Ch. 3 spin da bottle (dun dun duuuuun!)

Edward sighed as he walked into his house. He closed the door gently behind him. "I'm going to my room," he said, without getting a reply. He frowned and did as he said. He went into his room and sat on his bed, taking off his shirt revealing how skinny he was. You could count eight ribs in his sides though he had some meat on him.

"I wish Al was here…" He whispered as he combed and braided his hair. "Its really lonely…"

The next Day

Edward looked at his schedule and sighed. "P.E. second period today…"He muttered to himself.

"Hey, me too" Roy said, leaning over to read the boy's schedule. He smirked, looking at the boy; maybe he'd get a chance to see the boy undress. 'Whoa! Thinking way too far ahead, we just met… well, it would be nice' the older male thought, looking Edward up and down 'yummy…'

Edward looked at Roy and blushed. "What are you looking at ya fruit loop?" He hissed, his stomach doing a back flip. "Sorry I don't go that way"

"That's too bad, your Cute" Roy purred, causing the blush on the blonde's cheeks to turn a shade darker. "I'm kidding, sheesh" He added, having a feeling the blond was about to rant, just as the bell rang and the teacher walked in. Edward turned to the teacher before muttering 'fruit loop' under his breath.

Next Period

Edward Walked into the gym (being led by Roy) and waved at Armstrong. "Hi Coach, thanks for the help yesterday," He said. The coach ripped of his shirt and flexed.

"THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY IS ALWAYS WILLING TO HELP!" He said as pink sparkles flash around him.

"Does he always do that?" Edward asked, turning to Roy.

"Yeah, pretty much… lets get dressed out, I'm sure you can barrow some of Fuery's clothes" The Ebony haired male guided Edward to the locker room. "Hey Fuery, can Edward barrow some of your clothes?"

The small boy looked up timidly. "Sure…" He said, handing Edward his extra set. Edward thanked him and stood still for a few moments.

"You gonna change Ed?" Roy asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh… yeah" Edward went to the bathroom stall to get changed and Roy pouted.

"Gotta crush, eh Roy?" Hughes said, causing Roy to jump.

"No! Why would you think that?" The other boy snapped.

"Just the look on your face"

"You read me like a book, Maes" They smiled at each other.

Edward walked out, feeling a tad uncomfortable. Roy blushed as he looked at the boy. The shorts were a bit too short and showed of his nice legs and the shirt was a bit baggy.

"Wow…"Roy muttered. "Hey Ed, me and my friends are hanging out at my house today, want to come?" He asked with a smirk.

"Well… my dads gonna be at work until eight… I don't think he'd like me over at someone else's house" Ed muttered, shyly.

"We'll get you home by then" Roy said with a smile. "Meet us in the parking lot out of school"

"O-okay" The blonde muttered with a nod.

After School

Edward was waiting in the parking lot and sure enough Roy and his friends soon arrived. They went to Roy's house in Hughes' minivan. When they arrived Edward gasped. "Your house is huge!" He stuttered. It really was big; it could qualify as a mansion.

"It happens when you have three sisters"

"THREE!?" Everyone chuckled.

"Rachel, Ashley, and Emily" Roy said with a smile. "There out working today" The group of friends went into the house and sat in the living room. Roy left to get drinks and something else. Edward took this time to look around. The house was nice and clean, unlike his own house, which was a constant mess because of his father. Roy returned with drinks, an empty bottle and a bottle of extra hot hot sauce.

"We're playing spin the bottle. Here's the rule. You spin the bottle, whoever its pointing at you have to kiss, that, or drink this hot sauce" He said with a smirk. "Because its my house, I'll go first" He put the bottle down and spun it.

'Don't land on me! Don't land on me!' Edward thought with a blush as the bottle slowed down and… pointed strait at him. His blush darkened and Roy smirked. He walked around the table and went on top of Edward. "C-can't I drink the hot sauce!?" He stuttered.

"Nope, only the one who spun" Roy purred and kissed Edward, who resisted for a moment before kissing back. Roy noticed this and deepened the kiss. 'I-is that his tongue?' The blonde thought as he gripped the back of Roy's shirt tightly, his golden eyes closing. 'This isn't too bad…' Roy's hands began to venture down and fiddled with the end of Edward's shirt before his hand slipped underneath. 'WAIT! What am I doing? I'm letting a guy touch me and kiss me!' The blonde pulled back and pushed the older boy off of him, running out the door. He ran all the way home and once inside he rested ageist the door, panting. He put a hand over his mouth and slid to the floor.

"Oh… my… god. That bastard… that sick bastard…"He muttered, running his hands through his hair.


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"Edward! Why didn't you tell me! He's hurting you!" Roy shouted at the blonde who was on the verge of tears.

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