Title: Watanuki's Seven Day Trial
Author: spurnd
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Watanuki loses a bet to Doumeki and ends up having to concede to his every whim for seven days. Doesn't help that Doumeki's whims are sexual and Watanuki is putty in the archer's hands.
Word Count: 4657
Notes: Characters are owned by Clamp. Spoiler-free. This is for childishgrin because she writes so well regardless of what fandom she's in. Previous chapter can be found right here.


It was a Sunday when Watanuki woke up unmolested for the first time on a weekend, and what a glorious Sunday it was. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was nothing like Tokyo traffic to give the day a pleasant kick-start.

Not being pinned down by a solid weight to the bed a big plus too, though as Watanuki blinked around the room and pulled on his glasses, he was surprised not to find Doumeki anywhere.

Usually, whenever the idiot invited himself over (honestly, didn't he have a family to go home to? What was he, like a stray or something? Watanuki couldn't always offer him food and shelter all the time! Or sex, for that matter.) he'd be up and about, or at least as up and about as he could get: sitting in a corner of the room reading the morning paper and on one occasion, even watching Watanuki sleep (which was a gesture worthy to be noted, sweet even, but the creepy always won out).

And anyway, it was always nice to have the apartment to himself for a change. The silence was familiar, welcome, the absence of warmth and heavy limbs, liberating.

Nice. To a certain extent.



All right, all right. So Watanuki was a little disappointed the archer wasn't around for him to yell at, but it wasn't like he was going to complain. As much as he enjoyed Doumeki's company, he was still a bit apprehensive about the whole sex thing. They were in a relationship, sure, but after that bet he oh-so-stupidly-made-and-lost, Doumeki began acting like a sex-starved pervert, not that he didn't always when the doors were closed, but it was getting ridiculous so much that Watanuki had avoided him all week in school.

He still made him lunch, still stayed awhile whenever Doumeki had archery practice (to roll his eyes or stomp his foot or generally create a ruckus on those rare occasions Doumeki missed his target ) but he kept their after-school activities to a minimum, made sure their interactions remained platonic. Doumeki would bend down before they parted ways and try to kiss him and Watanuki would take a step back so the other boy would miss.

Watanuki tried to deflect any sexual advances and he'd prayed over and over again that Doumeki would forget all about the bet, because sometimes he wasn't so lucky to escape the other boy's clutches unscathed.

There was one time when Doumeki had cornered him in an empty corridor in school. Of course, it was just to inform Watanuki that he wanted something preferably hard to cook and out of season for lunch the next day, but before he'd left, Watanuki was sure the hand that slid not-so-subtly down his backside, actually cupped and squeezed.


He had blushed then, and spluttered and pointed and flailed but Doumeki ignored him and just walked away without another word, leaving Watanuki flustering until his ears turned pink.

Though, really, it wasn't that Watanuki didn't want to have sex with him, it was just that doing it on a regular basis with the other boy felt rather embarrassing and seemed a tad unhealthy, scary even sometimes.

He liked kissing and fumbling, and maybe a little grinding every now and then, but fucking? Watanuki still had his qualms. He was new to everything after all, susceptible and awkward and even he liked doing it with the lights turned off. Although Doumeki never did disappoint in the fucking department, he still wasn't willing to put out for seven days straight, even if it the sex was guaranteed to be mind blowing enough that he won't be sitting properly for awhile.

Watanuki shook his head. He should stop thinking about Doumeki and his stupid hands and his stupid shoulders and his stupid thighs.

Sighing, Watanuki began the arduous task of tidying up the apartment. There were sinks to clean and pots to be re-cleaned and it wasn't like the clothes were going to fold themselves. Trudging into the kitchen for some morning sustenance, Watanuki tried to ignore the odd feeling welling up in his chest. You miss Doumeki, don't you, it mocked, but Watanuki mentally gave it a vicious kick and the feeling subsided somewhat.

Ah, that was better.

Half into the day though, Watanuki had to cut his rejoicing short. He was out of food. Apparently, Doumeki had eaten everything, including the leftover noodles, the leftover shrimp, the leftover-everything. His fridge was wiped clean! "Gah!" Watanuki cried out in exasperation, throwing his arms into the air. He grabbed his house keys, marched out of the apartment, went back inside when he realized he still had his apron on, then headed down the grocery store.



