"What plan?" I asked.

"Hurry up then, once I give the signal, you will have less than a minute to get back to your room." Snape said as he left.

"What plan?" I repeated.

"I said I would come back for you when I had a plan. So here I am." Draco drawled.

"What is it?" I urged him.

"Amycus and Alecto are on guard duty right now. You remember where the room is I trust?" He asked.

"Turn left when you leave here, walk by three doors, and make a right then a quick left." I responded quickly.

"Er… right. When Snape comes back he'll give the signal, that Amycus and Alecto have taken the bait-" He started,

"What bait?" I asked.

"We don't have time-" He started.

"Make time! You're not going to send me out into the unknown without every single detail you can give me." I stated plainly.

"I offered Alecto some cupcakes with a sleeping draught in them. I took a page from out of your book. She didn't completely trust me though, so I had to offer her…" He stopped midway.

"Offer what? Doesn't she owe you anyways?" I asked.

"Yeah, I had to use that favor for something else. I had to bet her myself, in order for her to eat them. Her brother too. They'd do anything if the price is right" He said disgusted.

"I bet she loved that. But what will you do when she wakes up?" I asked.

"Jealous Granger? Don't worry, it's not any sleeping draught, Snape added something else to it so they won't remember anything for at least the last six hours. And seeing as they haven't been up more than four hours because they sleep so late, I should be in the clear." He said with a smirk.

"Brilliant, and don't flatter yourself, Malfoy." I commented.

"Anyways, when he gives the sign, you must get into the room as quickly as possible. The key is shaped like a snake, it opens the door. Don't come back out till you hear a knock on the door. That'll be Snape's sign that the coast is clear." He explained,

"Why do I have to wait?" I asked.

"Because they won't have expected anyone to have gone in the room. That reminds me; make sure you drop the keys back down before going in the room. Snape will make sure you get in the room. Once you're in he'll sound the alarm. Someone will come to see what's wrong. It should be Dolohov. Dolohov is on back up duty. But Dolohov is already doing me a favor. He's supposed to be taking Weasley to my private chambers, so he can do my punishment for me." He continued.

"Ron is the other person. And you're letting Dolohov take him?" I asked scared for Ron.

"He won't have the time. If everything goes right, Neville will already be off with Bellatrix in the same room you were in, and the alarm will go off forcing Dolohov to leave Ron in my chambers. I know Dolohov, he'll beg Snape to take his place so he can get back to Weasley. Snape will say ok, but tell him he has to take Amycus and Alecto to there rooms. When he leaves with them, Snape will knock on the door. And you should come out. Snape will be gone. He has to go to the cell where Harry is being held. He has to unlock the door, so you can rescue him." He continued.

"Wait what?" I asked, not understanding everything.

"Once you come out the room, he said to use the Point Me Spell. Make sure you leave the door cracked. From the trophy room it'll take you right to Harry's cell. Take Harry back towards the trophy room. And wait inside again. That's why it's important you leave the door open. You'll here another knock." He said quickly.

"Ok, and then what?" I asked.

"You remember the way from the trophy room to the room we were in?"

"Go straight past two doors and make two immediate rights" I stated.

"Right, well that's where Longbottom should be. From there you'll have your wands and your friends. You do the rest."

"You're forgetting Ron" I said instantly.

"Forgot what Snape said already? After you go I have to head to my chambers. It will not take long for Snape to sound the alarm, and Dolohov will have to go to the trophy room. When he leaves I'm going to grab Weasley, and take him with me. If this works like it should, Dolohov and Bellatrix should get any or most of the downfall. It'll be said that she must've left the cell door open when she came for Longbottom, and that Harry and Ron escaped." He said with a smirk.

"But what about the wands…" I stopped mid sentence.

"Caught on have you? Dolohov is the one who's supposed to be watching the room. The fact that he wasn't there will be his blame. It won't matter that he asked Snape to do it." He drawled.

"But how did Harry get in?" I asked.

"With these" He said as held up a ring of keys, "Alecto's, I told her I wanted to sneak into the kitchen later."

"Ok, So they're supposed to believe that Harry got unchained, and just happened to find the room, with our wands, find all of us, and set us free?" I asked skeptically.

