely, he heard Cameron calling him back, but he kept running. He found himself in a rarely used locker room, shaking from head to toe.

After four pages, he finally emerged from the locker room and headed back to the diagnostician's office. House had acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened and Cameron kept looking at him like he might start screaming or crying. After a few more thoughts on the patients current condition, House sent two of his ducklings to do some work and had summoned his third.

Chase remembered telling Jamie for the first time. He knew that she suspected, but she knew that he was a private person and held off asking the question he knew was burning inside her. He asked her to his dorm room one night and they watched a movie, munching on popcorn, and drinking soda's. Chase didn't catch one part of the movie, his mind was so far off. And the soda was hard to drink because his hands were shaking and his throat felt like it had closed up. After twenty minutes of the movie, Chase had turned it off, earning the attention of his best friend.

His whole body began to shake even though he tried his hardest to stop it. It took him forty five minutes and a lot of shaking and some crying to admit to her that he was gay. She had immediately smiled and rushed forward, pulling Chase into a hug. He had cried so hard that night and she had stayed the whole night with him. He had never been so afraid or so relieved that one person could care as much as Jamie did. He wished he could talk to her right now.

As House sat down in his chair, he gestured with his hand that Chase should do the same. He wasn't sure if sitting or standing would make the shaking more pronounced, but he sat anyway. He watched as House made sure the door was shut all the way, closing the blinds to give them a little privacy. "Dr. Chase, however much I may tease you, you can rest assured that I will not harass you about your sexual orientation." He paused and grinned that famous House grin. "Well, at least not any more than usual." House quit grinning again and looked at Chase seriously. "What was said in that room can stay between us and Cameron or you can tell whoever you want. That's not my decision to make and I won't make it. Yes, I heard all of it. Your confession to Cameron about being gay and that you like me." Chase had been staring at the floor but looked up at this last statement. House had stopped talking, as if he were waiting for Chase to say something.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, trying desperately not to cry.

"Are you sorry that you like me or are you sorry that I found out?" House asked him. His voice was still serious. Chase took a deep breath, but before he could say anything, House jumped in. "I'm going to tell you something that only Wilson knows. And if anyone else finds out, ESPECIALLY Cameron, I'll kill you personally." Chase nodded. "I'm gay, too. Have been for years, however I don't particularly flaunt my sexuality, whatever it may be." Chase nodded again, he was much the same way. He vaguely wondered why House was telling him this.

"Are..." Chase started. House looked amused again and cut him off.

"No, I'm not with Wilson. But he does know, he is my best friend. He's as straight as...well as Foreman." At this Chase finally let out a chuckle, feeling his guard being let down slightly. The shaking in his hands was slowing. "Coming out to anyone is hard. Coming out to someone when you don't know that you is even harder. I am sorry that you didn't know I was there, I wasn't sneaking around. I'm also sorry that you confessed something you probably would never actually admit to me. However, I can feel justified in letting you know," House took a deep breath. "That your feelings might be reciprocated." At this, Chase's head snapped so far he thought he might have broken it. And sitting across from him wasn't his boss. Not the mean, misanthropic guy that had hired him. Had called him British when he knew he was Australian, had made his life a living hell for the past year. Sitting across from him was a man who had just admitted the biggest secret of his life and was scared and vulnerable. Not that he'd ever admit that. Chase had to be sure that House wasn't just screwing with him. He wouldn't put it past him. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he was sure that's what it was.

"Very funny, House." Chase said, struggling in vain to keep in the tears he so desperately wanted to shed. "I can't believe you would do something like this to me. I knew you were a cruel man, but I never even expected this. You weren't supposed to hear anything that I said to Cameron, that was a private conversation. But since you think you're God, you do whatever the hell you want. I'm going to Cuddy, I want out of my contract." He fumed, stalking from the room.

House stared at the now empty spot where Chase had been moments before. He ran his hands through his hair. He couldn't believe that Chase thought he was messing with him. Well, he could because it would be something he would do. But not over this. He groaned, he had confessed the one thing that no one knew about him and had been treated exactly as he expected. Chase didn't believe him, although given the circumstance, he wasn't sure that he'd believe himself if he were Chase.

Chase was in the unused locker room once more. He couldn't believe that House would fuck with him like that. Hands trembling, he dug in his pocket for his cell phone and called Jamie. His relief was immediate when her familiar voice answered the phone. "Jamie...its Robert." He said. He could almost see the smile that lit her face.

"Robbie! It's good to hear from you! How's it going in the USA?" She asked him, her voice, her accent calmed and soothed him. She was a touch of home that didn't bother him.

"It's going alright. I told one of my co-workers today that I was gay and that I liked my boss. And..." he finally allowed the tears to come. "He was there. He heard it. Then he patronized me by telling me he was gay, too and he liked me." He noted the pause and realized he wasn't making much sense. House's ways wouldn't make sense to anyone who didn't know him. Hell, most of the time they didn't make sense to people who DID know him.

"So, the problem is...?" She asked.

"The problem is he was lying. He was just fucking with me. I can't continue this job, he's going to harass me more than he already does." He sobbed over the phone, wishing suddenly that there weren't so many miles between New Jersey and Melbourne.

"He harasses you? Maybe you should have quit earlier." She said, being the ever sensible one.

"He harasses everyone, but he does pick on me quite a bit. He calls me British or a wombat. He calls me pretty boy. I can't face him, Jamie. Not now that he knows about me." Chase continued to cry. Jamie wished she could throw her arms around her friend.

"Then quit. If that's what you want. But I know you, Robbie, you'll be miserable if you quit. In your letters, you make Dr. House out to be this amazing man who makes these amazing discoveries. You said you were learning loads from him. Do you really want to quit because he knows that you're gay?" She leveled with him. Chase sighed, his tears slowing.

"No. God, James, I miss you so much." She smiled again.

"I miss you, too. Now, go be a big boy and face up to the famous Dr. House. Tell him you're not going to let his antics cost you your job! I know that you're a man, I've seen proof!" This caused Chase to giggle remembering the very drunken game of strip poker that had led to the relationship of him and Josh. Chase had lost spectacularly and was the first one naked, even with the amount of layers of clothes he had on. "I love you Robbie, come home and see me sometime."

"I love you, too Jamie." He paused and again, she sensed his question. "How's Josh?"

"He's doing fine. But you don't get to ask about him. Not today when you have another crush waiting. Go lover boy." She encouraged. He said goodbye and hung up the phone. Taking a deep breath, he headed back down to House's office.