Watanuki's hand hovered very briefly over a pack of noodles, and he turned, despite himself. It was Doumeki, though he wasn't surprised at the fact. Just… almost relieved. Until:


Perhaps, Watanuki thought bitterly, he could never be truly happy around the other boy.

"It's Watanuki," He said through gritted teeth. Despite the show he was putting on however, he wasn't really as annoyed as he let on. There was a thumping in his chest, a happy thumping, the kind that sang and rejoiced and danced crazily on his lungs so that he almost couldn't' breathe. He flushed when he realized Doumeki was staring at him, still.

"What are you doing here?"

Doumeki's shrug was a tiny movement. "Grocery shopping."

"Grocery shopping." And Watanuki tried not to twitch.


"CAN YOU NOT POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS?" Watanuki screeched. Several aisles away, a toddler cried.

Doumeki just cupped his hands over his ears. "Are you done?"

"Yes. I'm quite done, I think!" Watanuki spat and turned, but a firm grip caught him before he could walk away. He looked down. Doumeki's fingers were wrapped firmly around his wrist.

"You're avoiding me."

"And you're stalking me!" Watanuki shot back. He tugged his hand back but to no avail. Doumeki's grip was strong. The skin of his wrist tingled and he bit his lip. His next statement was mumbled, halfhearted. "It's getting a little creepy so stop it."

"I'm not stalking you."

"Yeah, just following me around and touching me in places!"

"I'm holding your wrist."

"NOT WITH MY CONSENT!" Watanuki burst out. Doumeki didn't point out that his grip was loose at the moment and Watanuki wasn't doing anything to dislodge his grip. "That could be like, like sexual harassment! Molestation! RAAPE!"

"It's not rape." Doumeki said calmly. Watanuki rolled his eyes and huffed. "It is too!"

"It's not rape when you're willing."

"What- HEY!" Watanuki glared. Doumeki released him and Watanuki crossed his arms, putting an amiable distance between them.

"Hmph!" He grumbled and turned towards the other direction but made no move to walk away. "There's no escaping you is there?"

"I'm just collecting the end of my bet."

"In a grocery store? You're collecting the end of your bet in a grocery store?!" Watanuki was more than appalled. He gave Doumeki a disgusted look and eyed him up and down. "What the hell do you expect me to do? Bend over the fruits and vegetables section for you?"

"We're in public."

"THAT'S EXACTLY MY POINT!" Watanuki flustered, trying to stop the flood of images pervading his mind at the moment.

"I didn't tell you to bend over anywhere. That was your suggestion."

He flushed harder.

"You're pouting."

"I'm not pouting." Watanuki argued, pouting even deeper. "Pouting is for girls."

Doumeki paused. "You're still pouting."

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THE POUTING ALREADY?!" Watanuki screeched, fighting the urge to tear out his hair. "I AM NOT POUTING! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT POUTING IS FOR GIRLS?" He softened, uncrossed his arms then crossed them again. His bottom lip curled slightly. "You're serious about that bet aren't you?"

"I want sex."

"Can you not phrase it that way?! It makes you sound like a pervert!" Watanuki rolled his eyes. "I forget— you are one."


"Why can't you just be normal and ask for more food or something? I mean," He huffed. "Sex? For seven days?"

"I like sex."

"Yeah, cause you're a pervert."

Doumeki didn't even blink. "I'm not a pervert."

"YOU SQUEEZED MY ASS! WHEN WE WERE IN SCHOOL, TOO!" Watanuki accused. Somebody walking into their aisle hurried away quickly, covering their daughter's ears. Watanuki flushed deeply and looked elsewhere.

"It was soft." Doumeki offered.

"E-excuse me?"

"It was soft."

Watanuki spluttered indignantly. It w-was soft? That was all Doumeki had to say?! "DON'T SAY STUPID THINGS LIKE THAT YOU IDIOT! WE'RE IN PUBLIC!"

Whether or not Doumeki listened, it was hard to know. He gave no indication, just pushed his shopping cart forward. "Hn."