"No. Potter's probably in no shape to do anything really, but you're forgetting that no one but Dolohov, you, myself and Snape know Weasley isn't in there. The story should follow that the: 'two' of them escaped, and found you. You saw the trophy room on your way back from your session with me. You said you saw Dolohov guarding it, and when you saw he keys on the floor you figured there might be something to help you in there. As luck would have it, you found your wands. No one will argue your luck, because we all know Potter is the luckiest person alive, he's always escaping things like this. After getting your wands, you tried to find Longbottom. You walked by the same room and heard Longbottom's voice screaming." He said explaining the story he and Snape must have concocted.

"And Voldermort is going to believe this? And what happens after we hear Neville screaming?" I ask anyways.

"Don't say his name Granger. And I told you the rest is up to you. If you think you and Weasley can beat Bellatrix, then go and get your friend. If not then the only way out is passed the front doors, where I'll be stationed. And I'll have to do what I have to do." He said getting quieter by the end of it.

"It'll be a miracle if this works." I said.

"Yeah, but the world you live in is filled with them. How else can you explain me helping you?" He asked.

Before I could answer Snape walked in.

"They have fallen, it's now or never. Ms Granger, good luck to you."

Snape said before he disappeared. Draco flicked his wand, and the chains fell. He opened my cell door. I followed him out of the room.

"Hurry Granger."

"Sorry, I haven't used my legs in a while you know"

I got to the top. He had already turned his way, I guess towards his room. I made my way as quickly as I could toward the trophy room. I didn't see Snape anywhere but I did see Amycus and Alecto sleep on the floor. I saw Amycus's keys on him. I found the snake shaped key. I took it and opened the door. I dropped the keys back down, and went inside.

The room had a bunch of stuff I've never seen before. I thought perhaps maybe a Horcrux might be in here, but thought I wouldn't know it if I saw it anyways. I looked around fro where our wands might be. There were boxes all over the place. Statues and figurines. Paintings. Books. Where are the wands? I knew there would be a problem in this plan. If I had my wand, I could summon it. Then again if I had my wand I wouldn't need to worry so much. I started looking around, when my sleeve caught on something. It was a statue. A statue holding a wand. I grabbed the wand.

"Accio wands" I said quickly.

A box flew from the top of one of the piles. It had a bunch of wands in there. Who knew Voldermort was such a pack rat? I recognized my wand instantly. I took it and said:

"Accio Ronald Weasley's wand"

The wands in the box shook and one rose up. Good.

"Accio Neville Longbottom's wand. Accio Harry Potter's wand."

The box shook again, and Neville's and Harry's wands floated up. Maybe Draco was right about miracles. I put the wand from the statue back in its place. I was about to put my face to the door to try and listen, but I heard the knock.

I opened the door, making sure to leave it cracked. And Amycus and Alecto were gone. And Snape was no where to be seen. I took my wand and said:

"Point Me"

My wand pointed me towards the left. I followed quickly past doors, down stairs, and just when I thought I was never going to make it back, I saw a door open. A cell door. I hurried to it.

"Harry" I shrieked.

No shape to do anything, hardly described Harry. He had bruises on his face, his neck, his arms, and that's just what I could see. He was up but seemed in another place.

"Harry, can you hear me?" I asked as I went to pick him up.

"Her- Hermione?" He said quietly.

"Don't talk. It's gonna be ok, Harry" I said lifting him up.

I started back out of the cell holding Harry as I went. This was no easy task as Harry was taller than me by at least a half a foot, weighed more than me, and not to mention I was holding 4 wands. I remembered the way I came. I was about half way back when I heard a buzzer go off. I instantly remembered Snape's alarm, and I tried to go faster.

"Harry I know you're terribly hurt, but if you could just try and help just a little bit, it would be very helpful." I said as I continued to struggle.

I had no idea if he heard me. Or if he even had the will power to help, but I guess he did. He started moving his feet more on his own than my dragging them. We reached back to the trophy room. The door was still cracked. I brought us inside and closed the door. I put Harry down gently. He looked bad, I lifted his shirt and saw more bruises. I tried 'Episkey' everywhere. I think it helped on some things but not others. I even said "Ferula", trying to rap his rib cage in a splint. Then I tried "Rennervate' even though he wasn't knocked out. He stirred.

