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Rose sighed as she watched Alfie and Hollie play beside the TARDIS console with Alfie's newly created sonic screwdriver and a small radio. She had no idea what they were doing but she knew it could be nothing good as there were a series of bangs every so often and sparks jumped from the little machine.

She, herself, was sitting propped up against the console, arms crossed. Her distended belly protruded out before her, much bigger than when she'd had Alfie but that was obviously because she had two more babies to carry as well. This meant that her ankles had swollen and, as Jack kept kindly reminding her, her breasts had grown into two giant balloons.

The young woman was nine months along the line tomorrow. She couldn't wait to be rid of the extra weight she was carrying around as it was driving her mad. She couldn't even bend over to pick up a pencil because of her stomach and then she got all emotional and burst out crying. Hormones were so annoying but at least it was amusing watching the Doctor squirm and run away every time she had a turn for the worse.

"How are you doing?" Jack came and sat beside her as the Doctor was tinkering with the TARDIS.

"Fine, I suppose, except I feel like a bloody elephant," Rose replied, moodily.

"Well, you don't look like one," Jack grinned, "You look much more beautiful than an elephant."

"Hey, those are my babies she's carrying you know! Not yours, stop flirting!" the Doctor yelled from under the control panel.

"I am not flirting, I am merely trying to cheer up Rose," Jack pretended and failed to look offended as a sly smile crept onto his face.

"Yeah right," Rose laughed but then stopped abruptly as a pain erupted inside her and she doubled over.

"Are you ok? Is it the babies?" Both the Doctor and Jack were at her side in seconds looking concerned.

"Yeah, I think I just had a contraction," Rose gasped, another wave of pain surged through her, "Yes, definitely contractions!"

"Cripes!" the Doctor looked wide eyed, "Er…breathe slow and deep."

"Helpful, I don't think breathing is gonna help!"

"It will! I've been reading up after Alfie was born. Breathe!"

"Why the hell did you not keep Owen here for the birth?" Rose shouted, "You two haven't a clue!"

"We do!" the Doctor protested and then looked at Jack who was looking terrified, "Well, I do anyway, now, to the medical bay."

"Dad, is Mum in labour?" Alfie asked, standing up, anxious.

"Yes, Alfie, can't you tell?" Rose screeched.

"Ok, keep your knickers on, actually I guess that's not gonna happen considering you gotta…you know," Alfie made a face, "If you don't mind I would rather not see my baby brothers or sisters born, thanks. I'll just see 'em when they're all cute and wrapped up in blankets after. Me and Hollie will stay here."

"Right, nice to know. Lets go!" the Doctor brushed the child off and picked up Rose with the help of Jack and set off.

On arriving in the med bay the two men swiftly placed Rose on a bed and the Doctor started getting things ready for the birth. Jack stepped back allowing the Time Lord to go about his business. The Doctor positioned himself at the end of the bed and spread Rose's legs. Jack moved in to help.

"Don't you even think about it Harkness," Rose warned, panting as sweat dripped off her brow, "There is no way you're seeing down there!"

"Ok, ok," Jack seemed to have regained his voice, giving her a cheeky grin, "I'll come here." The man walked to the head of Rose's bed and sat beside her just as she had another agonising contraction. She grabbed his hand and crushed it in a vice like grip. Jack winced and bit his lip, struggling not to cry out.

"Right, hmm….I think you're nearly there," the Doctor said, donning his glasses.

"Great, I'm so looking forward to it! After that I only have to do it twice more!" Rose grunted.

"You better come bloody quick kid or I think your mom is gonna kill you when you get out!" Jack grinned at Rose who gave him a furious look.

"Ok, on the count of three. One…two…three…push!" the Time Lord ordered.

"Ahhh!" Rose screamed and scrunched up her face in agony.

"The baby is crowning!"

"Yay!" the young woman almost growled.

"Now, another push!" Rose pushed again and the tiny baby slithered into its father's hands. It let out a piteous wail as it was brought into the world.

"What is it?" Rose asked eagerly.

"Er…a baby?" the Doctor smiled sarcastically. Rose scowled.

"I just gave birth, I have two more to go, do you really think I'm in the mood for jokes?" the fiery look she gave the Time Lord caused him to flinch.

"It's a little girl," the Doctor squeaked.

"And how come she cried?" Rose questioned, "I thought Time Lord Babies didn't cry?"

"I dunno, maybe more of the human side of her came through? Jack, can you take the baby?"

"Sure," Jack took the bundle and placed it in a nearby crib. The tiny baby whimpered again, "Aw, I'll hold you."

"Anymore contractions?" the Doctor asked Rose.


"Ok, next baby on the way!" he announced.

"You don't say."

Ten minutes later the next child was out, another girl. Jack held each on in the crook of his arms, cooing down at them. Rose struggled not to laugh but was stopped by another contraction. She blew out trying to rid herself of the pain.

