The reign of Evil Xena


By The Mighty Lu Bu

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Amphipolis 21 years before Good Xena

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Among the simple villagers in Amphipolis there was a simple family. A mother with a daughter, two sons and a husband. The husband a worshipper of Ares named Atrius had dreams of adventure and conquest, while Cyrene who was his wife preferred to run her newly established tavern and live in peace with her children.

The disagreement between the two had been building for years every now and then turning into an overly dramatic contest of words. Atrius thought of organizing the villagers into an army and taking control of some neighboring villages in order to protect Amphipolis from warlords as well as make Amphipolis a wealthy, strong city state like that of Athens or Sparta. It could be said that he had vision.

However Cyrene would not have it because she believed a warlord father would be a bad influence on her children. She ultimately loved her husband but fought to sway him away from his ambitions. However forces were in play to change everything in Cyrene and Atrius' lives, and ultimately Xena who was now just a seven year old child but would one day grow up to be Xena warrior princess.


The Temple of Ares

Ares longed for a warrior who could conquer the world for him. He thought of those who failed him. People like Alexander the great, Hannibal of Carthage, among others. Ares then mused, "maybe I'm looking in the wrong part of society" He began a search of the poorer people of the cities all over the world for that special someone who could rule the world and impose the will of Ares upon all creation. Was not long before he came upon a child which inside he saw a fire that seemed to burn brighter than other he seen. This person was indeed a special person. He saw a desire to dominate which even at seven was present in the young girl He observed for weeks.

He saw the child, how she could organize even simple child games, how she led and excelled at even the most trivial of tasks. He saw the child's instincts, how if Ares got to close the child would began to feel his presence and notice that someone was there. He became intrigued with her. He soon decided that Atrius' goals and ambitions endangered the child. Realizing that if Atrius tried to conquer the area around Amphipolis the child Xena would become a target for those who hated Atruis. He formed a plan.

One night at a local temple he appeared before Atruis. Ares sat at ease with himself as said "Atrius you are a fool." Atrius stepped back in amazement at seeing the God of war standing before him. He hadn't even noticed what Ares had said to him.

Ares leaned forward and stared into the man's eyes as he coldly, "you pray to me, the very being that was with your wife oh a little over seven years ago. I tell you, she is good. Your child Xena, is really my child."

Atrius retorted with anger, "you lying bastard."

Ares replied, "oh really, a God need never lie, I'm just tired of your useless prayers to me." Ares then said allowing his bravado to come out, "About seven years ago I disguised myself as you and made love to your sweet, delicious wife, over and over and over again, all while you were fighting with the resistance against the Macedonians."

Ares then said "While your army was winning against them to which they did very well I might add, I planted my seed in her to replace you. Your daughter Xena will grow up to be great while you will be hardly remembered. Funny how things turn out isn't it." Afterwards Ares laughed as he disappeared from the temple.

Atrius devastated went out to the local bar and got drunk. Soon he returned home stumbling through the door seeing Cyrene washing the counter. Disgust built up in gut as he said, "Tonight we are going to have a sacrifice. We are going to sacrifice Xena to Ares."

Cyrene shouted, "Whoa, what? Are you joking?"

Atrius shouted, "No I am not. Tonight Xena dies for Ares!"

Cyrene replied in anger, "Your drunk, go to sleep and think about what you are saying."

Atrius threw a mug at Cyrene as he said, "I have already thought about! Xena Dies!"

Cyrene ran in front of the stares and stood in the way as she said, "No she is not!" Atrius grabbed her by arms and tossed her aside as he started making his way up the stairs with a dagger in his hand.

Cyrene loved her husband very much. But like all good mothers when faced with such a decision. She ran and grabbed an Axe and chased her husband up the stairs. Atrius was about to open Xena's door as she slammed the Axe into the back of his neck, killing him instantly.

Cyrene was feeling a surge of emotion. She was relieved that her daughter was safe, but she was mourning her now dead husband. What had she done? She'd protected her daughter. Yet she had committed murder. Would they understand?

She shook her head wiping away her tears as she knew what she had to do. She grabbed Atruis body and drug him down stairs and then outside. She shoveled at the ground for hours as she wailed at the events that occurred. Once done she grabbed her husband and dropped him in the hole. She threw the dirt on the corpse, burying her husband forever. Hoping she would never have to face that again.

She told her children that their father had run away the next day. She would live with the guilt and shed many tears over what she had done for the rest of her life. Everything was in play for Ares to turn Xena into his warrior all he had to do know was wait for the right time, which would one day come soon.

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