"Sometimes, I hate you so much." Watanuki muttered as he resisted the urge to throttle the other boy. A vein was dangerously close to snapping. One more "Hn" and Watanuki wouldn't be held responsible for his actions.

Doumeki stopped walking and then, turned. Something difficult to recognize flashed fleetingly in his features. Watanuki's eyes widened as the other boy stepped in front of him, sliding in close, closer, then much too close for comfort that Watanuki could smell his hair, could feel the warmth that radiated from him.

Watanuki swallowed and swiped his bottom lip with his tongue. Doumeki lifted his arm, braced it against one side of Watanuki's face, and Watanuki was sure his knees wobbled. He was afraid his mouth might've watered, too.

"Doumeki," he began, and he flushed when Doumeki moved even closer, bending down this time to stare him directly in the eye. He found that he couldn't move, couldn't look away, and when Doumeki closed the distance between them and tilted his head ---

Watanuki blinked as he kissed thin air.

"What the — Eh? "

"You're in my way." Doumeki informed him and Watanuki blinked dumbly as Doumeki reached over his head to grab an item. Watanuki blinked again. "Noodles, right." He mumbled sheepishly, stepping out of the way. He rubbed the back of his neck, self-consciously and ignored the shiver that passed him briefly.

"You could've just told me to get out of the way, you know."

"You were being too loud."

Watanuki let that last comment slide for both of their sakes. He shook his head, pushed on his shopping cart and made to leave. "I'm going," He announced feebly, not meeting Doumeki's gaze. It was embarrassingly awkward to have mistaken Doumeki's intentions.

"Um. I, well. I have stuff to do. See you in school or something." And he bowed.

Doumeki didn't say anything. When he was finally out of sight, Watanuki almost collapsed in relief against one of the stalls. His knees were wobbly again and that wasn't always a good sign. It meant Doumeki was affecting him more than he liked him to, and whenever this happened, whenever he couldn't walk in a straight line, it usually made Watanuki very susceptible to Doumeki's intentions, reduced his speech capacity to that of a toddler and threw his common sense out the window.

"Which one do you want?"


"Which one do you want?" Doumeki repeated. Watanuki noticed that he'd somehow stopped in the personal hygiene section and Doumeki was standing next to him holding out two boxes of condoms. His eyes widened.

"C-c-Condoms?!" He spluttered, stepping back as one hand came up to cover his trembling mouth. "W-what are t-those for?!"

"We need them." Watanuki merely kept spluttering in embarrassment. "For protection."

"Protection?" Watanuki scoffed indignantly.


"You never put one on before and you pick now to start wearing one?!"

"We've only done it four times before. There was no need to—"

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! THAT'S HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION! PEOPLE WE KNOW FROM SCHOOL COULD BE LISTENING, YOU IDIOT!" Watanuki hissed, covering Doumeki's mouth with his hands. "MY NEIGHBORS COULD BE LISTENING!" He flushed when he realized what he was doing with his hands and abruptly pulled away.

"You really are a pervert." He said, but it was softer this time and there was that noticeable pout forming. "Go buy whatever it is you want to buy and see if I care. I have more important things to do like making myself lunch." He glanced at his watch. "No, I think, I have dinner to prepare now, because you ate all my food and delayed my grocery shopping! You ungrateful jerk!" With one last huff, Watanuki turned and stomped away. For good.


Watanuki took one look rueful look at the sky and frowned.

It was raining and it looked like it wasn't going to let up for awhile. Not anticipating a drastifc shift in weather, he'd forgotten to bring his umbrella. He frowned deeper. It looked like there was no choice but to step into the rain and risk getting sick. Were he to come home any later, he'd miss his favorite game show.

Watanuki peered at the skies carefully again, and, face set in determination walked through the rain. Next to him, a department-store-brought umbrella burst open.

He blinked, then peered up to find Doumeki standing next to him, holding the umbrella over their heads. His gaze was trained ahead. Watanuki, not really meaning to, softened his features.

"Say 'help me'." Doumeki said, and Watanuki was too touched at the gesture, too stunned maybe, to protest any more than usually did, so what he said instead was: "I'm tired,"

He leaned against the other boy, movement oh-so subtle and tiny that only their arms brushed and it wasn't even like leaning in at all. Doumeki "hn"-ed under his breath, took Watanuki's shopping bags in one hand, and under the pouring rain as they huddled together under the umbrella, walked him back to his apartment.

