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Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville decide to go off on their own mission… and stuff just gets worse from there. They get caught and are separated. The boys in one cell somewhere. And Hermione in her own. A couple of situations are presented to dear Hermione, and will she ignore them, guaranteeing torture, and likely death? Or will she adapt, because those who adapt survive? And how will Draco play a role in this?

Warning: I don't usually do warnings, but if you're expecting fluffy, or Hermione and Draco in love… you may be disappointed. It's really how you look at it. And again rape torture etc…


What a bunch of idiots!

But what does that make you? You followed them none the less.

Yes, but I warned them the whole way through, but do you think anyone listens to me?

No, of course they don't that's why you're here alone and wandless, and those three at least have each other... I think.

It had been too easy. But they all have people they need to avenge, and so we left. I went hoping to steer some common sense into them, and be able to bring them back. Ha! It didn't work first year, why should it work now. Remember first year, Ron and Harry trying to out do Malfoy, and me and Neville getting stuck for the ride. Well, it's not like they made us come, but still. Who could've guessed at everything that was too come, from then till now? If definitely not me Hermione Granger; than certainly not the others.

Focus Hermione. There has to be a way to get yourself out of this… situation. But how? We were almost out of here too, but Voldermort appeared and I knew Harry would want to fight. Forgetting that we haven't found all the Horcruxes yet, and to fight him would be silly, but still, he would fight. I have to calm down, so what if I don't have my wand, I used to get along perfectly fine without a wand… though that was ages ago, almost like another life really.

I hear a noise. Footsteps. Someone's coming. It would be nice if the guys had found a way to escape and that was them coming for me. But it's not.

"Aah, Ms. Granger, the cheeky, filthy little mudblood." Lucius Malfoy said arrogantly.

I didn't even look up. His voice is quite recognizable.

"Enjoying your stay, I trust? I mean you have this whole big cell too yourself, you're friends on the other hand, are not so lucky, all three of them are cramped in one cell." He said as if this was really the Ritz Carlton.

I still hadn't looked at him. Though, he did just confirm my suspicions about the guys being together are correct.

"Well actually, there's only two in there currently. I believe MacNair has just gone to fetch Mr. Potter. The Dark Lord has promised us a good time tonight, at young Harry's expense of course" He drawled.

My head snapped up immediately at that last part. Harry was about to be tortured. Lucius has a twisted smile on his face, at having finally said something to get my attention. He wasn't alone, he was with Dolohov.

"Aah, I see that got your attention. I trust you also see that I'm not alone. You are well acquainted with Dolohov, are you not? He is the one who caused you quite a bit of damage in the Ministry of Magic after all" He quizzed.

I rolled my eyes, and went back to looking at the floor. He was trying to get a rise out of me. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

"Trying to play up your Gryffindor spirit no doubt. Well whatever makes it easier for you, you know we like to make sure our guests serve their... 'purpose' as comfortably as possible. The Dark Lord has said nothing of what's in your future, his attention is on Potter, but I'm sure he has something in store for the rest of you. And it shouldn't take long, I mean it's only been a few hours and poor little Harry is on his way. But don't worry; all signs seem to be that he won't kill him… at least not right now. I must bid you farewell Ms. Granger, it would not be prudent to be late to a torture session." He drawled as I heard his footsteps turn and leave.

"Come Dolohov" He drawled again.

I didn't hear his footsteps move. I had the eerie feeling that Dolohov was staring at me. I looked up. I was right. He had a sort of mad glint in his eyes.

"Not now, maybe our Lord will split them between us, but we can not be late. Now come" Lucius said angrily from the stairway.

Dolohov took a few more seconds glimpse and turned to leave. I was alone again. And somewhere else, no matter how many Death Eaters were around him, so was Harry.


No one else has been to see me. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad. It's definitely the next day at the very least. I'm starving, and thirsty. I wonder if the boys are alright. Especially Harry. I won't let my mind entertain any thoughts that he didn't survive whatever they might have done to him. I hear the familiar sound of footsteps. I hope whoever it is has food, at least some water. They do.

