A/N: The bold is Veronica's Voiceover.

Veronica arrives to the first day of school to see a crowd around the front of the school.

This is my school. If you go here, your parents are either millionaires or your parents work for millionaires. Neptune, California, a town without a middle class. If you're in the second group, you get a job; fast food, movie theaters, mini-marts. Or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing philandering spouses or investigating false injury claims.

Veronica gets out of her car to see what the commotion is about. Pushing her way through the crowd she sees a guy, Wallace Fennel, the new kid, duct taped to the flag pole, the misspelled word, "Snich" written across his chest.

"Who'd that guy rat out?" a random kid in the crowd asked.

"The bikers," another kid answered.

"Why doesn't somebody cut him down?" a girl in the crowd asked.

"Yeah! I'll do it. I wanna be the guy up there tomorrow!" a guy answered sarcastically.

A guy walked up to the flag pole, camera phone in hand, "all right, say cheese. Smile."

Veronica walked up to the guy, "move," she told him.

"Who died and made you quee-," he was cut off by Veronica pulling out a pocket knife and starting to cut through the tape.

"You ARE a freak!" the guy said walking away.

"You're new here, huh. Welcome to Neptune High," Veronica told Wallace.

As the bell rang and students made their way to their classes, she said with mock enthusiasm, "go pirates!"

Veronica made her way through a corridor to her locker.

Random locker searches. It's the latest tactic the administration has adopted in their losing war on drugs except the searches aren't really that random. I know when they are going to happen even before Vice Principal Clemmons does.

Deputy Sacks stands next to Vice Principal Clemmons, holding a German shepherd.

"Veronica Mars, this should be good," Sacks comments.

"Veronica, will you please open your locker," its more an order than a statement from Clemmons.

The dog starts to bark at Veronica, "Buster," she says sternly and the dogs quiets. Sacks looks down at the dog, disappointed at his acquiesce. She opens the locker; it is completely empty except a picture of Clemmons with a heart around it. "Wow. This is a little embarrassing," she said referring to the picture. Clemmons excuses Veronica back to class.

At lunch Veronica is sitting by herself, stabbing unenthusiastically at the mess on her plate the school likes to call food. She is staring at a table full of, clearly, rich kids.

I used to sit there. At that table. It's not like my family met the minimum net worth requirement. My dad used to be sheriff and that held a certain cachet.

Veronica glanced between a girl and guy.

Let's be honest though. The only reason I was allowed past the velvet ropes was Duncan and Lilly Kane. Duncan used to be my boyfriend. Lilly was my best friend.

"You okay?" the guy she cut from the flag pole asked.

"What?" Veronica asked.

"You look, I don't know, hypnotized," he told her.

"Did I say you could sit here?" Veronica snapped. Wallace started to pack up his lunch and leave. "Wait a minute. Of course you can sit here, you can sit wherever you want," she stopped him.

"I'm Wallace, by the way," he told her, "thanks for cutting me off that pole."

"Well…" Veronica was cut off.

"My bitch. Weren't you supposed to wait for me at the flagpole? I'm not sure I could have made that any clearer," Weevil, leader of the PCH biker gang said.

"Ok, I get it, a'right. Very funny," Wallace remarked.

"Yeah," Weevil agreed.

"I guess we are even now right?" Wallace asked.

"You get what boy? You get that you're a dead man walking, is that what you get?" Weevil asked aggressively.

"Leave him alone," Veronica told Weevil.

"Sister, the only time I care what a woman has to say is, is when she's riding my big old hog, but even then it's not so much words just a bunch of oohs and aahs, you know?" Weevil shot at her.

"So it's big, huh?" Veronica said with mock interest.

"Legendary," Weevil went along.

"Well let's see it. I mean if it's as big as you day, I'll be your girlfriend." Breathlessly she added, "We could go to prom together!" She went on, "What? What seems to be the problem? I'm on a schedule here, vato."

Weevil's second in command, Felix stepped forward. "Dude, Weevil. Don't let blondie talk to you like that!" he said offended.

"Sounds like your buddy here wants to see it too," Veronica said to Weevil.

