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CaKe InCiDeNtS hApPeN



Pink-haired elder Haruno sat quietly in the large kitchen as timidly used a silver fork to poke and play around on the delicious chocolate-caramel cake that her sister made about a day ago… it's amazing really, it's both delicious, scrumptious, and not to mention, not poisoned.

The older, remaining Haruno had to admit that she was going against her weekly diet, but what the heck? Eating the last piece of cake and leaving none to the great Uchiha. Yep, nothing oughtta do anything to raise bloody hell in the large mansion. (A/N: okay I know this is shit, but bear with me please TT-TT)




A few minutes past and Sakura was eating the last bit of cake when raven-haired Uchiha entered and went to the friedge, looking for a certain slice of chocolate. Chuckling to herself, Sakura eyed him with interest, when…

"Gimme that cake"

Sakura's emerald eyes darted from the annoyed Uchiha and to the luscious chocolate on her plate.


At this, Sasuke growled and attempted to reach for it. According to her reflexes, Sakura immediately moved the plate so that the Uchiha's pale hand reached the air where the was.

"Hn. Annoting. Give. Me. That. Cake." He growled per syllable.


At this, Sakura stood up and started to run away from him. "Look Uchiha, if you want it then go get it" she said playfully as she stuck her tongue out at him while she gave him a mischievous wink.

"Bitch" the Uchiha mumbled quietly, only for him to hear, unfortunately, it went out heard by the standing Haruno who then quirked an eyebrow as a vein popped out on the side of her temple. "What the fuck did you say?!"

"Nothing" Sasuke replied as he lunged unexpectedly at her.

Sakura squealed and made a run for it while, missing Sasuke's arm for about an inch or two. "Dammit Uchiha!" she screamed at him as she made a quick move towards the nearby stairs, unfortunately for her, Sasuke caught her by the ankle, gravity forcing her to fall backwards onto about the fifth or sixth step of the stairs… with Sasuke on top of her.

"Dammit, just give me the cake Haruno."

"No" Sakura pouted "You've already had a slice yesterday."

"yeah, but I haven't had a slice today, now hand it over pinky" Sasuke growled as he further pinned his so-called sister deeper onto the stairs, squishing her small form.

"Ow, fuck you're hurting me!" she nearly screamed as an evil idea suddenly appeared on her head "You want the cake?! Now you can't have it!" she exclaimed as she got the plate, half full with the choco-caramel cake and dumped it onto her own face. "Cha! Try getting that now!" she screamed up at him as she tried to push him away from her.

As she tried to stand up a bit, Uchiha Sasuke pushed her towards the stairs again 'what an Uchiha wants, an Uchiha gets'

"What. The. Fuck.?!" Sakura growled as she tried to push him off of her when the Uchiha suddenly plucked his lips up at her own plump ones, silencing her. At this, Sakura's vivid green emerald eyes widened with surprise as her inner-self ran around screaming its exploding inner head off.

Giving in on the assault, the pink-haired teen wrapped her arms around his neck. Sasuke then nibbled her bottom lips as he asked for entrance by which he was freely given with as their tongues battled each other for dominace… as said 'what an Uchiha wants, an Uchiha gets'

A few minutes of this, they pulled apart, Sakura having a small blush on her face as she saw Sasuke give her a rather large smirk while wiping some pieces of the cake stuck to his own handsome cake and licking it clean from his finger before saying:

"Hn. I told you I'd get the cake, no matter what"

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