Author's Note: I just want to say that this was purely made out of a combination of boredom, Shadow of the Colossus Time Attacks, and sugar. So if anything seems kind of odd…well…yea…

Dormin speech



The land had remained silent for many years, the human presence long gone. A tranquil peace had settled in, a double-edged sword in some cases, as the land was vast and plentiful, now home to naught but a few birds and reptiles. Time seemed to stand still in this forgotten land.

But all that was about to change.


Dormin sighed, using the little power They had to conjure up shadows of the souls of the dead. They made them do tricks, dance, even have mock fights with each other. They sighed. It was always the same thing, ever since back then.

Ever since the humans separated Their essence into the separate fragments and bound it to the land, They could do nothing. Using what little power They had left, They had allowed Their fragmented essence permeate the land, creating colossi. It was almost a way to keep Dormin company, but it also provided Them with an opportunity; if a warrior was foolish enough to come here, They could use said warrior to slay said colossi and reform Their essence. All They had to do was wait.

However, even immortal gods get bored.

Dormin were just in the middle of watching the shadowy souls dance for him, when suddenly, They felt something. Something They hadn't felt in a long time. The presence of others.

Eagerly, Dormin banished the dancing souls back to the next world, awaiting the arrival of this human. In what seemed like no time, They could see a warrior, nay, a wanderer, riding a horse and carrying a bundle, cross the great Bridge that spanned across the land. After the door opened, the Wanderer slowly descended down the spiral staircase. This was it! The chance Dormin were waiting for! In no time, this Wanderer will approach the altar, where They could speak to him, and-

The horse tripped on the last stair, stumbling forward. The Wanderer atop it let out a cry, falling forward and off the horse.

"Agh…" he groaned, then turned to the horse. "You stupid horse! Look what you did!!" The horse whinnied, as if apologizing. "Yea, you'd better be sorry, you- phfppgh!!" At that moment, the Wanderer himself tripped, falling into the pool of water.

'…' Dormin inwardly sighed to Themselves. This didn't sound good…

After recollecting himself, the Wanderer got back onto the horse, riding it into the Main Altar. He looked at the idols in awe.

Man, it must have taken years to build this place he thought. These idols are huge! These people must have had a LOT of spare time…

Stopping in the middle of the room, the Wanderer got off his horse, then took the bundle off. He looked around, eyeing the altar.

That seems like a good spot to put her he thought. He approached the altar, setting the bundle down. He then removed the cloth covering it, revealing the body of a young woman.

So, this human brought a dead girl with him? Dormin mused. He eyed the sword at the Wanderer's side. Could it be…? Curious, he summoned a few shadowy spirits.

The horse whinnied, catching the Wanderer's attention. He stared as a bunch of shadowy…things appeared.

"What the hell!?" he exclaimed, then remembered his sword. He drew it slowly, then pointed it at them. Instantly, they dissipated back to wherever it was where dead people went.

Oh yea. TOTALLY badass.

"Hmm? Thou possesses the Ancient Sword?" Dormin asked, appearing as a light through an opening in the roof.

The look on the Wanderer's face was priceless.

He jumped, looking around, as if expecting a monster to appear. "Who said that?! Show yourself!"

"Er…Look up"

The Wanderer looked up. "Oh…wait…Are you Dormin?" he asked.

"No, We art the man on the moon. Who else would We be??"

The Wanderer snorted. "No need to get testy…"

"In any case, thou art correct. We art the one known as Dormin" Dormin replied.

The Wanderer turned back to the dead girl. "She was sacrificed because she had a cursed fate. Please…I need you to bring back her soul…"

Dormin laughed at the Wanderer. "That maiden's soul? Souls that are lost cannot be reclaimed…is that not the law of mortals?"

"So? Come on, I traveled all this way, nearly died, you know!"

"We seen you on the stairs…With that sword, however…It may not be impossible…" Dormin mused. This fool had brought the key to Their prison right to Theirs doorstep. Now all They needed was the right encouragement…

"Really?! Sweet!" The Wanderer said happily. "What do I have to do?"

"Behold the idols that stand along the wall. Thou art to destroy all of them. But they cannot be broken by mortal means…"

"…So, how am I supposed to break them?"

"In this land, there exist Colossi that are the incarnations of those idols. If thou defeat those colossi, the idols shall fall." Dormin explained.

"So I basically have to kill a bunch of monsters in order to make these giant stone thingies fall?" The Wanderer asked. "That sounds hard…"

"Bringing back the souls of the dead is no easy task either…"

"But…you can control the souls of the dead…"

"Enough!" Dormin said in an irritated tone. "Just go out and kill them. I shalt revive thy dead girlfriend after"

"All righty then…" The wanderer said. He turned to his horse. "Agro!" he called. The horse looked up, then trotted over. He climbed up onto it. "Where do I go, O disembodied god person?"

"Our name is Dormin" Dormin corrected. "Raise thy sword to the light and head to the place where the sword's light gathers"

"You mean my sword's got a radar?" The wanderer asked. "Sweet! Lord Emon never said anything about that…"

"ENOUGH!" Dormin roared. "Just follow the light, and begone from my sight!"


Author's Note: Yea…that was pointless…

I promise, once the Colossi get involved, things will be a LOT more interesting, I swear