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Her mother had always wanted the best for her. A true reincarnation of Gaia. She worked hard, and her daughter always appreciated it. But then the unthinkable happened. After she was shot by an angry stranger, she daughter wet to live with her sister Anko in Konoha. But can anyone really get her out of this fake shell she's created for herself?

Love n.
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend
3. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart


I'd fallen out of my chair when Tay had called and told me. Gaara, my brother, had shown affection towards the new girl! Even better yet; it was in the form of a hug! I thought I was going to die! I ran into Temari's room and pulled her up from the chair she was sitting in, dancing around with my confused sister. "What the hell are you on Kankuro?!" I grinned as widely as my Kabuki would allow.

"Gaara hugged the new girl!"

She nearly fell over. "K-Katsumi?!"

"Yep! Tayuya just called and told me!" I was giddy as when dad had gotten Temari her brand new car. Gaara had finally opened up! It was a huge relief after… the incident. I still had nightmares about that day, but now it could never happen again! Gaara cared about someone other then himself; loved somebody. He wouldn't be careless anymore! He wouldn't forget to take his pills! He wouldn't cut himself anymore! Finally something went right!

"Temari do you know what this means?!"

"Kankuro… this could be a problem." Her serious tone worried me; she always thought of things before I did. "Depending on how attached he gets-"

"This could set him over the edge if he gets hurt." My voice was grim as I finished her sentence for her and my stomach dropped. Shit I hadn't thought of that! Gaara had a bad tendency to put everything into things that were special to him. Relationships died for stupid reasons all the time; what was going to happen when this one died? I now dreaded him becoming too attached to Katsumi, but he had already taken the fall; he had hugged her. Gaara didn't speak and Gaara didn't touch, those were his rules for nearly every human being; the only exception being Naruto, but he had hugged this girl he had barely known for a week. It was more then odd. He was more then attached at this point, now all we could do was try and prevent her from hurting him. This was going to be hard…

Temari frowned as she heard the door open and then slam shut; Gaara. We both looked out the window to notice it was pouring. How long had he been out there?! We rushed down to the entranceway where our younger brother was peeling off as many soaked-through layers as possible. He was visibly shivering. "Gaara! You're soaked through!" Temari ran over to him, but he stopped her before she touched him.

"Don't touch me. I'm fine." He walked past both of us, going up the stairs to his room, presumably to change. He came back down a moment later in a t-shirt and jeans. "Dad on a trip?" Temari nodded. "Good." He walked pass us again into the living room.

"N… nani?! What happened Gaara?!" Temari followed him into the living room, and I followed her. He plopped down on the couch and looked at us questioningly. "Tayuya-"

He snarled. "Damn her!" He looked like he was thinking for a moment before looking back up at us dangerously. "Do not mention what Tayuya told you… ever. And don't try to set me up with Katsumi." We looked at each other before looking at him innocently. "Seriously. Don't." He was in a bad mood, but it seemed different then normal; more content. Still, it was best not to test him. We nodded again, deciding if we were going to not to let him know, and slinking off while we had our heads.


The next day the rain had only gotten worse and was switching between snow and rain, much to our disappointment. The three of us sat in the living room since, for the most part, our heat was out, but in the living room it was warm because of the fireplace. Apparently luck wasn't on our side, we decided, as the power went out. The lines had probably frozen, but Gaara was pissed. He didn't do well in the cold, or in the wet… or in the dark. Basically this was hell, and we were stuck with him. After about an hour of sitting in the dark with Gaara brooding, we decided to go annoy Anko-sensei with his brooding. Unfortunately though, she wasn't home, and neither was her –crazy- sister. We were just about to leave when we run into Tenten, literally.

"Hey watch- oh hey guys!" as usual, her angry look turned into a smile, but it didn't stay for long. "Can't talk, Katsumi's gone missing!" I thought Tenten's head would fall off as Gaara grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.

"What?! Where- where is she?" He had tried to calm himself down, but we had already seen the emotion. Who was this weird kid and what had he done with my apathetic, homicidal, little, emo brother?

