It was fed up. For twenty-three years it had sat there, perfectly content with its life but no more. It was sick of the complaints that it got from the others, sick of the bragging over who was better than who. It had finally come to the decision that now was its time to be considered important.

Only the other day, the ribs had started complaining about the fact they were bruised, that the nasty man whom they served had deliberately, deliberately decided to get bashed up by the poltergeist or whatever they called those things. When they weren't complaining, the ribs were boasting about how much damage they could take before one of them broke.

Well, it was sick of it. For a moment it contemplated the consequences of what it was about to do, sure risking the man's life just to prove how vitally important it was only a tad selfish on its part, but how else was it going to prove its point? The stomach growled hungrily and it sighed. Stomach was always hungry, it never stopped being hungry. If the damn man would bloody feed it once in a while… well, better sooner rather than later.

It began to collect itself, sending out clear messages (pain was a good one), that something was clearly wrong. They wouldn't be able to ignore it now. A brief stab of guilt wracked it as it continued to swell up, perhaps exploding was a bit extreme.

It continued to swell.

Sam doubled over in pain. It wasn't the usual pain from bruised ribs or broken bones, it was an intense sharp pain. He shuddered as his food threatened to come back up and Dean shot him a worried look.

"You ok dude?"

Sam looked up at his brother, fear spreading into his eyes. The pain kept getting worse; it felt like his entire stomach was on fire. He groaned and stood up, a wave of dizziness sending him crashing into his older brother. Dean grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him outside, nearly shoving him into the car. Sam shook his head, it was going to pass. Dean started the car, shooting a worried glance once more at his mute brother.

"I'm taking you to the hospital."

"No, I'm fine… see?"

Sam gave a lopsided grin, but frowned when Dean pulled out of the car park.

"Dude, that's bull and you know it."

Sam groaned.

It felt itself lifted from the body, pure joy emanating from it. Finally someone had heeded its call and done something about it. It was a lot less crowded out here. Then something clicked, it was going to die. It sighed. Damn.

Sam's eyes fluttered open. The room he was in was blindingly bright. He groaned and turned his head to the side, the sleeping form of his brother in the chair next to him. He gave a soft smile and whispered.


Dean shot up like a bolt and sighed when he saw that Sam was awake. He gave a small smile and took Sam's hand in his own, relief evident in his eyes.

"You scared us all for a moment there kiddo. Apparently your appendix nearly burst."

Sam looked confused. His appendix? He thought it had burst ages ago. He couldn't believe their dad! He looked back to Dean.

"My appendix? The one dad said the doctors removed when I was nine?"

"Heh. Dad only said that to shut you up when my appendix burst. What the hell is an appendix anyway?"

Sam sighed, trying to think of when he had looked it up.

"An appendix is a vestigial structure-'

"English please Sam."

"It's an organ that does nothing but sit there."

"And apparently burst. Anyway, what say you to getting outta here?"

"I thought you would never ask.Oh yeah, you did remember to check that my rabbit was still alive didn't you Dean?"



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