"Ah, hell, I'll show you mine," Felix started to lift his shirt when Clemmons walked up.

"Felix Toombs. What on God's green earth is going on here? All right gentlemen, move it along. Veronica, why does trouble follow you around?" Clemmons broke up the small spat and walked away.

The bikers walked away and Veronica and Wallace were alone again. "So, what did you do?" Veronica asked.

Wallace explained what happened at Sac-n-Pack.

"Wow, in the short time you have lived here, you have managed to piss of the bikers and the local sheriff," Veronica commented when he was done.

"Yeah, well, lucky me," Wallace said sarcastically.

Wallace left soon after, leaving Veronica by herself to think. She returned her attention to the table across from her. She looked at Duncan.

You wanna know why we broke up? Turns out Jake Kane and my mom had an affair…about nine months before I was born. Duncan and I found out, we immediately broke up. After a month fighting and finally getting a paternity test done, we found out Keith Mars was indeed my father. After it was all over, Duncan wanted to get back together, he told me he loved me. I was more than happy to get back together with him. About two weeks later, he breaks up with me, without saying a word. Broke my heart. That was the same time Lilly and I started growing apart.

Lilly noticed Veronica watching them and walked over to her with Madison Sinclair and Shelly Pomroy.

"Is there something you need, Veronica?" Lilly asked, acid dripping from her voice.

"Why would you think that?" Veronica asked in the same tone of voice.

"You were staring at our table. Do you wish you were still there?" Madison bit in.

"No, I was just wondering how Lilly was planning to pass her senior year this year? What teachers can you seduce, Lilly? I doubt Ms. Dent will want to sleep with you. And I doubt old Mrs. Murphy will want a lap dance from you," Veronica lashed out at Lilly.

Lilly's face turned a slight shade of red at the comment, not because of embarrassment, no, she was angry. "You better watch your back Veronica Mars," Lilly said pointing at her.

"Oh, I'm so scared," Veronica said sarcastically.

"You should be," Lilly turned and left, Madison and Shelly followed her.

You wanna know why Lilly and I aren't friends anymore? A few weeks after Duncan and I broke up, and after Lilly and I started growing apart, we met a girl, Yolanda. She was a year older then me, the same age as Lilly. We took her under our wing. One day Lilly was having problems with Logan Echolls, her on-again/off-again boyfriend. Lilly didn't show up to a party he was having, I went with Yolanda. Yolanda and Logan were talking when I left for the bathroom, when I got back, Logan lean in and kissed Yolanda. The next day I told Lilly Logan kissed Yolanda, but Lilly saw it as the other way around. She shunned Yolanda. That day I was supposed to go to San Diego with Lilly and some friends. Yolanda came up to me and asked me to talk to Lilly. At the same time Lilly was calling me over to her car. I never went to the car. I stuck with Yolanda, I wasn't going to leave a new girl all alone. That next Monday, the rumors were flying, surely Lilly's doing. After a week Yolanda couldn't take it. She switched to a private school. Yolanda and I don't talk anymore.

Veronica threw her inedible food away and made it to her Journalism class. She sat down away from everyone else, Logan was looking at her questioningly.

Logan Echolls. I don't think he was too broken up about his and Lilly's break up. After all a week later he found out she was sleeping with Weevil…and his dad, Aaron Echolls. After all, Aaron taped their sexcapades. Lilly stole the tapes and went to every tabloid and celebrity access show. Aaron was charged with statutory rape, on 5 counts. There was of course more than one girl. Let's just say, Logan has had a hard year.

After school was over, Veronica made her way to her father's office, Mars Investigations. After he quit his sheriff position he became a private investigator. Veronica put the food she picked up in the small kitchen at the corner of the main office. Her dad was in with a client, Celeste Kane, Lilly and Duncan's mother. She saw her car downstairs. Veronica went to listen to their conversation at her father's office door, but before she could, the main office door opened. Cliff McCormack stepped through.

"Veronica Mars," he stated.

"My dad's with a client," she said sitting at the front desk. Cliff sat down in front of her.

"Apparently. That's okay, I'm happy out here chatting with you," Cliff said.

