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When the Big Bad Spider Wishes To Play

The two teens stared at each other. Their hands were almost touching the goblet in silent understanding. Hogwarts would win the tournament now. Both of its champions would win. Just as their hands moved to touch the seemingly harmless goblet, Harry saw a shadow looming at them from the corner of his eyes.

He turned around in reflex, his mouth opened in silent horror at the sight. The acromantula he had thought to be beaten down already was there, conscious and decidedly hungry, ready to pounce on them. Cedric turned too when he saw the horrified face of his schoolmate.

"Holy," the older boy breathed. All thoughts about the goblet or tournament forgotten.

"RUN!" Harry didn't need to say it twice. Both ran on different direction, almost a second too late before the huge spider slashed the air where they once stood. Its leg hit the goblet, activating the portkey and the spider was portkeyed out of the Hogwarts land, leaving two shocked boys on its wake.

"What the hell?" Cedric voiced out. He didn't know that the goblet was a portkey and neither did Harry. "Is there some other test we don't know about? Or is the goblet is used to portkeyed the champion to a party?"

Harry shrugged in confusion. "I don't know. But whatever it is, I'm just happy that we don't end as acromantula's meals." With the fact that none of them touched the goblet, it would mean that there was no winner. Harry didn't really care. His life and Cedric's were more important. He just hoped that whoever the welcoming committee waiting for the champion on the other end would be prepared for the arrival of a hungry and probably shocked and pissed beast.

Meanwhile at the Graveyard

Wormtail felt the portkey was activated and scrambled to the designated spot to greet Harry Potter. How shocked he was when he saw that it wasn't Harry who arrived but a huge black hairy spider that looked disoriented by the portkey's pull. The rat froze on his track and whimpered.

It only took 5 seconds for the spider to shrug off the disoriented feeling. It looked around its surrounding, noticing that it was different from where it once was. His two delicious looking preys disappeared, replaced by a plump man. No matter. The only thing that matter was that the creature in front of him was meat, and meat meant meal, and meal meant no hunger anymore. Its thick saliva dripping from its hungry mouth.

The rat had only had the time to shriek for a second before the spider finished him off in a heartbeat, swallowing the wizard's head completely and bit it. The bundle of flesh that was Voldemort could only watched in horror as the beast feasted upon the one that was supposed to do the ritual for his rebirth. Blood caked the ground and its once brown color was matted with red. Voldemort swallowed when the acromantula turned its attention to him. He had never trusted any God before, but he had now the urge to pray for his life.

Five hours later, the spirit of the dark lord was hovering over the goo of the spider that was once his flesh and his (now unequivocally dead) servant's. He was furious and angry. His seemingly perfect plan was ruined. He was a spirit again and Harry Potter was still alive. Everything had gone wrong on his calculation. Oh, he was still alive, alright. Thanks for his horcruxes. That didn't mean he didn't feel hurt when the accursed spider devoured him alive. The dratted spider was there, slumbering on his father's grave, appearing to be satisfied.

Damn the acromantula to hell! And damn the accursed luck of that dratted boy!


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