Watanuki, thankfully, made it home, safe, dry and preferably unmolested. Doumeki had invited himself in again but it was rather nice to have him around, helping around in the kitchen and restocking the fridge, filing food into the cupboards and so on. Watanuki bit his lip and threw him a surreptitious glance from under his eyelashes.

Doumeki was shutting the last cupboard door and putting away the shopping bags, back turned to him. He had a nice back, broad and smooth, and Watanuki suddenly remembered what it was like under his fingertips, the muscles shifting in exertion, rippling. He flushed and bit his lip harder. He turned back to the chopping table. Focus, he chastised himself, though it was a losing battle. He could hear the other boy's footsteps, his measured movements and it distracted him. Focus, Watanuki. Focus.

He managed not to cut himself and for that he gave himself a mental pat on the back. An arm snaked in front of him to make for the bowl of carrots. "Hey, hey!" He turned abruptly and narrowed his eyes. "That's for dinner! Don't eat that." But Doumeki didn't listen to him. He stuck the carrot stick into his mouth and chewed regardless.

"Fine! Ugh!" Watanuki rolled his eyes in exasperation, shaking his head. "Suit yourself. Ruin your own dinner, why don't you! But that would be the last, all right? I only bought half a kilo of carrots… Doumeki? Doumeki!"

Watanuki grabbed the bowl from Doumeki's arms and set it aside, preferably out of the other boy's reach. He huffed, then turned, back facing Doumeki, to resume his preparations. "No eating the ingredients!" He called over his shoulder but all he got was silence.

And then it happened.

Doumeki had leaned forward, arm outstretched to reach for the bowl, when Watanuki felt something against the small of his back, something firm and solid and rigid pressing against him. He stopped chopping as his eyes widened, the knife cluttering out of his grasp and Watanuki's lips parting in a noiseless gasp. Doumeki stilled briefly. "Oi."

Doumeki was hard. He was hard and oh goodness he was pressing up against him. Watanuki felt his cheeks burn when he felt his own cock twitch. He tried to tell himself this wasn't turning him on but it was futile. Heat was pooling in his belly.

He bit his lip and shut his eyes, taking a deep, shuddering breath. He willed those treacherous thoughts away. "Doumeki," He began, trying to level his breathing. "Stop being a pervert and let me cook dinner in peace."

Doumeki didn't move, didn't say anything, and Watanuki was about to give him a piece of his mind when the other boy moved even closer. His eyes widened as arms braced him against the counter, pinning him into place. Doumeki moved again, angling his hips so that his cock brushed oh-so-slowly against the line of his buttocks. Watanuki's mouth watered. "Hey," He said shakily as Doumeki did it again almost lazily from the bottom and then, up. Watanuki felt his knees twitch in opening. "Hey Doumeki," He whispered harshly, gritting his teeth. "What are you doing?"


"D-don't, don't 'hn' me, jerk!"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

Watanuki flushed. "I," He swallowed. "You should stop!"

"Why?" Doumeki asked and punctuated this sentence with a lingering thrust against Watanuki's buttocks. Watanuki bit back a moan. "You're a pervert, you know that?" He snorted but he lost his train of thought quickly afterwards as Doumeki's hand stroked his stomach through his shirt.

Watanuki pushed himself against Doumeki's hips, against his hardness, spreading his knees wide to feel him slide deliciously against his buttocks and spine. There were hands grasping his hips, firm but not rough enough to bruise, and Watanuki bent forwards, fingers clenched against the counter as Doumeki slid a knee between his legs to part them even further.

The knee slid in deeper until Watanuki had to spread his legs wide so that he was nearly straddling Doumeki's thigh. His fingers dug into the counter. "Doumeki," he breathed but it was swallowed in a gasp of protest as the knee left. "What, hey—" And then Doumeki thrust against him. Watanuki surprised himself by pushing back greedily, hungry for friction. He was turned on, there was no denying that, the material of his pants constricting and soon he was sliding himself, fully clothed, fully hard, between Doumeki's legs just to feel that heat against his back. "Oh god," He moaned as Doumeki obliged him, pressing him flush against his body, the push-pull movements of their hips noiseless save for Watanuki's occasional gasp.