"Like I said, my dad's with a client," Veronica repeated.

"I heard you but your dad's out tracking down bail jumpers half the time and yet somehow all the cases that come in here still get handled. How is that?" he asked.

"We're efficient," she replied.

"Very efficient. Um, look, I'm just going to leave this file here, open on your desk and if you decide to take a look at it, cool. One of my clients, Loretta Cancun, dances at the Seventh Veil…" he trailed off.

"Classy," Veronica joked.

"These are my people, V. She was busted for vandalism, taking a baseball bat to the washing machine that stole her quarters at Suds'n'Duds," Cliff told her.

"And Johnny Cochran was booked," she smirked.

Cliff returned the smirk, "I make no apologies. I like this case…it's tawdry. Miss Cancun says the Seventh Veil has an interesting way of keeping their liquor license, despite their rather lax ID policy. She wants to make a deal. If your dad has time, he should look into it," he finished. Cliff got up and left.

As soon as the main office door opened, her dad's office door opened and Celeste Kane and him walked out.

"Don't get the wrong idea Mr. Mars. I don't like you. I hate the fact that I'm here, but I know if anyone would be dogged and resourceful in this matter, it'll be you. Don't call me at home, I'll call you. And I'll need it right away," Celeste said imperiously. She stalked out of the office.

Celeste is bitter towards us Mars'. Between my mom and Jake and their affair, and the scandal of who my dad was…well she blames my family for her marital problems.

"Hi," Keith said quietly to his daughter. He walked into the kitchen grabbing the food and came and sat back down with Veronica. "How was school?" he asked innocently.

"If you think we're gonna talk about my school day and not the fact that Celeste Kane was in your office ten minutes ago, you're diluted," Veronica said handing him a fork.

"Um-hm. How was the first day? Any Lilly run ins?" Keith knows all about how Lilly and I are now mortal enemies.

"It was fine, and one at lunch. Kane's got something on the side, doesn't he?" she pressed.

"You know what? Say what you want about real cheese, I am a fan of the orange powder packet stuff," he brushed off her question.

"I like the orange powder too, but can we please talk about Mrs. Kane?" Veronica said in frustration.

"Yes, she thinks he's seeing someone. Late nights, motel matches, the usual," Keith gave in.

"Sexual appetite?" she asked.

"Gone," he said.

"You took the case right?" Veronica said stabbing at her macaroni and cheese.



The phone and Veronica reached for it. "Aw, don't…" her dad groaned.

"Mars Investigations. Um-hm. Just a sec," Veronica said into the phone. Handing it to her dad she said, "It's Andy."

Keith took the phone and wrote down some information. After he hung up he got up, "our guy's on the move. Andy picked him up in El Paso, Another day and he'll probably try to cross the border so I gotta head out," Keith told his daughter.

"You go. I'll have the flight booked by the time you get to the airport. Do you want a rental car in Texas?" she asked.

"Yeah, nothing fancy this time, Veronica. Seriously," he told her while grabbing some things out of his office.

"A Blazer is not fancy and we can bill it anyway," she complained. Keith gave her a look, "Fine, I'll get you a Crown Vic. Once a cop…" she trailed off.

"Don't do anything on the Kane case, I'll handle it," he said sternly.


"Given our relationship with that family, I just…"

Veronica cut him off, "Fine, I said okay."

"Okay. If all goes well, I'll be back tomorrow night. If not, the night after. I'll call you and I'll check in," he said kissing her forehead.

"You always do," she smiled.

"Oh, and Veronica, two things."


"No boys. And when you go after Jake Kane, you take Backup."

"Okay," Veronica smiled at her dad as he left the office. She quickly finished her meal, cleaned up, grabbed her stuff, and locked up. She drove to their apartment. Veronica stepped inside and grabbed her dog and headed back to her car.

By the time dad's plane landed in El Paso, I'd already picked up Jake Kane at his house and had followed him to his office. From there I followed him to the Camelot motel.

Veronica sat outside in her car and drank from a thermos. Then the sound of a bunch of motorcycles filled the air.