"Thanks" he said. Though he winced as he said it, "That really does feel better"

"It's gonna be ok Harry, and then you'll get real help. Draco helped me escape. Snape's helping too. Draco's supposed to bring Ron, if the plan is working. Then were going to get Neville, and we're going to get out of here. And this'll just be another adventure we can look back on." I was rambling. I was trying to keep his attention.

"Hermione, I know it's gonna be ok. I'm not worried." He said before closing his eyes again.

"Harry" I said.

"I'm fine. Just tired." He said and closed his eyes again.

I was about to wake him again, when I heard the knock on the door. I opened it. It was Draco, with a thoroughly relieved Ron.

"Hermione. It really is you." He said as he hugged me.

I could see Draco over Ron's shoulder. He looked away uncomfortably.

"How's Harry?" Ron asked as he let go.

"He's been better" I say.

I see Draco look at Harry. I'm not sure if even he realized he looked that bad.

"You have to hurry" This place will be swarming with Death Eaters, maybe even the Dark Lord himself." Draco said quickly, and pulled his eyes off Harry.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Ron said as scooped down and lifted Harry to his feet.

He started pulling Harry through the doorway.

"We still have to find Neville, he's with Bellatrix somewhere" Ron said.

"I know where, we're going right now, just start to head straight." I told him.

He started forward with Harry.

"Er… Thanx... for this." Ron said quickly to Draco.

I noticed uncomfortable eye contact as Ron continued up the hall way.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"Couldn't tell you. See you around Granger, but hopefully not too soon, or I might have to hex you." Draco drawled turning away.

"Wait" I said grabbing his shoulder. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Miracles sometimes happen by luck, but most of the time, in our world, we put ourselves in position for it too happen. Just going with what you can, until you can do something better." I told him.

"Is that just for life Granger? Or are you talking about us?" He asked.

"Hermione hurry up" Ron yelled from somewhere up the hallway.

"He'll give you a way if he keeps yelling like that." He said.

"You know Ron. See you at the next meeting Draco" I said, deciding not answer his question.

"Yeah, see you at the next miracle Hermione. " He said and walked away.

"Thank Snape for me, for us." I added as he continued.

I ran to catch up to Ron and took Harry's other side making it easier and quicker for us to travel.

"What took so long?" Ron quizzed.

"I asked where to go after we get Neville, and thanked him for the help. I told him to thank Snape as well" I said quickly. Two out of three ain't bad.

"So where do we go?" Ron said as we rounded a corner.

"He told me the way out, but said it would be heavily guarded. He said we would be better trying to find a different way" I said quickly and quietly.

"Not that I don't appreciate the help with the escape, which I'm still a bit fuzzy on, but this is beginning to seem hopeless." Ron said.

"We've been in plenty of situations like this before. We'll be-" I stopped as I heard screaming. Remembering waht Draco said about Neville, but-

"Who is that, I hope it's not Neville." Ron said worried.

"No it sounds like a woman" I said as we got near the door, "this is the place. Alohamora"

The door blasted open. Neville had a wand in his hand and had Bellatrix Lestrange on the floor writhing in pain from a Crucio.

"Neville, what are you doing?" I screamed.

"Leave me alone Hermione, she deserves it, for what she did-" He couldn't finish.

"I know Neville" I said letting Harry lean on Ron, and running to stop by Neville's side "but if you do this you'll be as bad as her-" I said.

"I don't care" He said tears streaming down his face "I don't care"

I thought this was about his parents.

"Neville, doing it to her won't change what happened to your parents-" I said

With tears down his face, he gave me a look that said it wasn't about his parents.

"This isn't about my parents; it's about me, about what she just did to me" He said still holing the curse on her, as she screamed.

"But this isn't you Neville, you know it isn't, don't be like them, you're parents wouldn't want you too" I advised trying to get him to change his mind.