A hand slid to cup his jaw. Watanuki tilted his head to allow Doumeki to kiss his neck, and Doumeki did just that, placing open mouthed kisses along his nape, tugging Watanuki's bandana free and letting it fall to the floor. He worked on the buttons of his shirt next, with a patience Watanuki did not have. On the fifth button, Watanuki pushed back against Doumeki and the other boy ground his hips into his ass, smooth and slow, up and down.

"Fill me. I want it, please." Watanuki whined and when Doumeki's hands cupped him through his pants and he admonished him, "Not yet," he whined some more.

"Doumeki, you jerk, come on, come on—" And then Watanuki was roughly shoved back against the counter, a solid line digging painfully into his back. His arms bent to support himself as Doumeki leaned over him, face hovering so close that Watanuki could smell the cologne on his shirt, the rain on his eyebrows and hair. He swallowed.

"If you're going to kiss me you jerk, you better do it now!" He panted, opening his eyes a fraction and only then did he realize he had shut his eyes. He felt the wind almost knocked out of him as Doumeki grasped his face and kissed him without preamble, one hand drifting down to grip his left hip and rock against him, push-pull, push-pull. Watanuki nearly swooned.

Doumeki's tongue was hot and wonderful and he vaguely felt a hand tugging at the button of his jeans. He swallowed down a moan as Doumeki kneaded the heated flesh between his legs through the fabric of his boxers. Doumeki flipped him around so that he was bracing himself against the counter again, and Watanuki gasped as his boxers slid down to his knees and something wet invaded him.

"What are you doing—hey!" He squeaked, then it happened again, velvety and oh-so-wet heat filling him, making him whole. Doumeki ignored his protests and slid his tongue in deeper, spreading apart his cheeks, and it was more than enough to make him flush red in embarrassment. "Doumeki, please." He didn't like this, not one bit, and he grit his teeth as Doumeki spread him further open, his knees trembling and threatening to give away beneath him. Doumeki was looking for a deeper, darker taste, other than soap and sweat and his tongue curled and rubbed and Watanuki released a whimper. He pushed back against Doumeki, fucking himself on his tongue, wriggling like a spoilt child.

He wanted to be filled with something thicker, something hotter—Doumeki's cock, pleasepleaseplease because god, Doumeki's tongue was driving him crazy with need. He was going to come soon, Watanuki knew, and he bit back the string of obscenities that threatened to spill from his lips. He rubbed himself against the counter as Doumeki bit on his left cheek, and he yelped half in pleasure and half in pain as Doumeki licked the valleys of his buttocks, tongue teasing the crevice before sliding all the way in. His hands were everywhere, massaging his thighs, spreading him apart, yet nowhere near where Watanuki wanted them to be.

"Doumeki," He moaned and it was then Doumeki released his hips. Doumeki's tongue slipped out of him, and he felt the archer's fingers now, one first and then two, scissoring his insides, long and slow and slick with substance. "Stop teasing," He said, voice strangely thick. He gasped and clenched his fingers. "Come on,"

Doumeki said nothing, only bent him further, pulling him closer by the hips so that Watanuki's ass was raised in the air and he was flushing deeply into the crook of his arm on the counter.

"Doumeki," He whined this time, and there was a pout visible in those words. "What are you up to? Stop teasing." He felt the air for a moment as Doumeki fumbled behind him. He felt Doumeki's hands stroking his buttocks and the archer lining himself up against his opening. He was slick and Watanuki braced himself again as Doumeki spread him apart with his hands, forcing his head in.

Watanuki waited with baited breath as Doumeki filled him, inch by inch, and tried to steady his knees. When Doumeki was buried to the hilt and began moving, Watanuki bit his lip to curb his groans. Doumeki's thrusts were purposely shallow and shying away from his prostate, and Watanuki let out a particularly aggravated sound low in his throat when the other boy hit his prostate and pulled back.

Doumeki leaned over him, splayed against his back with his mouth dangerously close to his ear. "Beg." He said, voice dark and a timbre low.