"We don't know! She seemed to be fine! We were just talking and she cut her hand on something, started freaking out and ran out!" Tenten's words came out quickly to hasten Gaara's releasing off her shoulders, which happened soon after. I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down, but he quickly shrugged it off like he normally did.

"Where's Anko-sensei?"

"Searching their old town."

"She won't be there… where's Tayuya?"

"She's searching the routes and any quiet place in between here and the school…"

"I'll check the school."

"But it's-"

"Like I said, I'll check the school." And with that he ran out of the building and off in the direction of the school. This made me worry. Then again, everything Gaara does makes me worry, but this… something was off. I didn't like this one bit, but there was nothing I could do; nothing I could say. I was helpless to stop him, so I turned to Tenten and asked how I could help. Temari, Tenten and I started searching the rest of the town incase Katsumi had met someone we didn't know about in the school… but I knew Gaara would be the one to find her.


I don't know why it had set me off, but the moment I saw that small drop of blood slide from my finger I was overcome with warped memories from that night. My entire world just twisted with illusions of that night. I felt someone try to grab my hand, to check how much I was bleeding, but no sooner had their fingers gotten close enough to raise the hair on the back of my hand I pulled away quickly. I started to panic, seeing everyone around me as that bastard who had murdered my mother. The room started to spin and I looked down at my hand seeing way more blood then there probably was. Bolting out, I knew I had lost it, but I was more scared of that room then what was wrong with me at that moment.

After running for about a mile I stopped for a bit, resting and noticing it was pouring. I didn't mind the rain, but it was windy and cold, and lightning and thunder were threatening. I was already soaked through. How far had I really run? I looked around me to see if I knew where I was, and felt surprised to know I did. I was stood in front of the school building, locked up for the weekend of course, but suddenly I wanted nothing more then to get into that school. I managed to find a door that hadn't been locked properly by the custodians after the Friday-night cleanup, and slipped into the vacant halls. It was quiet and brought a comforting solitude and stillness. I wandered around for a few minutes before deciding to go into the Auditorium, sitting down in one of the chairs after turning one of the lights on. It's odd how a lot of lights are always left on in the school even when it's closed.

I curled up in the old, green-apolstered seat, my body shivering from being cold and wet; I had left my jacket at home. Suddenly, I felt more alone then I had ever felt before, but I never cried; I just curled up into my little ball of misery and stared at the ancient, wooden stage. My blood was forgotten, even though my finger was still bleeding slightly, and my mind started to break, leaving my body to try and catch it. Everything seemed fuzzy… so fuzzy…. I just wanted to sleep. My eyelids felt heavy as they closed, but I was soon pulled out of my sleep, or would it be daze, by a hand on my shoulder. The grip was firm, yet soft, but it still caused me to pull away immediately, my eyes shooting open fearfully. The green eyes that met mine weren't blurred for a second, and I knew they weren't another illusion. "Gaara…" I could just barely hear my own voice, as usual, but it seemed to break him from his own daze of staring into my eyes. He immediately took off his black sweatshirt and put it around my shoulders, sitting down in the seat next to me and pushing up the broken armrest so I could uncurl a bit. Surprisingly, my body never once objected; not as he gently guided my head to rest in his lap, or when he started to gently, and almost protectively, pet my hair.

I could feel his clothes were a bit damp as well, although not as bad as mine, he had also been out in the rain for a while. Had he been looking for me? I looked up at him slowly, not moving so much to disrupt his actions, and saw how much he had been worried about me. Why? I didn't understand my own emotions; I certainly didn't understand his, but it seemed that I liked what he was doing. I liked feeling his warmth, and his gentle touch against my hair and skin. I may not have known why, but I didn't care about that anymore. I felt my thin fingers clutch his jeans, as though to prevent him from suddenly disappearing; I knew that couldn't happen, or maybe, in fact, it could. I closed my eyes to try and block out all the pain and memory; all the things I never wanted to feel because of him. I couldn't let anyone get so close again; I'd lose them again. But I found out I couldn't help it; we were close to each other, and that wasn't going to change. He never spoke; never pried, and I was grateful.

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