"Well, this can't be good," she stated.

Weevil pulled off his bike helmet and motioned for Veronica to roll down the window. She did.

"Car trouble, miss?" he asked.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I think it might be a loose belt, but if you wouldn't mind checking under the hood," Veronica smiled.

"Hey Weevil, who gets the first danc-," the biker was cut off by a growling dog who leapt at him"Get him off me! Get him off me, get him off me!" the biker cried.

"Girl, you best call off your dog," Felix said walking over to her window. Veronica tasers him in the center of the chest and he falls to the ground.

"Backup! Chill!" she commands the dog.

"I'll tell you what. We'll call it a draw," Veronica tells Weevil.

"Baby, come on, it's too late for that," Weevil tells her.

"First, don't call me baby, there are only two guys who can say that to me and you're not one of them," Veronica points a finger in Weevil's direction. "Second, here's the deal. Leave that kid at school alone for a week and I'll make sure your boys walk."

"Why do you care so much for that skinny boy anyway? Things I heard about you, he must really lay the pipe right, huh?" Weevil grinned.

"Yeah, that's right," Veronica said sarcastically.

Felix climbed his way up to her window, Veronica flashed the taser.

"All right, all right, all right. Felix, we get it, you're a badass, okay. But for once don't be stupid," Weevil told his friend.

"Not bad advice," Veronica quipped.

The bikers got on their bikes, and before Weevil put on his helmet he said, "You get lonely out here remember, Weevil love you long time." With that the bikers rode away.

Quite a reputation I've got, huh. You wanna know how I lost my virginity? So do I. About a month after Lilly started the rumors, I went to Shelly Pomroy's end of the year party. I wanted to show their talking and shunning me, didn't affect me. It was a mistake. I don't remember who handed me the drink. It was your regular rum, coke, and roofie. The last thing I remember from that night was passing out on a sun lounger. The first thing I remember from that morning was waking up in an unfamiliar room at the Pomroy's. I was looking for my underwear. I walked out to my car, tears streaming down my cheeks. I changed that day. I tried to report my rape to the sheriff, all he did was laugh at my tears and told me to go get some backbone. I never told my dad about what happened. In someway I think he knows. The next day I threw out anything that reminded me of something Lilly or her friends would wear. I got a new wardrobe. I cut off my hair. I think that made the rumors escalate, but I didn't care. I wouldn't take crap from Lilly and her friends anymore. I stood up for myself, and here I am.

The door to the motel room Jake Kane went in opened. "All right lady, let's see ya," Veronica took pictures of Jake, but all she could see of the lady was her hand. She did, however, get a picture of a license plate. After that Veronica headed home so she could get a couple hours of sleep.

"There's Veronica," Veronica heard a familiar voice shout after her. A car pulled up next to her as she walked towards the school.

"Hey V, we've decided that we'd, uh, we'd rather surf than study today, you wanna come with?" Duncan asked. "I promise to take my shirt off. Does that sweeten the pot? Does it make you horny?"

"Duncan, shut up," Logan said to his friend, not amused.

"All right, all right. Hey. Hey. Hey! What do you say to a little hooch, huh? What's the matter, aren't you your mother's daughter? Hmm? Now there was a woman who could drink. Hey, what's she up to nowadays? Maybe she'll join us. Do you know where she is? Any clue?

"Leave her alone, man," Logan said annoyed. Duncan drove away, but not before Logan gave her a look that said "are you gonna be ok?" Veronica nodded as they took off.

It's been eight months since I've seen my mother. After the "who's my daddy?" issue she started drinking. My dad gave her an ultimatum after a month of her progressive drinking. She could either go to rehab or she could leave. My mother left. I don't care to see her ever again, I have my dad, my man, and my dog.

At lunch Veronica sat next to Wallace.

"Girl, you should hear what people say about you," Wallace told Veronica.

"So then what are you doing sitting here?" Veronica asked.

"You sat next to me," Wallace pointed out.

"This is my table," Veronica said matter-of-factly.

"And what a fine table it is. Who do you suppose this is made of?" Wallace knocked on the table. "Oak?"

