School days

Ch 1 new student.

Roy Mustang, senior and star athlete at Central Academy for the Gifted strolled down the hall, casually talking with his best friend Hughes.

"She's getting more beautiful by the day!" Hughes was saying, though Roy was only half listening, he was watching a young looking boy talking to coach Armstrong.

The boy had long gold tied in a loose braid, large, surprisingly, mature gold eyes and looked good in the school uniform which was white with gold that hardly rivaled that of the boy's hair. The boy was cute, Roy wonder if he was his type.

Little did most know, Roy was bisexual, and was glad to see a new student for a change. Roy was the most well know students and knew everyone. He made a mental note to talk to the blonde.

Edward walked into his first period, ten minutes late. He glanced at the teacher who gave him a stern look.

"I'm sorry sir," He muttered, bowing his head a little.

"You must be the new student," The teacher said. "Mustang, raise your hand, You'll be sitting next to him, Mr.….?"

"Edward Elric" Edward stated and looked at the boy who raised his hand, taking the seat next to him. He glanced at the boy, or young man rather. 'Mustang' as the teacher called him was quite handsome. He had short black hair that was silk like, and fell into his cool, yet soft equally black eyes. He had a strong shaped jaw and broad shoulders yet had an air, calm and friendly look about him.

Mustang caught the blonde's smiling softly at him. He tossed a small note to him and the blonde read it.

Hey, meet me outside after class and I'll show you around

Edward blinked at the letter and looked at Mustang who winked. The blonde's soft cheeks tingled pink and turned his attention to the teacher.


I know, short chapter, its 1:13! Next one will be longer, I promise