"Are you glad to see me? I'm glad to see you." Dolohov said with a smirk.

I didn't like the sound of that one bit. But he was holding a tray with glass of water, and a bowl of something; and I knew it would do my stomach no good to upset him.

"I see you eyeing the tray. Are you hungry? Perhaps thirsty?" He said grinning.

I didn't want to give any hint of the truth. I'm sure if Ron was somewhere surviving without food I could too. Damn it, on the thought of Ron my stomach rumbled, loudly.

"I'll take that as a yes." Dolohov said still grinning.

I didn't like the grins and smirks he was giving me. He opened my cell door, bringing with him the tray. He used his wand to make it hover in the air, as he took the gag out of mouth.

"Perhaps some water first?" Dolohov quizzed.

He proceeded to take the glass of water off the floating tray and put it to my lips. I drank it eagerly. In my defense I did sniff it first and it didn't smell like anything… I know that doesn't mean anything but at least I did. It wasn't poisonous, and didn't contain anything else as far as I could tell. He pulled it away before I drank it all.

"Not so fast, or I'll think you don't enjoy my company, and you wouldn't want that, trust me." Dolohov said with a sinister grin.

He was about to bring the soup to my mouth, but he paused just as it got there. I didn't appreciate the pause; it must have been evident in my face.

"Don't worry I'll let you finish. But you get what you want and I get what I want, that's how this is gonna work" Dolohov said.

And before I could figure out what he meant, his mouth was on mine, and his tongue was moving as if it wanted to take a slide down my throat. I coughed and tried to wiggle away. Luckily he took it as me just being surprised.

"I must have surprised you, because I know you very much would like to eat this whole thing, and shunning me would not allow me to continue feeding you" He said no longer smiling.

I realized what it was going to take for me to eat this meal. I was at a rock and a hard place, a place harder than Ron's head even. This must have been apparent in my face or he's an accomplished Legilimens, because he said-

"They said you are of strong will, and that you will need to be broken. They said even more so than the Potter boy, perhaps. So let's see how much you want this after you have been given a small taste." Dolohov said as he lifted the bowl to my mouth.

I tried to take as much as I could, but he didn't hold it to my mouth no where as long as he did the water. It didn't taste all that good, it was quite horrible real, but this might be my last meal for a long time.

"So, what will be your choice, food or starvation?" Dolohov asked.

I was conflicted. I'm sure I could do without it. Nothing is worth letting someone violate me. But if I don't let him, there won't be any "me" left to violate, will there? Before I could come to a decision he was already nearing closer. I could see him opening his mouth, in preparation, as he got closer. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to watch. Wasn't it bad enough I could feel his tongue inside my mouth again? He stopped after a moment or two. I felt disgusted with myself. I wanted to throw up. But before I could he was already bringing the bowl back to my mouth. I suddenly wasn't that hungry anymore. He pulled the bowl away shortly anyways, I realized he was going to try and prolong this. I would never make it. So I did what I should have done in the first place. I spit in his face.

"Why you filthy, ugly little mudblood." He spat.

I spit again this time not at him, but to get his taste out of my mouth.

"Fine have it your way, starve. See if anyone else brings you something to eat. The next time you see me you'll be begging me for a kiss, just to get something to eat" He said angrily.

"If I'm so ugly, and filthy, why are you down here?" I said knowing I shouldn't.

He smacked me across the face. It stung, quite a bit really.

"And I would never beg you for a kiss to save my own life, I'd rather starve" I said again.

He was about to smack me again when another voice rang out. Or should I say drawled.

"Anton, who told you, you could be down here?" Lucius said.

"They needed someone to bring the food down, so I did it. I just thought I'd have some fun with her while I was here." He said angrily.

"Be that as it may, you were not given permission to 'have fun with her-'" Lucius started.

"Don't know why you would want to though. Can't do any better than Granger, how sad Anton."