"Jack, I think they all took your advice to heart. They're coming out pretty damn quick!" the Doctor yelped and crouched at the end of the bed ready for the third and final baby to make its departure outside the womb. "What's the bet it's another girl or a boy?"

"I think it'll be a girl," Jack announced, "Won't Alfie be pleased?" he grinned sarcastically.

"I don't care what the hell it is as long as it gets a bloody move on!" Rose yelled.

"You do get pretty narky when you're in labour don't you, the swearing, the insults…" Jack trailed off as Rose gave him a death stare, "And I'm gonna shut up now."

"Good," Rose and the Doctor said in unison.

"Ok, let us get this last one out and then Rose won't be ready to bite my head off at any moment," Jack grinned.

"Us? You're just standing there being annoying! I'm the one doing the bloody work!" Rose screeched red in the face.

"Rose, push!" the Doctor instructed. The young woman complied; this last child seemed to be a lot harder to budge or was it just because she was tired?

"It's not bloody moving!"

"You know, that's a weird shaped head the kid has there," Jack had crept to the end of the bed and scrutinised the baby.

"Jack, get lost!"

"Er…Houston, we have a problem, I think the kid's breech."

"I gathered that," the Doctor muttered looking very concerned. Rose sat up seeing his face.

"Will it be ok?"

"I don't know, Rose, I hope so. If I can just get its hips through the rest should follow but there is a chance that the umbilical cord will wrap itself around the baby's neck and tighten restricting the air supply and starving it of the vital oxygen it needs. This could end with the child being brain damaged."

"Geez, d'you have to sound so clinical, Doctor? This is your baby too, you know, your little girl or boy."

"I know," the Doctor couldn't look her in the eye, "Now, can you push again please?"

"Fine…ahhh!" Rose pushed with all her might, putting all her last reserves into getting this baby out.

"The hips are through!" the Doctor cried in joy as the final child dropped into his arms, "It's a boy!"

"Whoopdedoo. Yippee. Halle-bloody-lujah," Rose slumped back against the pillows at the head of the bed and blew out a deep breath causing some her hair to flutter in the breeze.

"No need to sound too over enthusiastic," Jack raised an eyebrow as a grinning Doctor laid the baby boy in a cot. He removed the other two children from Jack and placed them in separate cribs.

"Sorry, I'm just exhausted," Rose sighed, "I'm glad it's over…and that's enough!" The young woman sat up and made a cutting movement with her arm. Both men grinned.

"For awhile anyway, who knows what will happen if something splits!" the Doctor smiled but cringed at the look he got from Rose.

"Hey, my siblings been born yet?" Alfie announced, entering the room and looking around.

"Yes, wanna come a see them?" The Doctor led his son over to the cribs just as Rose struggled off her bed and shuffled beside them. Hollie and Jack followed gazing at the tiny tots. The two girls had flaming red hair and chocolate brown eyes but the boy, he had jet black hair and strange, eerie yellow coloured eyes.

"I just realised, they're redheads!" the Doctor exclaimed.

"Well observed," Rose commented, dryly.

"But…but…" the Time Lord floundered.

"What I don't get is where they got the genes?"

"Well, it's from your side."

"How did you work that one out?"

"Because I've never been ginger so it obviously can't be from mine," the Doctor scowled.

"But the boy has black hair! Why?"

"Sorry, weird Time Lord DNA causes the genes to go scrambled. With all the regenerations the nucleuses don't know what to do!"

"Ah well, aren't they absolutely beautiful?" Rose commented.

"Yes, now, what are we gonna call them? I think maybe we should just skip the fake Time Lord names and go for something more human," the Doctor decided.

"Well, I still want them to be unique; can we go for exotic names?" Rose queried.

"Oh, thanks a bunch, am I not special enough to get an exotic name? I just got Alfie but they'll get something like Teal or something equally as weird!"

"Teal?" Rose raised her eyebrows, "Ain't that a colour?"


"How about something fiery considering the girls have red hair?" Jack suggested.

"Ember?" Hollie whispered. The Time Lord looked at the young girl and grinned.

"That's a wonderful name! Would you mind if we used it?" Hollie shook her head. "Ok, and then….Phoenix."

"Wow, that's fantastic," Rose clapped her hands together in delight and Alfie rolled his eyes.

"See, they get cool names."

"Well, Alfie, why don't you name your little brother? And don't say something like…"

"Stinky?" Alfie smirked.

"Yes, not something stupid."

"He will be smelly though, think of the nappies!"


"Fine, how about….Ray, cos then it kinda keeps in theme with heat?" the child proposed.

"Yes, that's a great name!"

"Ok, so it's Ember, Phoenix and Ray. Welcome to the family little guys," Jack beamed.

"More like welcome to the mad house...TARDIS," Alfie snorted.

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