Life After Father


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: The characters of Mr. and Mrs. Smith don't belong to me, they belong to someone else, but Yasmin does belong to me and other made up characters.

A/N: This is the Sequel to Moving On.

Chapter One

"Welcome back back!" Suzy and Doug exclaimed when John and Jane answered the door. They were having a barbeque to celebrate Yasmin's first birthday and their return.

"Thanks Suzy, Doug." John said inviting them in. They introduced them to Yasmin, who was staring at the cake. It was beautifully made by Jane herself. It turned out she was really good at cooking. John had to watch her cook their next meal before he could believe it.

"Yasmin come play." Jane said. Yasmin turned after a moment and followed Jane. She was so obediant when it came to Jane that John had to call her just to get Yasmin to do something.

"She is just too cute." Jasmine said. All the I-temp girls were there.

"I know isn't she." Jane said.

"A little Jane all over again." Stella said watching Yasmin jump around in the jumper once she was inside. A boy got in her way so she pushed him.

"Oh yea a little Jane all over again." Jane and Jasmine said. They laughed.

"John is gonna have his hands full." said Suzy coming up behind them. They turned and nodded.

"We both are." Jane replied.

"He's going to be chasing away all the boys."

"Or girls." Jasmine added. Jane and Stella nearly choked on their drinks as they bit back a laugh at the look on Suzy's face. Suzy started laughing, so they joined her. The party lasted all day and was a blast.

"Let's not do that again." Jane said as she brushed her teeth.

"Agreed." John said as he took out his tooth brush.

"Is Yasmin all tucked in?" Jane asked.

"Yes, she passed right out after some more cake."

"John, I told you not to give her anymore, she's going to have a stomach ache."

"No, she won't." John was wrong, Yasmin woke them up in the middle of the night, because her stomach hurt. They were up all night with her, because she would relax and take some peptobismo. Finally at dawn she fell asleep and so did they only to be woken back up by the alarm clock. John got up, dressed, packed, and left after kissing them goodbye. By the time he was ready to go it was time for Jane to leave. She was careful not to wake up Yasmin as she dressed her a little later. She pour a cup of hot coffee into her mug grabbed 9mm out of the stove and a couple of knives she was ready to go.

"Hey Jane!" Suzy called as Jane left. Jane waved as she drove off.

"Who knew Jane the assassin would one day be dropping off her daughter at preschool. " Jane said to herself as she left the preschool her heels clicking on the side walk to her car. She smiled to herself as she got in her car and drove off. It felt good to be back in New York and working for people she could trust again. No more running, the job was finished and now it was on to bigger, better jobs.

"Welcome back Jane." Stella's voice said as she went through security.

"Good to be back." Jane said.

"Great we've got a new target for you today." Stella said. Jane watched the screen expectantly.

"Who is he?" Jane asked.

"More like whose she," Stella replied," Lindsey Deck witness to several murders by Pierce Donald if he's convicted not only will his multi-million dollar business erupt into civil war, he use to work for me and threatens to spill all if we don't get rid of Lindsey."

"Why not kill him?" Jane asked.

"We are Jane just not yet, he still has a business that could cause a lot of conflict if he dies and we want to avoid that right now."

"Understood." said Jane as the door opened and she steped out. She took off her jacket to review a black top and pants her boots matched her outfit perfectly. She handed her coffee to a girl.

"Warm that for me." Jane said taking the head set from her.

"Yes ma'am." She said following Jane and than turning.

"What do we have on our target?" Jane asked.

"Lindsey Deck , 27 years old, married to Nick Donald recently deceased, she's a house wife, conpulsive shopper, high school graduate, and witness to several murders commited by Pierce Donald including his brother's." Jasmine said.

"I wanna know her scedule and upcoming court dates, I wanna know where she's at, and a map of potential locations she'd hide out at."

"Jane we have a problem." said Brooklyn.

"What is it?" Jane was watching the screens as she looked over some papers.

"Lindsey Deck as of today has just been put in the witness protection program." said Martha.

"Yes and it violates our deal with the goverment to hack into those files." said Brooklyn. Jane dialed the number to Stella she could hear the phone ringing. Stella was furious, and ordered them break in unnoticed.

"They will notice if some one is hacking in." Jane replied.

"Find another way your a smart woman." Stella replied. Jane hung up.

"Brooklyn, Martha, Jasmine meeting now!" Jane exclaimed, talking to her senior assassins, so they could hear her. They all sat down at the business table in their meeting room.

"We need to get into the pentagon unnoticed all top secret files are located there for the most part. It is impenetrable to people without our capabilities. Now we need to figure out how to get in, their codes, and how to get out un noticed."

"Visitor's pass I hear they give tours, but security will be real tight and sections will be closed off to all except authorized personal." Brooklyn said typing on her computer.

"So our best option would be to impersonate a personal that could get through those barriers." Jasmine was typing as well.

"Codes are easy enough, once I've got one the rest will fall right into my hands." Martha replied. Jane planned every second of the damn thing and when all four of them infultrated the room all they had to do was look through several books until they found out there was a computer under all the junk.

"This is an old piece of shit." Martha said.

"Your preachin' to the choir my friend." Jane replied. Martha nodded as she searched for Lindsey Deck.

"I found her." said Martha.

"Name, address, social security number." Jane said. They got what they needed and left without so much as a beep in the system. Jane was back by six. She picked up Yasmin preschool and started dinner. John wouldn't be back for another day. They had agreed they'd go on missions together, but they needed their space.

"Yasmin time for dinner." Yasmin continued to watch television as Jane put small amounts of food on her plate, John had got her hooked to television. Jane went into the entertainment room and picked her up and carried her to the table without to much protest.

"How was your day?" Jane asked. Yasmin didn't answer and Jane didn't expect her too as she picked up her book and read. Jane never realized how boring dinner could be when you had no one to talk too if you just started a conversation with them.Trying to start a conversation with a one year old was like trying to talk to a brick wall. A fter dinner she played with her and than she put her to bed.