The whole time this conversation was going on, Bellatrix was screaming. Neville seemed to be fighting with himself. But he eventually lowered the wand. I took it and broke it in half. I hugged Neville as tears continued down his face.

"It's ok Neville, it's gonna be alright." I said with a comforting tone.

"You don't understand, she, she-" He tried but couldn't continue.

"It's ok whatever it is we'll fix it later, but right now we have to find a way out of here, I have your wand. We just need to find a way out." I said not knowing that was possible.

He seemed to agree though, because he grabbed his wand from my hand.

"Thanks, but how'd you get this, how'd you get free in fact?" He quizzed.

"Later Neville, we have to get out of here, and I don't know where to go" I said looking around as if a door would appear.

Neville went to grab his shirt, and a sudden feeling seem to sweep him. He started looking around. I was curious to what he was looking for. I was about to ask when he spoke:

"Hermione, quick, help me find where the breeze is coming from" He instructed.

"What breeze Neville?" I said looking around, as if I could see a breeze.

"Just help me look" He said desperately.

We started looking; he found it about two minutes later.

"Now what Neville?" I asked genuinely confused as to how this would help.

Neville gave me a look that clearly said, 'what they have done to you?'

"Blast a whole through the wall, that's what. Once we get far enough outside, we can disapparate." He said matter of factly.

"Brilliant, but it'll probably take at least three of us to get through that wall. Ron put Harry down and come help" I instructed.

Ron leaned Harry down and we took aim against the wall.

"1" Ron said

"2" I said

"3" Neville said.

"Reducto." We all screamed.

It made a loud sound but only seemed to shake it a bit.

"It's not enough, we need more power" I cried.

"Harry" Neville stated.

"Harry can barely stand, let alone cast-" Ron stated.

"Neville's right, he'll have to, Watch Bellatrix Ron" I said interrupting Ron.

Ron went and kept Bellatrix at Wand Point. Neville and I went and picked Harry up and brought him closer to the wall we were attempting to get through.

"Harry, you have to get up we need you" I pleaded.

"Yea, come on Harry, fight it" Neville added.

Harry stirred, but didn't seem to understand the seriousness of the situation.

"Harry get up, we need you to help us pull off the Reductor curse" I tried again.

Neville shook Harry to get his eye contact. When Harry did finally open them, Neville spoke to him:

"Listen, Harry, I know you're tired, and hurt, and you probably might even wanna die, but you can't, Harry you can't. I was feeling the same way a little while ago, but then I remembered how you fought, and kept on fighting. And now, when you can't seem to fight anymore, it's time for someone else to fight. And I did Harry, I did. But I need you to fight one more time, just one more, and I promise me, Ron, and Hermione will do the rest"

It worked. Harry attempted to stand on his own. I don't know what happened to Neville but it sure seemed to change him. Harry still needed our help a little, but he was trying. Neville and I stood on either side of him, just in case as he began to walk.

"Ron, just-" I started.


Ron shot stupefy at Bellatrix.

"Ron, what was that for?" I screamed.

"You scared me, so I shot. Oh well, no loss is it? Oh Harry you're walking again?" Ron replied.

"Barely" Harry whispered out.

It looked as if that word hurt him more than standing up. We got to the wall.

"Ready then?" Ron said

"Harry you ok?" I asked.

"Just do it" Harry struggled to say.

"Right, 1" I said.

"2" Ron said.

"3" Neville said.

"Reducto" we all said.

The spells hit the wall, shook it, and then burned a whole through it, before the rest wall gave way showing us daylight we hadn't seen in days.

"We did it, we-" Ron exclaimed excitedly.

"Harry" I shrieked

Harry had collapsed back to the ground. We picked him up, and started to go as fast we could go. We had almost made it to the gate we snuck in through to begin with when spells started flying at us. I stopped first.

"Keep going, I'll take care of them" I instructed.

"But Hermione-" Neville started.

"Go, you two are stronger than me, carry Harry to safety, I'll cover you" I said already leaving.

"Ok" I could hear Neville say faintly.

I turned around wand at the ready, and started firing:


That slowed a couple of them.


"Protego" I yelled, deflecting a spell back.

