Title: Watanuki's Seven Day Trial
Author: spurnd
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Watanuki loses a bet to Doumeki and ends up having to concede to his every whim for seven days. Doesn't help that Doumeki's whims are sexual and Watanuki is putty in the archer's hands.
Word Count: 3500
Notes: Characters are owned by Clamp. I'm new to the fandom so comments would be lovely to help me improve. No spoilers here as it's basically just my excuse to write multichaptered pr0n. Also, they're an established couple in this one. For dessrata who is all sorts of awesome.


It was times like these, Watanuki reflected briefly, that he hated Doumeki with renewed passion.

He didn't know how it happened exactly. They were standing on the other side of the street, huddled under a department-store-brought umbrella and waiting for their turn to cross the street, when Doumeki said with calm surety, "The rain will have stopped by the time we make it back."

Watanuki held out his hand then, to cup the drizzling lines of the rain with his fingertips and palm. The skies were smeared with dapples of grey. The sidewalks were slick and water pooled into cracks in the pavement. He remembered vaguely what the weather forecast was that morning, and so had every reason to believe the rain wouldn't be letting up for awhile. He retracted his hand, let it slide back into his pocket, curled and damp. "Nah, I bet it'd be raining until tomorrow morning maybe, or all night depending on our luck." He thought about the clothes he'd left to dry and frowned. Beside him, Doumeki kept walking.

"I think it will have stopped by the time we get back."

Watanuki raised an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

Doumeki said nothing for several moments and continued walking. Watanuki, annoyed, crossed his arms and huffed. "Well, I think that's just the dumbest prediction I've ever heard! It's obviously going to be raining for awhile! Didn't you listen to the weather reports? And look at the sky! There are rain clouds!" He gestured lamely to support his statement but Doumeki just made a sound that sounded suspiciously like a "Hn." under his breath.

Watanuki gritted his teeth. "Well," And here he placed both hands on his hips and stopped walking. Lines of rain caught in his hair and eyelids and he cracked one eye open to find Doumeki already several paces ahead of him. He jogged towards the other boy and glared fiercely - or at least what he thought was fiercely anyway because with Doumeki it wasn't like it had any effect at all- and nearly gurgled when Doumeki, patted him on the head and said, face blank, "Cute." Another pat and Watanuki's face was set aflame. His fists clenched on either side of him and as they continued walking under the falling October rain, Watanuki did actually gurgle.

Doumeki was mocking him! He was mocking him! The nerve of that egotistical idiot! Why Watanuki ought to punch his face in or threaten him with no sex or, or. Watanuki fumed inwardly. Surprisingly enough, he had nothing intelligent to say afterwards except, "Not cute." And he had a point, too. Glaring fiercely was supposed to provoke fear, not, well appreciation!

Sometimes Watanuki wished he carried around a rolled up newspaper to hit Doumeki with whenever he said uncharacteristically bland things like "Cute" or "Sexy" or "I want to have sex" when they were out on the streets like this. Honestly, that boy had no shred of decency these days.

"You're pouting."

Watanuki glanced up. "Eh?"

"You're pouting." Watanuki could just feel the veiled amusement in those words.

"I'm not pouting." He pouted.


Doumeki just stared ahead. Watanuki felt the need to get his point across. "I am not pouting." But Doumeki was either deaf or refused to listen. Probably both. "And anyway," He glanced ruefully at the skies, glad for once, to be standing next to Doumeki's solid warmth under the umbrella. Their arms brushed every now and then and Watanuki would never admit it out loud but the proximity comforted him in a way. He sighed, eyeing the skies critically. "It looks like it's going to rain for awhile."

Doumeki shrugged, but the movement of his shoulders was barely perceptible. He gave the skies a brief glance. "It's going to stop soon."

"How do you know?"

"I know."

Watanuki felt a vein snapping. "Right, well. If it rains until tonight then I'm not making you lunch for a week!"

"It's not going to rain tonight."

"Presumptuous bastard." Watanuki snorted, crossed his arms again. "Hmph!"

Doumeki just ignored him and walked on. Puddles splashed under their shoes. After several moments, Watanuki cracked an eye open. "Care to wager on that?"

Doumeki glanced at him briefly and shrugged. Watanuki took this as acquiescence and continued. "If it rains tonight then no outrageous out of season meals for you for a week."

"And if it doesn't?"

Watanuki swallowed. "I'll make you outrageous out of season meals for a week?"

Doumeki paused for a contemplative moment and Watanuki could almost swear he saw the gears in Doumeki's head turning. "No,"



"What then?"

