AN: Not a continuation of Hills. this takes place after Sam leaves. This Jackie is not scared and sad, this Jackie is badass. I'm going to try and incorporate as many of the main characters as I can, so we may see the reappearance of Kelso and Eric. In my world Jackie never fell for Fez. And the italics are internal monologues. My apologies to Brooke Shields…when I saw that the film came out in 1980 I just couldn't help myself.

And of course, I own nothing but the computer I typed this on.

Hyde woke up in his cot in the basement and, for the first time in a long while, he woke up alone. He had to admit that all in all, it wasn't much different. The right side of the bed isn't warm anymore but once I start sprawling in my sleep again it won't be too bad. Really he was feeling pretty good, or as good as Steven Hyde ever feels. Uh uh uh, some little inner voice popped in, you were happy with Jackie…actual happy…not circle time happy.

Those voices were getting more and more persistent. In the beginning it was subtle. He'd wake in the morning and roll over but instead of smooth vanilla scented locks he'd find his face buried in a smoky blonde ponytail. Okay. So, I was a little pissed at first that Sam ruined the nice residual Jackie smell on my pillows…but that was just a lapse. Right? It wasn't Jackie it was just because it was a pleasant smell.

But after the "honeymoon period" those voices had pretty much taken over. Jesus can't she ever wear a whole shirt or pants, skin is not a color ya know.

God, another bottle of peroxide. I wonder if ANYTHING on her is real?

Jeez her voice is annoying…she's talking about Zepplin and I can't even stand it.

But by this point he had to agree the voices pretty much had Sam figured correctly. She was dirty, ditzy, and fake. Hell, even their marriage had been fake.

But there was one thought that still worried him. It had been the first thing to run through his mind when he found out his marriage to Sam wasn't legal.

So Jackie could still be my first and only wife?

For the most part, Fez loved living with Jackie. She is, and always had been his goddess. He saw her beautiful face everyday and he could go in and smell her soap and shampoo where she'd left them in the shower. It was a good arrangement for Fez. Except that his goddess hadn't been her usual fabulous self recently. She still looked like her glorious cheerleader self, but something was missing.

"Good morning my beautiful roommate, would you like to go see Blue Lagoon with me tonight?"


"Whatever?…but Jackie this is a beautiful love story set on a tropical island, and you always said that Brooke Shields was almost as beautiful as you are. Why are you not excited?"

"It's just a stupid movie Fez. I'm sure Brooke Shields is just a bitchy actress with big eyebrows. All that romance crap is just scripted to keep you coming back for more because nobody really acts like that in real life." Jackie got up and left the apartment, waving goodbye to Fez.

Aiiii…if I had wanted to live with Hyde I'd have moved in with Red and Ms. Kitty.

AN: I know it's short. It's really just a test balloon to see if this story is worth pursuing, so let me know.