Foster Family


After his whole family was killed (Itachi's not the killer he also died here), Sasuke was asked to live with his foster father. At his NEW home, he meets his foster sister, Sakura, who was also adopted by Kakashi.


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Foster family

Uchiha Sasuke stared at his parent's now covered grave. Even though he was known to feel very little emotions, he still couldn't help to stop his tears from shedding.

His parents were assassinated by a few people whom he expect, were after the fortune that their family held.

He was with his brother, when his brother. He could remember so well. That day when the two were just talking and walking down the street.

A man suddenly appeared and pulled out a gun and aimed it them.

When the man pushed the trigger that was supposed to have killed Sasuke, Itachi shield him, causing the bullet to hit him instead of Sasuke.

Itachi told him to go to the police center and escape while he'll stall the man.

"Go on, Sasuke. Go to the police, I'll meet you there in a few minutes. I promise" those were the last words he heard his brother say.

Sasuke hesitated to go but eventually obeyed.

"Liar" Sasuke now said as he looked at his brother's tomb stone.

"Liar" he said again. "You said that you'd meet me and you didn't, you're such a jerk sometimes, you know that nii-san?" he said as he let tears fall onto his pale cheeks.

He jut stood there and looked at their tombstones. He can't believe that they were dead.

His whole family, dead.

He knew that this day was going to come once but he didn't know that it came a week ago.

He never felt so alone before.

So lonely.

He looked at his parent's tombstones and can't help but think about the argument he had with his mother just a few days before she died. He never did say sorry to her about it.

He looked at his parent's tombstones and couldn't help to think back on how much he disappointed his father because of the different achievements that he wanted him to have.

He looked at his brother's tombstone and couldn't help but think that if maybe, maybe he didn't leave him all alone with that thug to deal with, then maybe, just maybe he would've been alive and would've been there to comfort him on his suffering now.

But he also couldn't help but think that maybe if he did stay with his brother, then maybe he too would've died.

He thought about all the things and memories he had with his family. Both good and bad memories.

"I'm sorry everyone, I'm so sorry"

He didn't have anyone left.

They were his only living relatives.

He had no where to go to.

He had no where else to stay. After his parents were killed, his house was burned down by the same thugs that attacked his family.

He couldn't care less about the house though…

Nothing in there meant anything to him now…

The world meant nothing to him now…

He didn't care if he would ever find a home now because to him, the only home he ever had was with the people who are noy laying on the ground, 6 feet below the ground that is…

He wished he would just die.

He wished that someone would go and kill him right then and there.

He wished to see his family.

He wished for revenge.

Revenge for the death of his family, whatever might happen, he wanted those thugs to be put to jail and punished

He wished for justice to be placed on his parent's death.

He wished for nothing more and nothing less.

He thought he didn't have a home to go back to.

That is…..

After he read his parent's will and found out that he was going to stay with this man called, Hatake Kakashi.

He didn't know who this Kakashi guy was or wether he will be good to him or not.

The loneliness he's feeling now or the emptiness in his heart….

It…. It can not be ceased for a long time….

He just stood in there, looking at his family's grave for hours.

(A/N: why? Kakashi's late of course)

He stood their and looked at teir graves. Every minute passing was like a day of sorrow for him in his heart.

He just stood there.

On a trance.

Without a care for the world.

But suddenly, a man appeared behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around to find a man with silver white hair and a mask on the lower part of his face standing next to him.

"Hello, my nae is Hatake Kakashi and you I believe is Sasuke" the silver white haired man said as he offered his hand on him.

"Sasuke" was all Sasuke said as he took the man's hand and shook it.

"Come on let's go to my house, I already got your things in my car for you."

"Oh, okay"

"Come on now, I'll introduce you to Sakura later on when we get home." Kakashi said as he turned around and headed towards the parking lot.

"Sakura?" Sasuke asked, following his now new foster father.

"Yeah, she's my foster daughter, you could say that she's going to be your sister from now on, well kinda"Kakashi explained.

Sasuke simply gave a nod of understanding and opened the door to the back seat of Kakashi's car.

"I hope you won't mind me driving fast, Sakura's expecting me to be there in 20 minutes 'cause I promised her that I'll take her out on a family dinner or something. I still haven't told her about you yet. Just pray that she won't give a hell of an outburst when I introduce you two"


'So he's a silent one is he? No need to worry, I'm sure he'll open up soon' Kakashi thought.

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