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Her mother had always wanted the best for her. A true reincarnation of Gaia. She worked hard, and her daughter always appreciated it. But then the unthinkable happened. After she was shot by an angry stranger, she daughter wet to live with her sister Anko in Konoha. But can anyone really get her out of this fake shell she's created for herself?

n. Greek Mythology
The goddess of the earth, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes


My mother had always wanted us to be happy. Me, my sister; she wanted a beautifully blessed life full of love and happiness for us. "Just you see," she would say. "Your life'll be as wonderful as a fairytale!" Anko always said it was because she didn't want us to turn out like 'tousan, old and angry, dying a lonely death. Without my father she had had to work hard, but she never complained. She worked and worked, and she became strong. My friends would always say they felt safe when their dad's were home, for me it was my mother. Her work didn't end after the day was done however. She pushed and pushed for us to get a better education, a better house, respect. Respect was a big one on her list. She thought us to hold our heads high, even when we were down. Anko managed to go to college and got a degree to teach; and so she moved to Konoha, leaving me and Okaasan in Mizhu. But my mom never stopped working, never stopped pushing. She wanted the same for me as Anko had gotten. Day in, day out, she worked to get me what Anko had gotten, but eventually she pushed someone too hard and then she found out.

People sometimes push back.

It was a cold Saturday in February, and it had started snowing already. 'Kaasan had decided to stay home that day; she hated driving in the snow. "Too much ice hidden under the snow," she had said. If only she had gone to work instead. I was watching the fire in the small fireplace in our apartment, enjoying the warmth and energy as the flames leapt up from the log when a knock came at the door. She had gotten up, figuring she needed to get more hot chocolate anyway, and walked to the door. The moment she opened the door time started to slow down and I started to turn around before the shot even sounded, only to watch the blood splatter across the floor behind her, and then her limp form crumple to the floor. Footsteps were already sounding down the hallway towards the stairs as I rushed over to her body, trying to see if I could help, could save her. I had to be able to do something. My mother was strong she couldn't be dead. She couldn't be.

She was.

I went over to the phone and dialed in the number shakily, my clothes stained with blood. Her blood. Then I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I couldn't stay there. The image of her body haunted my mind as I ran, stumbling over occasional rifts in the snow. I fell over a few times, but I didn't care. I kept running and running and running, until finally I found myself in front of an apartment building in Konoha. How had I run all the way to Konoha? The city was at least 5 miles from Mizhu; it should have taken me at least half an hour. More importantly, whose house had I run to? I stumbled over to the buzzer and pressed it. A happy sounding voice answered, "Konoha Height Apartments, who are you here for?"

I held down the button as I responded. "I… I'm not quite sure…" I could hear myself sounding so unsure, but I tried not to think about it. The girl made an impatient sound.

"How could you not know who you're here for? There are over 100 people living in this building! It's not like I can just read off all the- oh, good afternoon to you too Miss Mitarashi. As I was saying-"

I pushed down the button again. "Mitarashi Anko. I'm here for Mitarashi Anko!" Within a millisecond my sister's form was rushing through the doors, taking me into a warm and scared embrace.

"Katsumi-imoutochan! Why're you here?! Where's Okaa- kami... why're you covered in blood?!" She let me out of the hug only momentarily, moving so that she had an arm around my shoulder, her jacket on my shoulders now, as she led me into the building and up to her apartment. It was much how I would have expected it to be like. Old sports magazines littered the floors and dirty dishes were piled in the sink. I would have laughed if I hadn't been so traumatized. She sat me down in an oversized arm chair that I sank into as she put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. "What happened, Katsumi-imoutochan…?" The look in my sister's almond eyes scared me. She was afraid; Anko was never afraid. But I couldn't say anything. I tried again and again, but no words escaped my throat. I wanted so much just to cry, to crumble into my sister's loving arms and just sob, but my body wouldn't allow me to.

After a few minutes the phone ran and she reluctantly stopped her hysterical shaking of my shoulders to pick it up, keeping her voice steady with incredible effort. It was the police in Mizhu, they had arrived at the scene and were looking for me. They wanted me in for questioning, but assured her it was just for protocol. She asked what had happened and why they needed to speak to me, and her voice started to crack. When they responded her entire body fell; my mother had been murdered. I could hear her choke on the words as she said that I was with her and that she'd bring me to the police station in Iwa, before hanging up. I knew she wanted to cry, just like I did. We both just wanted to sit there and sob together like small children, but she got herself up, composing herself as she walked over. "You didn't do anything did you?" I shook my head. I hadn't done anything. It was the stranger. I had heard him knock. I had heard him walk down the hall for his getaway. I had smelt the smoke from his gun when I had hugged my dead mother.

She nodded to show she believed me. We were all we had now; me and her. She helped me out of the chair, giving me one of her heavy sports jackets to wear outside since it was still snowing, and we walked down to the street, getting into her old pickup truck. The drive to Mizhu was less then 10 minutes, but my mind was still blurry and everything felt like I was in a dream. The police led me into a room by myself, much to my sister's protests, and started asking me questions. What did I remember happening? Did I see the man? Things like that, over and over. They were redundant, asking me the same question several times repeatedly, as though I would change my answer drastically. After they were done they asked if I could change into a set of clothes they had sent my sister to go get, and they put the blood-soaked clothes in a baggie. Then they let me go back to my sister and we drove back to her apartment. During the ride I caught a glimpse of her next to me in the truck, and she looked so old, so very old. I felt guilty that my sister now looked so much older then she really was.

Why did this happen?

When we got out of the truck she grabbed the large duffel bag she had packed for me while I was being interrogated and walked through the doors. I started to follow her but I nearly fell over as someone knocked into me. I looked over at them immediately with fear, my nerves already tightly wound from the incident.

"Watch where you're-" the person started but stopped mid sentence as his eyes met mine. It felt like a lifetime before he opened his mouth again, this time much softer. "A… are you okay?" He pouted a bit, looking to the side and crossing his arms over his chest. I normally would have laughed, or at least smiled, at his defensiveness, but not today. I nodded my head slowly and looked down. I could see my hands were shaking. His tough-guy act faltered a moment as he noticed my trembling, his hand reaching out to touch my arm. "No seriously…"

I immediately pulled my arm away, stepping back a few steps as an instinct. I felt like an injured animal in a cage, but I subconsciously regretted it as I saw a hurt look cross his face. "See you around then I guess." He jammed his hands in his pockets irritably and walked away. I just stood there and watched until his vibrant red hair disappeared down a side-street. My emotions were running haywire in my mind, so I figured the dropping feeling in my stomach was just from the trauma, and finally followed my sister up to her apartment.

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