Chapter Nine

"Hey dude was that just Monica I saw you talking too?" Eddie asked sitting down at the counter next to John at their favorite diner.

"Yeah," John answered as he cut his steak. It was nothing compared to Jane's cooking nowadays but it would do for lunch. A plate was set in front of Eddie since John had already ordered for him.

"Are you crazy?" Eddie asked.

"What?" John asked as they both looked at each other.

"John, do you not know who your wife is after these last couple of years, she will make Monica a mark." Eddie cut his steak as he thought about what could happen to Monica. He didn't particularly care for the woman, but he knew John would get caught in the middle. John chuckled.

"Eddie its cool they've met and Jane promised she wouldn't kill her."

"And you believed her?" Eddie asked with his fork poised before his mouth as he turned back to John again. John paused in his cutting with his full mouth and nodded. "Idiot, that was before, you told me Monica moved out of the state with her new husband. Where's the hubby now and what's she doing in New York."

"She moved back two weeks ago, Jane doesn't know, and besides Jane's busy with the kids. She's got time for the important marks and the kids. If I'm lucky special time for me." John grinned, but Eddie didn't return it.

"Please I'd bet my new house that Jane already knows and is plotting to kill her." He finally took a bite of steak as he shook his head at John's stupidity.

"There's no way she knows. She's been in and out of town these pass two weeks. She would have told me if Monica was in town." That made Eddie laugh.

"Why would she?" Eddie asked. " She wouldn't tell you who Jack Mcfarland is and if its nothing she would have told you."

" Its nothing I asked Jasmine and Martha." Eddie snorted.

"Please Jane is their leader they're not going to betray her. I mean you may as well tell Jane you've been teaching Yasmin to be an assassin before those two tell you the truth about your wife."

"Oh you are, are you?" Jane asked. John and Eddie turned as she scared the shit out of them. She was dressed in a tight dark red dress with long sleeves that stopped a little pass the elbows, red heels, and a matching purse. Yasmin was beside her dressed similarly except in a less sexy and revealing way and of course she didn't have heels but red dress shoes.

"Well…I…see…Jane don't…I…well yes," John finally ended knowing there was no way to get out of this. Eddie like Jane watched as John hung his head.

"Gees man stand up to her, you have the right to teach your daughter, be a man," Eddie said patting his back. Jane smirked at Eddie as if to say give up. She looked at Yasmin and they both rolled their eyes.

"Look gentleman, I just came to tell you that I'm taking Yasmin on her first assignment." John looked up suddenly.

"What?" He asked.

"Yeah, we're going on a mother daughter assignment in…"

"Tahiti," Yasmin supplied.

"Right Tahiti," Jane said. "So the babysitter is with the girls until you get home tonight, I put dinner in the oven, but there's also some dinner for the next week in containers. Don't invite Eddie over for dinner if you want it to last."

"Oh ha, ha very funny Jane," Eddie retorted. Jane gave him a small smile.

"Right now come on Yasmin we have a plane to catch." She put on her shades just like Jane and they left.

"Did she just say she was taking my daughter on assignment, my three year old daughter?" John asked Eddie.

"Yeah man she did." John got up and ran after Jane and Yasmin. He caught them just as they reached her car.

"What the hell do you mean you're taking my daughter on an assignment?" John asked.

"I mean we're going to go kill somebody," Jane replied in a hushed tone so no one could hear. John lowered his voice too.

"She's three years old," John countered.

"Yes, well at three she can already throw knives and considering what she's told me she can assemble and disassemble an AK-47 as well as shoot it."

"That doesn't mean she can handle her first," John retorted.

"I know, she's…Yasmin get into the car." Yasmin got in the car and shut the door. She watched her parents through the open window. "Yasmin roll up the window too." Yasmin grinned at her and did so. Jane just to be sure moved away from the car.

"You were saying?" John asked.

"I promised her she could shoot, but I'm giving her one bullet. She misses than that's it and I take him out. No harm done, but she's gained some experience with shooting and in the field."

"What if you're caught."

"Won't be nobody will hear the shot for miles. Besides I'd abort and than come back to finish the job."

"All right as long as she doesn't kill yet." Jane nodded.

"Besides we need to teach her that killing is okay, if she thinks its wrong than she'll be…" John frowned.

"Don't say that I'll have nightmares while you're away." Jane grinned.

"Awe does my little Johnny get scared at night without me," Jane teased pinching his cheeks.

"No, its just hard to sleep without you," John said brushing her hands away and turning away with his hands in his pockets. Jane's smile widened.

"Don't worry we won't be gone long." John nodded and watched her go.

"I can't believe she's taking my three year old on assignment." He went back into the diner.

"Well man now is your chance to get rid of Monica before the old ball and chain finds out if she doesn't know like you claim."

"And how am I going to get rid of Monica?"

"That I don't know my friend. We must consult the masters."

"The masters?" John asked. Eddie merely nodded.