"Look, if people are saying such awful things…"

Veronica was cut off by Wallace saying, "Well, I figure I've got a choice. I can either hang out with the punks who laughed and took pictures of me while I was taped to that flagpole or I can hang out with the chick who cut me down."

Veronica smiled and glanced at the table across from hers. Logan smirked at her. She turned her attention back to Wallace. "So you want the PCH Biker Club off your ass?" she asked.

Wallace nodded. Veronica explained to him her plan. They both got up and went to an art class.

"Corny!" Veronica said approaching to the stoned kid.

"Hey Veronica," he smiled at her.

Veronica explained to him what she needed done. She handed him a notebook of what she needed. Corny looked at it and smiled.

"This is so twisted. I love it," he told her.

"Well can you do it? 'Cause we need it fast," she asked him.

"Oh hell yeah, for you, oh anything. I'll even throw in the glazing gratis."

"Go to town. Thanks Corny," Veronica and Wallace walked away to their next class.

Corny continued looking through the notebook, "Oh my God!"

While Corny did his thing, I downloaded the pictures from the Camelot. Every girl's gotta have a hobby. Photography's mine.

Veronica pulled up a picture of Jake Kane and the license plate and printed it off. After looking at it for a second, she pinned it to her bulletin board. She then grabbed her homework and headed into the kitchen to do some homework. Keith arrived home a few minutes later.

"And?" Veronica asked him.

"Who's your daddy?" he exclaimed, holding out his arms, wide.

"Ack! I hate it when you say that!" Veronica complained.

"You know what, this is important. You remember this. I used to be cool!" Keith smiled.

"When?" Veronica asked skeptically.

"'77. Trans Am, Blue Oyster Cult in the 8-track, a foxy stacked blond riding shotgun, racing for pink slips. Now wait a minute, I'm thinking of a Springsteen song. Scratch everything, I was never cool," he joked.

"I don't know what bothers me more, 'foxy' or 'stacked'," she said disturbed.

"I nailed our bail jumper one hundred yards from Me-xi-co. Twenty five hundred bucks!" Keith started doing a little shuffle, "No sack dinners tonight. Tonight, we eat, like the lower middle class to which we aspire. Fire up the 'bachie! Ya-pa-ba-pa-ba, bom-pa-da-pa-bompa, ba-bop," he exits the room then pops his head back in, "for real, steaks." Veronica laughed at him.

Keith was outside cooking steaks when Veronica joined him.

"So Jake Kane went to the Camelot last night and hooked up with some hussy," she told him.

"Didn't I say something about you not getting involved in that?" he asked.

"I remember you saying something about taking Backup and no boys at the apartment," Veronica smiled.

"You get pictures?" Keith asked.

"No money shot, the woman I question never stepped foot outside, but I did get pictures of license plates. I figured you could run them," she said handing her father the picture of Jake Kane and the car.

After looking at the picture for a moment he said, "You stay away from Jake Kane. I don't want you doing anything else on this case. We're gonna drop it anyway and I'm gonna let his wife know." With that Keith crumpled up the picture and threw it on the ground.

"What? We're dropping the case? Why? What's wrong? Who is it? Why don't you just tell me?" Veronica shot at him.

"Veronica. No! It's done, it's over with. Just stay away from him!" her dad ordered. Veronica went inside and had a silent dinner with her dad. Then she went out and parked across the street from the Seventh Veil.

I had another case to occupy my brain. Loretta Cancun says the Seventh Veil has an interesting way of keeping their liquor license. This was phase one of my plan to save Wallace. Phase two begins tomorrow.

Veronica pulled out her video camera and taped the deputy getting in to his car with one of its dancers.

"Let's go!" Veronica said pulling Wallace behind her.

"Hey, FloJo, slow your ass down," he told her.

They waited and saw Clemmons, Sacks, and Lilly walk to Lilly's locker.

"There you go," she said opening up her locker and stepping aside.

Inside was a bong, Clemmons took it out. "Well, what's this Lilly? This would appear to be a device they use to smoke marijuana," he stated.

"That's exactly what it looks like," Sacks said.