"You—you bastard. I will never—NGH." Watanuki whimpered as Doumeki yanked on his cock and angled his hips just so. "So good, so so so good." He sank deeper against Doumeki, and Doumeki watched with odd fascination as he disappeared inside Watanuki, the walls around him tight but stretching to accommodate his girth.

"Fill me, please. Fuck me, yes. Hard." Watanuki was saying, stroking his cock and pushing back against him. "Deeper, oh god please."

They were meeting halfway, fucking messily. Doumeki shoved against him and bent him so that he was nearly folded in two, braced against the counter. He thrust in quite deeply which caused Watanuki to hiss.

"Beg." He said again, but even his voice was strained. Watanuki's eyes widened, and he was panting, flushing hotly in embarrassment and arousal. Doumeki brushed his prostate briefly when he didn't respond and Watanuki bit the inside of his cheek before spitting out, "Fine. I'll beg if you want me to."

"Tell me what you want."

Watanuki flushed deeper and whimpered. "O-okay," He conceded and swallowed thickly. "I-I want you in deeper."

Doumeki slid in deeper but didn't move otherwise. His grip on Watanuki's hips tightened. Watanuki squeaked.

"Tell me what you want."

"I-I… You're getting off on this aren't you?"

Doumeki shoved inside harder. "Ngh, Doumeki. Oh god. Harder. Please, please fuck me."

Watanuki's lips tightened as Doumeki pushed into him hard and without warning. A hand slid between his legs to cup his balls, and then those hands were stroking him firmly, fingers shy of brushing against the head. Doumeki grunted behind him and they fucked loudly, Watanuki groaning and swearing and whimpering and the cabinets cluttering each time one of his knees knocked into them. He could feel Doumeki's belt buckle slapping against his thighs with each thrust but couldn't remotely care.

Doumeki fucked him hard and deep and Watanuki chased the burn with his hips, gasping as Doumeki nipped distractedly on his neck and he wanted him in deeper and deeper, wanted him to fill him and rip him apart and make him whole again and pound into him till he couldn't stand for weeks. Watanuki felt as if he'd abandoned his older self and he hated how Doumeki could reduce him into incoherence like this, how the other boy's touch drove him insane and turned his skin an attractive shade of red.

On a particularly long, hard thrust, Doumeki came with a grunt, collapsing into the crook of Watanuki's shoulder. Watanuki was fleetingly filled with warmth and semen and he made a choking sound as fingers replaced Doumeki's cock and began scissoring him open again. Watanuki came when Doumeki's middle finger curled inside him, sobbing out his release against the skin of his forearm.

When he was coherent enough, he noticed Doumeki had taken a step back and was wiping his fingers against the leg of his jeans. He looked a little red but barely frazzled, as if fucking Watanuki against the counter was something he was so used to doing.

Oh god. No.


"Fucked." Doumeki supplied and when Watanuki whirled around to glare at him fiercely, Doumeki had cupped his hands over his ears. "Yes, gee /i , thank you for that." He snorted. "I'm going to have the clean the kitchen again and make dinner again because look at this mess, there's ugh come everywhere and I will be scarred for life and never cook again and, and—HEY PUT ME DOWN YOU JERK! YOU P-PERVERT! HEY I SAID PUT ME DOWN OR I WILL SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!" Watanuki flailed and protested and struggled as Doumeki hoisted him over his shoulder and headed towards the bedroom.

Watanuki felt the back of his head meeting with the pillows. He blinked as Doumeki slipped out of the pair of pants he'd just pulled back on only moments earlier. When Doumeki made a move to lean over him, Watanuki slid his knee out and toed him away.

"I'm sorry. We're closed for the time being. So no sex. Go away Doumeki." He spat the name with as much disgust as he could muster which wasn't much disgust at all.

Doumeki held down his legs with his palms flat against his knees and kissed his forehead. Watanuki blinked for the second time and he felt Doumeki spooning behind him, angling their legs and resting his chin on top his head. Doumeki's voice drifted to his ears, making his skin flush. "Go to sleep."

Watanuki rolled his eyes but didn't struggle.

Post-coital cuddler indeed, the perverted idiot. Shaking his head and vowing to slip sedatives in Doumeki's food lest he get any more funny ideas like sex against the wall or the kitchen counter, Watanuki yawned and relaxed in his embrace.

/ end chapter 2

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