A/N: One day when I was sick, out of sheer boredom I watched an episode of the Little Mermaid TV series. There was a character named Urchin and I got an idea that's been bouncing madly around in my head ever since. Please be nice. This is my first try at something like this.

Full Summary: Urchin is captured by humans and meets someone sympathetic to his plight.

Let the Prologue begin!

Urchin awoke slowly, swimming up from the dark pool of unconsciousness. He felt something solid underneath him, a new experience for the merboy.

He started to move, but heavy strands of something tough kept him from moving a muscle.

Urchin felt a cool hand on his dry forehead. A soft voice sang a gentle song, calm and soothing. Urchin felt his hold on consciousness slipping away, and fell back into darkness.

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