"Back to the office. Come on," Clemmons told Lilly, pulling her along.

The bell rang and kids fled into the hall to see the spectacle. "Oh man, Lilly's busted," a guy passing commented.

"It was you?" Lilly asked when she spotted Veronica, pointing at her. Veronica pointed at her self in a "who me?" way. "Listen, I know it was you! This isn't over, okay?" she said.

"Hey," Clemmons said trying to move her along.

Veronica mocked a fake yawn. "You're so cute. Listen, I'll get you for this," Lilly said still pointing at Veronica.

"Let's go, come on, let's go," Clemmons finally got her to move to the office.

Logan winked and smirked at her from across the hall. Veronica made a slight smirk back.

Corny walked on, passing Veronica, "Eeee, solid," he said as he passed.

"You're right, that was funny," Wallace told her.

"Meet me at my car after school. Let's see if you've done your part," Veronica told him before walking off to her class.

After school Wallace and Veronica drove to the sheriff's station. Wallace held a control unit he used for his remote control airplane.

"You know, we could get into a lot of trouble for this," he told her.

"Give it here," Veronica made to grab for the controller.

"Wait, I'm gonna do it. I just thought one of us should state the obvious," he said pulling the control away from her. He pressed the button. In the evidence room, the bong sparked causing the room to smoke.

"I wonder if it worked," Wallace stated.

A fire truck pulled up and firemen ran inside the station.

"It worked," Veronica and Wallace smiled.

Veronica drove Wallace to the beach while she took care of the next phase.

Veronica walked into the fire station. Two firefighters were putting weights onto a bench press. "Hey Adam. Hey Eddie, is the chief around?" she asked.

"Well if it isn't Smokey the Barely Legal," Phil, the Chief commented.

"I saw you in action today Phil. You were very brave. Did you make the switch?" she asked.

"Fait accompli," Phil told her.

"Thank you," Veronica whispered to him, then made her way to her car. She quickly drove to Mars Investigators. Her dad was in with a client so she quickly ran the license plates of the car from the Camelot. The car was registered to Lianne Mars, her mother. Veronica angry with her dad, stormed out of the office.

Veronica made her way back to the sheriff station. After asking Inga where the Cortez-Wn prelim was, she made her way over there, and sat and watched the plan work itself out. Lamb was giving evidence. Then the prosecutor asked for the tape to be shown. The tape starts, it's the one from the Seventh Veil.

Cliff stood and said, "Ahh, your honor, is this an appropriate time for a dismissal in People versus Loretta Cancun?"

Veronica stood up and left, smugly. She drove back down to the beach to meet up with Wallace.

"Got a present for you," she said handing him the tape from Sac-n-Pac.

"I owe you big time," he told her.

"I had my own reasons for doing it, trust me," she smiled at Wallace.

"Oh, no you don't. You really think I'm gonna let you get away with that? That might play with the masses. But underneath that angry young woman shell, there's a slightly less angry young woman who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars, a Twinkie," Wallace nudged her. He was showing Veronica how to fly the remote control plane when he noticed Duncan and his lackeys leaning on her car. "Uh, Veronica?"

"Yeah?" she asked still playing with the plane.

"Your car."

Veronica looked over. She handed the control to Wallace and walked over to her car. Wallace followed.

"Hey, Veronica Mars," Duncan said. "Do you know what your little joke cost Lilly??" she asked.

"Well, I'm pretty sure she won't be getting her bong back," Veronica smirked.

"Wrong answer," Duncan used the crowbar in his hands to smash one of Veronica's headlights. Veronica flinched.

"What? Did Lilly send you to do her dirty work?" Veronica asked Duncan.

She was glad her boyfriend wasn't here, or he might reveal their secret by what was happening. "Would you care to guess again?" he asked.

"Clearly your sense of humor," Veronica said.

Duncan smashed the other headlight. "Nope, you're usually good at pop quizzes. No, the correct answer is Lilly's car. She can't use her own car meaning she will be taking mine."

Motorcycles started riding up in the background. "Uh, Duncan," Dick said, pointing behind Duncan.