And here Doumeki lowered the umbrella, one hand curved to cup the rain that was supposed to fall over the both of them. Watanuki looked up when Doumeki's hand remained dry. Dapples of grey smeared the horizon but no rain fell. Doumeki folded the umbrella back and held it to his side. "Sex for a week." He said point-blank as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. It took Watanuki awhile before the full weight of his words sank in.


Doumeki held up his hands over his ears as the other boy flailed about, cheeks flushing an attractive shade of red. "YOU, YOU- PERVERT!" Watanuki accused. "YOU- GAH! THERE'S NO OTHER WORD FOR YOU BUT. BUT -"

"Are you saying you don't want to have sex with me?"

Watanuki flushed deeper. "No, it's just. I. Um."

"Then shut up."




"I didn't say that. You did." Doumeki pointed out and Watanuki realized the other boy was right. He flushed even deeper, ears pink in indignation. "But, but," he spluttered lamely, his face redder than he'd ever remembered it being. "That's unfair! I am not going to be your sex slave for a week just because of some stupid bet I lost!"

"The bet was your idea." Doumeki said, in that annoyingly matter-of-fact way of his.

"It's, well, it's utterly perverted!" Watanuki said finally, at a loss and spitting out the last word in mortification. "I absolutely refuse to give in to your whims! I should have a say in this too, you know! And I stomp my foot at having my body mauled or manhandled or violated or all three, by you! " Watanuki did in fact, stomp his foot to emphasize his point, proud as he was to be making such a statement. However, the pavements were slick and he miscalculated his movements. He would have skidded and made a face-first collision with the ground had it not been for the arms that looped around his waist and hoisted him up.

Watanuki blinked. And flushed again as Doumeki pulled him up to stand on two legs. He felt a hand at the small of his back, the presence of it comforting and intimate, though above all embarrassing, and his very own, much to Watanuki's dismay and further embarrassment was curled into the neat folds of Doumeki's uniform, the other resting tentatively on Doumeki's forearm. Times like this, Watanuki felt emasculated. It didn't help that Doumeki was looking at him like he wanted to eat him alive, and Watanuki feared it was the different kind of eating that Doumeki was intending to do, the kind that meant knees spread wide and lots of lips and tongue and being reduced to incoherent syllables.

"What?" Watanuki asked, looking away. The streets, he found, were thankfully empty, much to his relief. Doumeki shrugged in response, the movement tiny, and without preamble grasped one side of Watanuki's face and tilted his face up to kiss him.

Watanuki's eyes widened visibly, shoulders tense for a moment before Doumeki deepened the kiss and the hand on his back drifted along his hips. His eyes drifted shut of their own accord. He was a bit apprehensive about kissing in such a public place, (the streets, kami-sama! they were making out on the streets!) even when there was nobody around, but the wet heat of Doumeki's tongue in his mouth made him forget his doubts.

His arms circled Doumeki's neck, pulling him close and the hands that grasped his hips pulled him even closer, a solid knee sliding between his legs and Watanuki whimpered into Doumeki's mouth as his own hands clenched into the other boy's wide back.

He was whimpering, a quasi-conscious part of his brain that hadn't been turned into putty supplied, and the thrill that shot up his spine when Doumeki's mouth moved to assault his neck was rather appalling. He realized he was making all sorts of strangled noises as Doumeki worried the skin of his neck between his teeth, one hand slipping inside his shirt to caress the cool, smooth skin underneath.

Watanuki felt Doumeki's lips curl into a tiny smirk against his neck but he gave it no mind, more focused on the delicious heat pooling between his legs, thick and swelling and oh god, he whimpered again didn't he? The hand under his shirt slid higher to stroke his stomach, careful and slow.

Watanuki gritted his teeth. "Dou.. me…ki." And he knew he was flushing and desperate like a wanton whore (okay, scratch that last comparison, Watanuki was not whore-like in any way!) but it was hard to care when Doumeki was nipping the skin below his ear, tongue hot, wet and all sorts of wonderful.

Watanuki's knees trembled as Doumeki bit down. There was pain there and fleeting pleasure, and Watanuki panted harshly when Doumeki finally, finally pulled away to peer into his face.

The archer looked barely frazzled, his breathing steady though his face did seem a bit red from exertion. Watanuki noticed there was an amiable distance between them now, a foot at least, and the arms around him were loosened noticeably. He was the only one grasping Doumeki now, the material of his shirt bunched up in Watanuki's fist, and upon realizing this, Watanuki could only blink. And blink some more.

Doumeki's larger hand cupped the one caught in his shirt and Watanuki's fingers slipped effortlessly as their hands twined for a moment. Doumeki just stared at him, then away. "We're home," he said, and Watanuki peered up to find out that Doumeki was right.

"Sex." Doumeki called bluntly over his shoulder and it was only then that Watanuki realized he was walking away. "I'll be inside."

