A/N: This idea has been prancing in my brain for awhile and I just have to have a go for it. I normally like to concentrate on one particular matter before moving to another (must be due to the ADD-related sad history I endured) but here it is, a brand new fiction. Definitely AU, I honestly haven't gotten the grasp of writing something based on the original story line because I do not know jack about Gi, Hakama, etc etc. So bear with me as my imagination runs rampant again.

The story deals about two completely different people, coming from two different worlds (sounds vaguely familiar :D). Kurosaki Ichigo, a world-renowned footballer and Kuchiki Rukia, a celebrated Japanese pop princess. Thus, their story enfolds here…

Disclaimer: Some of the news articles that appear in this story are excerpts from real reports. A few adjustments have been made to adapt to the storyline. Credits to Kubo Tite, Yahoo Sports and Washington Post.

P/S – This chapter is written in the form of articles and reports concerning the two individuals. To those you Yankees (if you somehow among the ones who forget the existence of the great game called soccer :D), Arsenal is currently at the fourth spot in English Premier League. That's kinda like SuperBowl but in the UK. Geddit? Do not let the football talk scares you. And if you look closely, I brought our two main characters to resemble real people, who are insanely big in their respective fields. Take a guess who. :D Enjoy & tell me what you think!

Henry Happy Playing Second Fiddle

Wed 03 Jan, 7:09 AM

Thierry Henry made a triumphant return from injury to inspire Arsenal to a 4-0 victory over Charlton but accepts even he is being overshadowed by man-of-the-moment Kurosaki Ichigo.

Japanese star Kurosaki scored his twelfth goal of the season with a second-half brace against the relegation-haunted Addicks as Arsenal moved back into the top four in the Barclays Premiership.

Boss Arsene Wenger was delighted to have the mercurial Henry back in action after the Frenchman had missed the last seven league games with a hamstring injury.

During that time, the Gunners had lost just once - against Sheffield United - with Kurosaki playing a pivotal part in a run which also included four wins and two draws.

The Nihon Daihyo star's brace against Charlton was his fifth in the last four games and Henry is full of admiration for the man who has starred during his enforced absence.

The Arsenal captain believes the 21-year-old has all the credentials to become one of the Premiership's best.

Henry said: "He's shown ever since he arrived here that he is a scorer of great goals.

"He's done it this season but also in previous years - every goal he scores is a smashing one.

"He has the ability to be one of the best players in the league. He has matured a lot and he does stuff in training that I have rarely seen before."

Kurosaki was pumped on bringing Arsenal forward before he was pulled back by Osei Sankofa while trying to slot home a deflected shot by Fabregas that had rebounded off the crossbar.

The foul, committed on the edge of the six-yard box, resulted in a red card for the unfortunate Charlton full-back and allowed Henry to score from the penalty spot on the half-hour.

Charlton's woes increased seconds before the break when Henry created a chance for full-back Justin Hoyte to become the first Englishman to score in the league for Arsenal since Sol Campbell did so twice against Everton in September 2005.

But the rest of the contest belonged to Kurosaki, who converted the home side's second spot-kick of the night after Souleymane Diawara had hauled Henry down.

Kurosaki then rounded off the scoring in the final moments of injury-time to complete a comfortable victory over Alan Pardew's struggling side.

In another report, Kurosaki is believed to be taking a week off the Premiership to fly back home. The young man is reported to be managing some family business. But according to reliable sources, the Number 11 is participating in a charitable event synonymously known like the Make A Wish Foundation in Japan.

If you gain the millions, spread to your minions. Best wishes to the Gunners' most promising star of the season.

Blooming Out

JPop's Biggest Teen Idol Talks about Growing Up

By Sydney Lambert

Washington Daily
Sunday, January 7th, 2007.

PRINCETON – Kuchiki Rukia doesn't do cleavage or slits. She doesn't tend to flash acres of golden abs, as do divettes Britney and Jessica and Christina when the cameras are ogling them. And only rarely does Rukia, Japan's reigning pop princess since she was a wee 15, take her bare legs for a stroll.

"I don't dress girly for two simple reasons, I do not have the assets to flaunt, and between rushing to the labs and completing my reports, I can barely manage to squeeze in a mascara time," says the tiny 21-year-old, sitting in the posh lobby of the Marriot and clad in jeans, a pair of Nike trainers and a tan corduroy jacket pulled over a beige top.

The singer-songwriter-producer has sold more than 17 million albums in Japan in just five years without tarting herself up à la MTV's wailers gone wild. (Her 1999 debut, "Bloom," is the best-selling album in Japanese history.) Apart from being a sold-out pop princess back home, the Asian beauty juggles her time between recording and cramming neuroscience mumbo-jumbo in her brain here in Princeton University.

So, what's new with Rukia?

The girl laughs quietly. "I suppose you didn't surf the before coming in today, did you?" she questions playfully. "They seem to know best of what I do, even before I do know what I'm about to do myself. Makes sense to you?"

"Lately I've been forced to sit at the corner and decide of what I'm going to be," sighs the bilingual Rukia. "Music defines you, you know? And honestly, I could not retire to one gender. How can a person satisfy their musical satiety by categorizing him or herself to an exclusive sound?" Rukia, who owns an urban clothing line and takes refuge in the likes of Roahl Dahl's masterpieces moans that it's all starting to make her a little sick.

Nope: Rukia, who lists Smashing Pumpkins, Norah Jones and Oasis as faves, isn't like American pop stars at all.

When discussed about the anonymity she is currently experiencing as a student in Princeton, without the usual paparazzi jumping out of the bush like back home in Japan, the girl grins. "I like being able to get my own milk from Wal-Mart. It's refreshing." Despite how much she says she enjoys being a nobody in Princeton, she does kinda dig the sobbing-fans phenomenon. "I always tell them, 'Oh, don't cry! It's just me!'."

Her latest album "Revamped" boasts collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry. Being bilingual and feeling the need to be universal, the petite girl explains that the album includes both Japanese and English tracks. "I don't know if people in the US are aware of the trend but back home, we like to mix every language in one song. It sure will give my fifth-grade English teacher a heart attack," she jokes.

She talks affectionately of co-producer, Timbaland, who is responsible for boosting the career for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot. "I told him, 'I have to write my own stuff,' Rukia says. "And he was like, 'What do you mean? I have my own way of doing stuff.' And I was like, 'I have my own way of doing stuff, too.' It was just a matter of getting to know each other."

Reported to be flying back home tomorrow, Rukia tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and flashes that contagious smile. "Yes, I am. I'm attending the MTV Asia Music Award." When asked about the whispered charitable event she was scheduled to attend, she responded with an innocent smile, "What event?"

Talented, smart, and also a Good Samaritan, it's no wonder Japan is so proud of their precious pop star. To end the interview, Sam the photographer ventured the topic of idols and hunk of the moment. Eyes sparkling, the pretty lady whispers something about Kurosaki Ichigo, Japan's National Team striker. At that, she blushes and even squeals a little.

And for the first time today, Kuchiki Rukia finally sounds like a 21-year-old pop star.