Of Bento and Discoveries

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Sakuno opened her eyes and glanced groggily at the clock on her nightstand.

7:15, the clock read, and Sakuno closed her eyes one more time, not realizing the time and wanting to continue that dream about the cats and onigiri*…

Her eyes snapped open and she shot out of bed like a bullet. Eyes wide in panic, she realized that she was suppose to meet Tezuka-senpai at 6:50 so that he could escort her to school and make it in time for morning practice.

She glanced out her window, and saw the stoic-looking young man standing by the gate of her house, occasionally casting glances at her door and then his watch.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! She scrambled to the bathroom to brush her teeth and clean up, only to trip over her own feet, and landed in a heap of clothes.

Gee, first trip of the day. That's a new record for so early in the morning.

Realizing what she was doing, she quickly got up and got ready in what she hoped was something akin to the speed of light.

Oh dear, she hoped Tezuka-senpai doesn't make her run laps…


There was an end to patience, even for him.

Where was she? He had told her to meet him outside her house before 7 so he could walk her to school like his grandmother asked him, and make it to practice on time.

Now he was already 10 minutes late. His headache came back with increasing intensity as he could only imagine what those no-good teammates of his are doing…and worse, speculating.

His mind briefly wandered from how he was going to die early to how many laps he can legally assign without authorization for torture, he heard the doorknob wiggling, and walked up to the door.

…only to have a heap of brown hair fly toward him and knock him back with a thump.

Then came the flying unidentified object…oh dear…


"Itai…" Sakuno briefly wondered 3 things.

Why in the world is she so clumsy that she would trip over herself while trying to put on her shoes?

If the bento she made for Tezuka-senpai as a thank you gift for walking her and waiting so much is intact from such impact with the ground.

Why is the ground so soft?

She glanced downward momentarily, only to freeze in both agonizing embarrassment and absolute horror when she realized that she had not only knocked down her senpai, but discovered the whereabouts of her bento at the same time.

Apparently the bento had flown out of her hand as she fell and the lid came open in the air, and the contents, obediently following the laws of gravity, came to rest, along with the bottom of the box…

…right on Tezuka's head.

Oh boy she was dead.


Tezuka's eyebrow twitched.

While the bento certainly smelled good, he had wished he could have eaten it instead of wearing it. He was never one to make the fashion statement, and this added to the fact that he was just another 5 minutes later to practice…

…actually made him crack a smile. Not the happy kind, of course, but the bitter and sadistic kind that would have made Fuji pale in comparison.

Sakuno could only stare in horror as several emotions chased themselves across Tezuka's face, and almost fainted when she saw him smile in a way that made her blood run cold.

He wasn't looking at her, of course, but he was thinking of his oh-so-dear teammates and how he was going to run them into the ground today to relieve his headache.

Maybe Fuji was on to something after all, the thought of torturing his team was actually quite relaxing. Perhaps the captain had finally found his calling…much to the later horror of his team.


Sakuno was both amazed and horrified by the look on Tezuka's face when she realized that she had been sitting on him for the past five minutes, after which she proceed to do what she was best as: flush as red as a tomato, quickly get up and as far away as possible, then proceed to apologize profusely. An everyday routine that she had become accustomed to around Ryoma.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She dearly hoped she would die by her senpai's hand. Tezuka wouldn't kill her right? But that last expression on his face gave her some reasonable doubts…

Tezuka, after coming to terms with his sadism, quickly stopped Sakuno, and made to clean himself up.

"It is fine, Ryuzaki, but don't let your guard down again."

"Yes sir!" She shot him a salute, and if it weren't for the fact that he was Tezuka Kunimitsu, he would have sweat-dropped.

"Let's go, I have some interesting plans for team today."

"Hai, senpai!"

Sakuno naively wondered what those plans were, and quietly giggle at the thought of the tennis team without its captain. The club was probably in a mass of chaos by now…

Tezuka nodded, the sadistic side of him even chuckled a little on the inside. The quicker they got to school, the better…it seems even the buchou has a devil on the other shoulder.


With strings taut, the wheel continues to spin, weaving the intricate fabric of fate…


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