Watanuki flushed at the straightforwardness and couldn't, for the life of him, voice out his protest or flail about in indignation. So instead, he did what he usually did whenever Doumeki reduced him into incoherence with his tongue and lips.

He just gurgled.


To say that the weather was fluctuating lately was the understatement of the century.

It was sunny the next day when Yuuko had given Watanuki half-the-day off. He'd slaved in the kitchen the entire morning, preparing a feast fit for a king when Yuuko announced she was feeling kindly enough to let him do whatever Watanuki-things he normally did when he wasn't working for her. Which was, in all actuality, very little and lately began involving a certain dark-haired archer.

It was mildly surprising to say the least, to finally, finally get a day off after a long while, but Watanuki welcomed it with open arms. Breaks were always always welcome. He wanted to rest for a bit, after all that cooking and cleaning. Yuuko said a hardworking little boy like him deserved it too, though Watanuki felt that she was more mocking than sincere when she said that.

She'd said something cryptic too, in that Yuuko-esque way of hers complete with the hooded eyes and the smoke from her pipe curling mysteriously into the air. She said something about "sex tapes fetching a good price these days especially if they involved male teenagers betting on the weather." and when Watanuki asked what she meant about that, she just smiled and chugged down her sake. He couldn't help but feel the premise was familiar, but he just shrugged it off and slipped into his shoes as he left the shop, Maru and Moro calling "Sex tapes! Sex tapes!" after him.

He'd gone home straight after work that day and realized it was a relatively bad idea. Doumeki was at the apartment, standing on his doorstep! Watanuki paled visibly and nearly swooned.

Yesterday after they'd made that bet, Watanuki had raced ahead of Doumeki and refused to let him into the apartment, despite the continual rapping on the door. He didn't want to be molested, no, and Watanuki knew he was being unfair because they had made that bet after all, but there were some things he would never do. Like become Doumeki's sex slave overnight. For seven days straight.


Watanuki let this slip for once and snorted. You'd think since they were in a more-than-platonic relationship, the bastard would learn how to say his name already but, no.

"What are you doing here?" He tried to stop the way his hands trembled when he was slipping the key into its lock. "Don't you have a shrine to sweep or something?"

Doumeki ignored that last comment. "You know what I'm doing here."

"No," Watanuki said through gritted teeth. Stupid key. Stupid lock! Argh! Why won't the door open? "I don't."


Watanuki chanced a glance at the taller boy. "Stop staring at me."

Doumeki said nothing, just took the key from Watanuki and helped him ease the door open. Watanuki rolled his eyes. "I just didn't want to get inside, just yet!" He said defensively.

"Why not?"

"Why… not?" Watanuki blinked. Then bristled. "Well… I… I'M NOT TELLING YOU!"


"Can you say something other than hn for a change?" Watanuki yelled, near his wit's end. He was annoyed. He was flustered. He was gah. Afraid for his life as Doumeki shut the door behind him, standing much too close.

"I want sex." Doumeki informed him and his expression never faltered. There was no trace of amusement or lust or anything in his face. He was stating a fact. He was being honest. (and damn him for his honesty!) Still, Watanuki flustered pink to his ears.

"YOU PERVERT, DOUMEKI!" He was flailing madly now, very very red in the face for many reasons, and he thought it wasn't possible to flush even redder anymore until Doumeki caught both of his wrists and pinned him to the door with his arms raised on either side of his head. Watanuki smelled sweat and breath, warm and soursweet against his face. It made him dizzy with something like anticipation, something like need.

"Shut up," Doumeki told him and before Watanuki could say anything more, Doumeki's mouth closed in on his, relinquishing his grip on his wrists. Watanuki's eyes widened but he stopped protesting, stopped struggling altogether. Whenever Doumeki kissed him like this, slow and steady, his knees tended to wobble, kind of like how they were doing right now.

Arms snaked around Doumeki's neck, winding tight and pulling him closer. Doumeki, in that bold way of his, palm-down slid his hand along Watanuki's hip. Watanuki moaned as Doumeki slid his knee between his legs.

His fingers carded through Doumeki's hair as the buttons of his shirt popped free, Doumeki nipping on his neck with near-bruising force. Watanuki threw his head back and swallowed a whimper as Doumeki pressed his knee further between his legs, then thought better of it and pulled his leg back, instead. "You tease," Watanuki whined and Doumeki said through a mouthful of skin, "You're pouting"

"I'm not pouting," Watanuki pouted. Doumeki pull away for a moment. "Stop staring at me like that!" Watanuki mumbled, cheeks aflame, but Doumeki stared anyway (and openly too, the bastard). He tilted his head up to kiss him languidly and then, pulling back so that Watanuki was left gurgling incoherently, he asked as if it were so commonplace, "Where did you hide the lube?"