I ducked and dodged some more spells. I was trying to keep there attention on me, and not the boys. I shouted the trip jinx at two at them. They stumbled.


I jumped out of the way, to avoid that jet of red light.

As I stood I noticed I seemed to be trapped. The Death Eaters seemed to have noticed too. I looked towards where the boys should have gone and saw that the two Death Eaters I caught with the Trip Jinx were now heading towards there way.

"Very brave of you to try and fend us off, while your little friends escape. Bu it will be for naught. They will be caught" Lucius said.

"This time, it will be I who gets to have you for some fun. I bet you can't wait" Dolohov said.

"Just come along peacefully girl" Wormtail stated.

I grimaced. Not just because Wormtail was talking to me, or because Dolohov had just threatened me, but because it would be better to go along peacefully if it'll distract the rest of them from going after the guys. I started to lower my wand.

"So you are as smart as they say" Lucius said.

But then I saw him. Neville. He was running towards me. And taking Death Eaters down on the way. The Death Eaters noticed my staring and turned to look, as they did so, Neville's Stupefy caught Wormtail dead on, and he fell to the ground. Crabbe, Goyle and Dolohov immediately turned and started shooting hexes towards Neville. I saw Lucius getting ready to turn his attention back towards me

"Expelliarmus" I yelled.

His wand flew out of his hand, and he scrambled to the ground for it. The other three were about to attack:

"Imped-" Avery yelled.

"Protego" I shouted cutting him off.

He was blasted off his feet. The other two (one of which was Rodolphus) had to get out his way as came towards them. They both made for the same direction.

"Stupefy" I yelled.

They were both hit by it and knocked out. I turned to see Lucius just as he had located his wand.

"Petrificus Totalus" I said.

He had managed to grab his wand, but it wouldn't do him much good in full body bind. I started to breathe a sigh of relief but I saw Dolohov standing by Neville. I had every belief that he would cast that same spell he used on me on Neville. I ran forward and I pointed my wand at him; wordlessly casting the full body bind on him so he wouldn't block it as he heard the words. By the time his frozen body fell, I was right behind him. Neville seemed shocked to see me standing there. He took in the scene behind me, and looked impressed… I think.

"Wow, good job Hermione" He said.

Guess I was right.

"No time for that now, let's go before they get up, or more come." I said already making my way back towards the whole.

We ran back towards the hole. Ron was waiting.

"I was about to come help, but then I saw you were alright" Ron said looking relieved.

"Yeah were fine, let's go" I responded.

Ron went back through the hole. I went next, and then Neville followed. Ron had put Harry down behind some trees out of sight. He said just in case something happened, maybe they would just assume Harry left. They both picked Harry up and started moving quickly towards the outer edge of the forest, so we could apparate. As we moved, Neville started talking.

"Thanks for stopping Dolohov." He said.

"Don't worry about it, it felt good to be honest. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to stop him, if you hadn't helped me." I responded truthfully.

"Well, I didn't do that much-" Neville started.

"You know Neville, it's about time you start giving yourself some credit, you're a great wizard" I replied, cutting off hid negative talk.

"Not like you guys, you guys are-" He started again.

"Don't say were better than you, everyone has there own strengths." I reminded him.

"Yea, besides you just fought and struggled with us for the last three days didn't you? I expect that makes you pretty good, I know it's hard with people like me around" Ron said jokingly.

"Only Ron could make jokes during a situation like this. But he is right, you did well Neville, really. In fact I was actually about to go peacefully, hoping that ya'll would be able to get Harry to safety, then I figured I'd be ok, because of course you would come back with help. But when I realized you had come back, I sort of realized I have to keep fighting." I admitted.

"Survival of the fittest right?" He asked.

"Exactly." I said, glad he finally understood.

We were almost at the apparition point when it started to feel cold. I knew this feeling all to well.

"Dementors" I shrieked.

The others didn't seem to need my yell. As the Dementors had started to become quite visible.

"Expecto Patronum" I yelled out.

My otter patronus came flying out my wand trying to knock them down.

"I'll help this time, hold Harry Neville" Ron said, as he leaned Harry on Neville, "Expecto Patronum"

And Ron's Tiger went to help my Otter. It worked the Dementors started floating away.