Another voice drawled that. It was Draco's. I looked up. He had been absent from the battle we had endured that got us into this mess. He was smirking, but I could tell something wasn't right all the same.

"My name is Antonin. Don't think you can talk to me any way you want Draco, your father can not save you-" Dolohov said angrily, knocking the rest of my meal to the floor.

"Save me? Save me from what? You? I think not." Draco said as he and his father came closer to the cell.

"Lucius your son's mouth will land him in great trouble one of these days" Dolohov said now looking at Lucius.

"Not as much trouble as you're sure to be in for tainting what is to be his" Lucius said slightly angry, but smiling none the same.

"What are you talking about?" Dolohov questioned.

"We have just come from a meeting with our Lord, he has decided that Draco needs to learn how we punish are enemies. She as well as one of the others will be his and his alone before they come to us." Lucius said happily.

I didn't like the sound of that one bit. Not just because it was me, it was someone else too. Though, I'll admit it made Dolohov visibly stirred to hear this news.

"Surely you jest, w- why would he, give him two. I-I mean what purpose would that serve?" Dolohov asked, fear creeping in with each word.

"Are you questioning our Lord's decision? Aren't you feeling brave today?" Lucius said smiling.

"No, no I just mean-" Dolohov started.

"As you saw yesterday, he would not let Draco join in our festivities on the Potter brat. It seems he wants to see if Draco will be able to serve such a punishment on his own." Lucius drawled, and then added, "If you must know."

Harry. And at the very least, whatever the "festivities" meant included Voldermort, Lucius and Dolohov. And I was to be for Draco's amusement. But looking at Draco, he didn't look amused one bit.

"I- I, you won't tell will you? I didn't know, I just-" Dolohov said now definitely scared at the outcome of his actions.

"It's really Draco's choice; she's not my prisoner now is she? Lucky for her." Lucius said as he looked at me.

"I won't tell." Draco drawled simply.

"Thanks, I think I'll be going then" Dolohov said as cleaned up his mess, I mean my meal.

"Not so fast, you owe me one. And don't forget it, Anton" Draco boasted.

Dolohov left upset, but not before giving me a look, that I supposed meant 'this isn't done'. I could care less; I had bigger worries to worry about.

"Ms. Granger, so now that you've been fed-" Lucius started.

"I wasn't fed. I'm sure you saw him flip the tray over." I blurted.

"Even when you're about to be tortured, you still haven't learned to just keep your mouth shut, have you Granger?" Draco drawled.

"Don't worry son, you'll soon find that not keeping your mouth closed can be a good thing" Lucius also drawled, but with a smirk.

I don't know what was making me more disgusted both drawls, or what Lucius was implying. Draco looked as if he was going to be sick at the thought. But he noticed that I was looking at him.

"I see that shut you up." Draco said smirking.

"Well come Draco, we've accomplished our purpose of checking in on her. And you still have to check in on your other guest. We have much to do before tonight" Lucius said.

They started to turn around. I had a fleeting moment of hope as they left, but Lucius dashed it. He came back and with two lazy flicks of his wand, he closed the cell door, and re inserted the gag. Oh well.

Tonight. So in a few hours time, Draco Malfoy will have to torture me. Brilliant. Really, I mean Brilliant. Draco's been acting as a spy for us for the last couple of months. Ron doesn't trust him. He always thought it would end up like Snape's spying, with the death of someone. And he was right, Percy's. Ron never liked Percy much, but his death shook him. And the fact that Draco was the one who took it didn't help Draco's case in Ron's eyes. The only reason everyone else, isn't steaming mad, is because Percy broke the plan. He tried to be a double spy for us and the Ministry, and got himself caught in a real spot of trouble. Draco had to choose between Percy and his father. It also didn't help that there were a couple of Death Eaters around either, who would have told on Draco in a heartbeat. So Draco did what he had to do. He killed Percy. When we first heard, we didn't believe it. How could he do it? It was the same way Snape killed Dumbledore, not because he hated the person, but because you hated to kill the person. I guess hate is hate.