Watanuki gestured vaguely towards the general direction of the lube and Doumeki left him to fetch it. Watanuki could only flush deeper when Doumeki returned, undoing the button of his pants and grasping the lube with the other hand.

"You don't have to do that in front of me!!" Watanuki cried in mortification.

"You've seen me naked before."


"Many times before-"


Doumeki did just that. It was Watanuki's turn and Doumeki helped him, patient as ever, with the button of his jeans, with his belt, with his shirt. Clothes pooled at their feet and Watanuki stepped out of them, flushing under Doumeki's scrutiny. The pit of his stomach swelled with heat as Doumeki coated his fingers and reached behind him. His touch was cool, slippery and when their hips met, Watanuki bit back a whimper.

"Lean against the wall," He said into Watanuki's ear and Watanuki nodded in compliance. His legs quivered as Doumeki slipped a finger inside, then two, and he spread them wider as Doumeki worked inside, slow, steady.

"Right there," Watanuki panted and Doumeki's fingertips rubbed at it again. The pleasure swelled and swelled some more. Watanuki was hot with want and he slid Doumeki even deeper, wiggling and fucking himself on Doumeki's fingers, angling his knees as Doumeki slipped inside in smooth intervals.

"Please, please," Watanuki sobbed, and Doumeki wrapped a firm hand around the other boy's hip, his fingers disappearing as he swiped lube on his cock. Watanuki swallowed thickly through half-lidded eyes. His knees trembled beneath him and Doumeki bent to kiss his neck and curl his fingers around the head of Watanuki's cock. His strokes were slow, and languid and his other hand pressed into the skin of Watanuki's hip, holding him against the wall as he tugged and teased Watanuki's cock.

Watanuki couldn't think straight, couldn't breathe, and there was heat at the pit of his belly, threatening to swell and burst. Doumeki's hand left him and he whined, "bring it back! bring it back!" But Doumeki slid his hand around his hip instead.

"Wrap your legs around my waist."


"Wrap your legs around my waist."

"O..okay-oof!" Watanuki made a startled sound as he was hoisted up against the wall. He hardly registered the thick heat sliding inside him until Doumeki pushed him back against the wall. His hands came up to grasp Doumeki's shoulders and Doumeki slid inside, in and out, and brushing his prostate more times that he could count.

"Harder?" Doumeki asked and Watanuki sobbed again, "Yes, you bastard! Harder!" And Doumeki was one to comply, pounding into him, hard and relentless, stroking his insides deliciously. They kissed messily, lips and tongue sloppy, Doumeki's hips rocking into him, and Watanuki meeting him half way. On Doumeki's final thrust, Watanuki came, a trembling heap of incoherencies and gurgling, Doumeki following shortly afterward.

"Oh kami-sama we just did it on the wall!" Watanuki moaned later, burying his face into the crook of Doumeki's shoulder. Doumeki held him close and Watanuki, for once, failed to comment about Doumeki being a post coital cuddler. "Man oh man oh man! I'm going to have to clean this aren't I?" But his voice was low now, almost sleepy.

"I want to try it on the kitchen table." Doumeki said after, like it was the most natural thing in the world to say.

Watanuki glared at him, but it was weak because his quota of screaming in Doumeki's face had already been filled. "You're a pervert." He said finally and rolled his eyes, flopping forwards into the crook of his shoulder. "All right, you can put me down now!... Doumeki? I said you can put me down."

Doumeki didn't and kissed him instead, steering him into the general direction of the bedroom. Watanuki's muffled protests were cut off as he was thrown rather unceremoniously onto his back on the bed, and Doumeki kissed him again, but slower this time and sweeter.

Sometimes, Watanuki wanted to trade Doumeki in for a bottle of spirit-repellant to end all his troubles, but then again, Doumeki was a terrific kisser and times like this when Doumeki affirmed that, he was indeed a terrific kisser, Watanuki forgot why he wanted spirit-repellant in the first place when he had a perfectly warm, though sometimes idiotic, koibito to ward away all the evil.

Or something less cheesy.

"Sex in the kitchen," Doumeki reminded him afterwards when he pulled away, palm flat against Watanuki's hip, touch warm and solid. He looked serious and didn't even give the other boy a chance to answer, just continued where he'd left off and stroked Watanuki's tongue inside his mouth.

Watanuki, at a loss for any sort of decent response, did what he usually did whenever Doumeki reduced him into incoherence with his tongue and lips.

He gurgled.

And kissed back.

/ end part 1

notes: Ideas for the next six days are lovely and very much welcome. Hooray for DouWata smex!