"That was close" Ron said.

"But I think they did what they were supposed too, here come the Death Eaters." Neville remarked.

They picked Harry up and ran, we were almost there. And then we finally were.

"Ok, I'll apparate me and Harry" Ron said.

"I think I better do it" I said.

"Who cares, just-" Neville started.

A spell shot right over our head. We had to move to get out of the way of the pieces of bark that had exploded off the tree the spell hit. A huge piece of bark was flying right towards me, I tried to get out of the way, but…


The next thing I know I hear 'Rennervate' and Neville is holding me up by the head, with his wand pointed at me.

"What happened?" I asked, groggily.

"Death Eaters close, have to apparate, before-" Neville started.

"There they are, get 'em" I heard a Death Eater shout.

I came back to my senses. We needed to get out of here

"Oh my god, ok you do Harry and I'll do Ron?" I instructed quickly.

"Ok, got it" Neville replied.

We both stood and lifted up our apparatee's. I started to apparate, but not before I thought I saw Bellatrix grab Neville. I hoped furiously that I was seeing things. But as I apparated into just outside Hogsmeade where we left from, Neville didn't appear. I placed Ron down by a tree, as he had done Harry. I waited and listened for any sound that would say, Neville had safely apparated. But after another few seconds of nothing, I knew he had been caught. I gave Ron one last look, he looked like he would be ok.

I disapparated back to the woods, wand at the ready in case they were still there. They had moved on some. I could see Neville holding Harry while at wand point by a few Death Eaters, Bellatrix included. I could hear them talking.

"Well, you might redeem yourself some Bellatrix, you got the most important one back at least." Dolohov said.

"Whatever Anton, we all did terribly, we'll all have dearly to pay" Bellatrix replied.

"But they escaped from where you were, it will most certainly-" Dolohov started.

"Enough, let's just get them back to the castle" Avery said.

They started to move. I couldn't let them get out disapparation range. So I started forward.

"Petrificus Totalus" I yelled.

The rest of them started turning to turn around.

"Stupefy, Reducto, Stupefy" I started yelling spells rapidly, most of them were caught off guard and probably won't even remember what hit them.

Bellatrix had tried to cast a spell at me, but Neville yelled:

"Petrificus Totalus"

She went rigid as a board. Neville had his wand hidden under Harry. No time for praise, I ran at Neville and grabbed a hold of him and Harry and disapparated us out of there.


When we got back to school, everyone was just happy we were alright. The first night in the hospital wing, Harry cast 'Muffliato' so we could talk without Madame Pomfrey hearing. None of us wanted to tell what happened. So we agreed we wouldn't. But to say we were in trouble would be an understatement. They wanted to ban us from everything, and have us all escorted from now till school finished… everywhere! Then Lupin came up with a deal, we tell what happened, and they don't give us 24 hour babysitters. I had no problem telling mines first. Anything to keep my freedom… and my good name. They seemed awed when I told m story; they couldn't believe how I escaped with the help of Draco (Malfoy when I was telling the story).

A couple days later Ron went. I think he was holding something back as well. Neville believed him. I don't know about Harry. I think he was holding something back. One day we'll have a talk about what really happened.

About a week after Ron, Neville went. He had been refusing to talk about it. He kept saying 'I never want to think about it again.' I think the only reason he told is because Harry was having terrible nightmares. I think they had a talk about it, I'm not sure. But I fully believe that's what changed Neville's mind.

The next day Harry told his story. I asked him what made him change his mind, he said "If Neville could tell his, then so can I." So he did.

I don't know how anybody else is feeling… that's a lie. I know Neville happily told me he felt he was one of the 'fittest' now. As for me… I did what I had to, I adapted, and that makes me a survivor.


A/N: So that's Hermione escaped. If you haven't read Neville's POV, go check it out. It's only two chapters. I guess that leaves Ron and Harry, doesn't it? One of my friends said I should make one from Draco's POV. She said "he's technically a good guy right? So he should have one." I'm not sure. I figure between Hermione and Ron's stories, you'd have Draco's. Really.

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