Anyways, I shouldn't get too happy, just because it's Draco. And I'll admit that I trust him, just not 100 percent.


I am awakened to the sound of my cell door opening. I must have finally fallen asleep. I tired to stay awake for when Draco came for me, but he never did. Even as speak to you now, it is again Lucius who is walking to face me. He takes the gag from my mouth.

"Did I wake you? The Dark Lord thought it would be nice if we came to get you in the middle of the night when you were both sound a sleep. He knows how traumatizing to interrupt sleep can be." Lucius drawled.

I snapped my head up when I hard him say "both", but said nothing. I couldn't have been asleep more than an hour, so I'm not that disturbed, but I'm sure it would do no good to enlighten him of this. He pulls out his wand,


I feel those happy feeling wash over me, but only for a second. I believe he did it just so he could release my chains without incident. He next said-

"Petrificus Totalus"

I felt my body freeze up.

"Locomotor Mudblood"

I hear Lucius say, before I feel myself being lifted in to the air.

"I noticed your attention when I said both. I wouldn't want you to run away with the idea that perhaps you will see one of your friends and you'll escape. No, Potter is going for another round. You will not cross his path or anyone else's." Lucius said from somewhere behind me, as I continued to float.

"Then again, maybe I'm lying to you. Maybe we have killed Potter, and you're two other friends. And now, it is simply your turn."

The thought had already crossed my mind. But I didn't linger on it. I just have to relax; he's trying to play mind games with you. He continued on.

"Or, perhaps, I am taking you to meet the Dark Lord himself. I should tell you now, you should act honored in his presence. Though, he will probably kill you, because your friends have escaped and left you here to be killed."

He has to do better than that. There's no way they would leave me. None. Absolutely not a chance. Don't listen Hermione.

"I know your probably thinking that I'm just trying to mislead you. I mean, if I were you I wouldn't believe me either. You're the brains of their operation, that's why we separated you in fact. If you were with them, you all probably would've escaped already. I'm sure you believe they are safe… well they're alive… well they're in no pain… actually I'm curious to know what you think. How could they survive without you?"

No wonder Draco's always been such a jerk. This type of talk would get anyone. Just not me. I'm sure they are fine… I think. I feel myself stop. I hear a door opening. It's dark. I am being placed on something, flat on my back. The lights turn on. I can't see much, but I can see I'm in a room with a bunch of machines. Most of which I've seen in books about Dark Magic. They were all used for torture, even death like that guillotine in the corner.

"Finite Incantatum" I hear Lucius say.

I'm loose. But instantly I feel chains shackle my ankles and wrists. I look around. I can see Draco in another corner behind me. He looks pale… paler than usual. He's not alone. His aunt Bellatrix is there. So are those twins, Amycus and Alecto. Senior's Crabbe and Goyle are there as well. Dolohov isn't.

"I see you've noticed that you are in great company. Many people came to see if Draco will have what it takes to torture someone as only a Death Eater can" Lucius said from in front of my feet.

I was too busy looking around to even notice that he came closer. I hear footsteps behind me again. I look to see Draco headed towards me. He still looks pale, and as he gets closer I can tell that his face is trying to maintain it's composure of not caring.

"Of course we will not be here long. We have our own "session" to attend to. We just will be here for the start. So Draco you may begin when ready. Give her just as much reason to hate mudbloods as you do, let her know what it means to be a death eater" Lucius said proudly as he clapped Draco on the back and retreated.

There were shouts of "here, here" and "make us proud". You'd think that they were merely at a children's soccer game as sweetly as some of them sounded. I wanted to tell them that they were sick. And that so help me God, I'd get them back for this. But I caught Draco's eye before I could open my mouth.

Everyone else was further back. They couldn't see what I saw in those eyes. Fear. Sadness. Anger. Hate. I looked at him and the thoughts of screaming at them, changed to thoughts of talking to him.