Weevil pulled off his bike and walked over to the scene. "What do we have here? Vandalism? No, no, no. Only vandalism that happens in this town goes through me," he said, inspecting the scene.

"Listen man, I don't have a problem with you," Duncan said.

"That's where you're wrong," Weevil told him.

Meanwhile, Felix was going through the car Duncan and his friends pulled up in. "Hey, yo! Is this O-Town any good? I mean my little sister likes it but you know, she likes ponies and juice boxes too," he said pulling out a CD. Veronica and Wallace laughed quietly.

"I suddenly feel like I'm in a scene from 'The Outsiders'," Wallace whispered to Veronica.

"Be coo, Sodapop," she joked, but didn't crack a smile.

Weevil took the crowbar from Duncan and walked over to the car they arrived in. "Hey that's not his car, that's my dad's car," Dick said.

"She can bill me," Weevil said. And with that she dented the hood a few times and smashed a headlight. "That's it," he said handing the crowbar to a stunned Dick. He pointed to Dick and the others around him, "head for the hills. I'm not gonna say it twice. Except you," he said pointing to Duncan, "You, say you're sorry."

Duncan chuckles, "Rub a lamp." He started to walk away when Weevil grabbed him and punched him in the stomach. Dick and the others were sitting in the car waiting on Duncan.

"I said, say you're sorry," Weevil said.

Duncan got up off the ground and turned to Weevil, "Kiss my ass," he said.

Weevil punches him in the face. "Now…" Weevil started but was cut off by Veronica.

"Let him go," she told Weevil.

"Are you sure? I could do this for awhile," he smiled.

"I don't want his apology," Veronica said looking at the beat up Duncan.

Duncan ran to the car, and they drove off.

"So that, uh, surveillance tape just…poof?" Weevil asked.

"That's fortunate," Veronica commented.

"My uncle has a body shop on the highway. If you come in, you know, I can make sure your body gets the full service treatment," Weevil smirked.

"Okay, now you apologize," Veronica told him.

"I'm sorry, was that too dirty? 'Cause…"

"Not to me dork. To him," she said pointing at Wallace.

"Right. No," Weevil shook his head.

"Fine. He has the only copy of the Sac'n'Pac video. Wallace, let's go decide what to do with it," Veronica said starting to make her way to the car, but Weevil stopped them.

"Okay. Wait, wait, wait, look, look. I'm sorry man, umm, for, you know, taping you to the-the flagpole, I'm sorry."

"All right," Wallace said.

"Can I have the tape back now?" Weevil asked.

"Nope," Wallace said, putting the plane in the back of Veronica's car and getting into the passenger seat.

Veronica laughed and they left.

Veronica got home and met up with her father.

"Dad, did you run those plates?" she asked indicating the one from the photos she took.

"Yeah, sweetie. It was, um, it was your mother's car," Veronica acted shocked for her dad's sake, even though she knew whose they were.

"Are you going to tell Mrs. Kane?" Veronica asked.

"No, I am not going to put us through that. With your mother involved its gotten personal, and I don't want you or I to be brought into this," he explained.


"Is your boyfriend still coming over?" he asked.

"Yeah," Veronica said sitting down on the couch.

"Well no funny business, I am going out of town, I got a tip on another bail jumper. I should be back in a couple days," he said kissing her cheek.

"But you were just gone," Veronica complained.

"I know, but we need the money," he said.

"I know, I just miss you is all," she sighed.

"I know, I will try and make this trip quick, honey," Keith picked up his bag and left.

You might wonder why dad isn't the sheriff anymore. It was Jake Kane's doing. He was infuriated when my dad came and asked if he had an affair with my mom nine months before I was born. Jake never wanted that to be brought into the public eye. There were tabloids, and news reports about the scandal. The sheriff's department thought it would be better if my dad stepped down. That was Jake's influence of course. I don't mind dad being a P.I., but I know he misses being sheriff and the fact he can't pay my way through college kills him.

A knock at the door brought Veronica out of her thoughts. She knew who was at the door and ran to it. She opened it with a huge smile on her face. Logan stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Veronica's waste and pulled her into a kiss.

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