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'Mind talk/thoughts'


"Flash backs,"



A boy in an orange jumpsuit stood in front of the grave of the Hokage. He had blond hair and blue eyes, his eyes showed two emotions hate, and sorrow. On his back was a backpack was full, half with basic necessities and the other filled with instant ramen. In his hand he held a book sealed with a blood seal.

"I'll become stronger oji-san," the boy said before running to the main entrance while remembering what had happened.

Flash back 4 hours ago

"Naruto the council has decided that you are to be exiled from the village," Hiashi said with a smirk on his face.

"What?! What did I do?"

"You are a threat to the village, you let the demon fox's chakra take over you. Thankfully you didn't go far and decide to destroy the village," another one of the council members said.

"If it weren't for me Gaara would've destroyed to whole village and yet you guys exile me,"

"You are to leave your headband and leave the village by today," Not knowing what to say anymore Naruto slowly took off his headband and then slid it across the table. Naruto then walked out of the room. "Kit, it's not your fault that this happened the villagers are just damn ignorant," the Kyuubi said through the mind connection.

'Thanks, fur ball' Naruto said continuing to walk

"The demon brat is finally gone from this village. I wonder why we didn't think of this idea sooner," One of the council members said while the others agreed.

Naruto entered his home where he fell down and started to cry. Naruto got up and then looked at his table and soon found something he never owned before. It was a book with a note on top of it.

To Naruto:

Naruto if you are reading this right now it should mean that the Hokage probably thought you were ready or he has just died. In this book are ancient secretes on how to perform an ancient technique that has long been forgotten in the Ninja nations. Our clan has kept this ancient technique "Magic" alive and kept it from being forgotten. Right now you may be wondering what this note has to do with you. What this has to do with you is you are the one who has to keep magic from vanishing in the world. Everything else will be explained once you open the book I believe you'll make a great mage.


Your father Arashi

Naruto stood up no longer crying, but put on a confused face. 'Hey Kyuubi did you know that my dad was the fourth Hokage?'

"No, this is apparently new news to me too; even the part about magic is new to me."

'How come you don't know, aren't you like 1000 years old,'

"Hmph, although I am over 1000 years old that doesn't mean I've seen or heard anything about magic. Even in the demon realm nobody mentioned anything of it."

'O, well that makes everything harder,'

"So Naruto what do you plan on doing now?"

"Well for one as soon as I leave this village I'll head to Wave Country then continue on from there," Naruto said while packing stuff into a back pack.

2 hours later Naruto with his full backpack went to his favorite ramen stand Ichiraku.

"So Naruto what will it be today?" a man said from across the counter

"I'll have a bowl of miso ramen Ichiraku ojisan," Naruto said as he sat down

"Coming up," the old man said while preparing food.

"Hey just to let you know I'll be gone for a while old man," When Naruto said this the Ichiraku stopped for a few seconds before continuing to cook the boys food.

"Why is my best regular leaving?"

"Kind of sad, I've been exiled from the village and I have to leave today," When Ichiraku heard this he stopped cooking and turned to face Naruto. He looked like he was about to say something but then looked at Naruto's face. The only emotion that showed was sorrow. He then made Naruto's ramen and set it front of him.

"It's on the house today," Ichiraku said before turning around to mind the stove.

"Thanks," Naruto said before digging into the bowl of ramen. Although Naruto didn't notice it the reason Ichiraku had turned around was because he was crying. 'why did they have to do that to Naruto' thought Ichiraku while pretending to do something on the stove.

"Hey Ichiraku oji-san don't tell Ayame that I'm leaving ok?" Naruto said after finishing his bowl. Quickly wiping his tears Ichiraku turned around and looked at Naruto.

"We will wait for you Naruto," Ichiraku said as Naruto exited the shop.

Naruto went through Konoha looking for the one person he liked Sakura. After a few minutes of searching Naruto did find her and did his best to put on his regular smile.

"Hi Sakura-chan," Naruto said while running to meet Sakura.

"What is it Naruto?"

"What can't I just hi to a fellow teammate?"

"Naruto if you want to ask me out like always the answer is no," Sakura said before turning around and continuing to walk again.

"This is the thanks I get for rescuing you?" Naruto asked Sakura as she was walking. She then stopped and turned around to answer Naruto.

"What are you talking about Sasuke-kun was the one that rescued us all from Gaara,"

"That's insane there is no way that teme could beat Gaara,"

"Liar you're just jealous of Sasuke-kun because he's stronger then you. Besides I don't see how you could beat Gaara," Sakura said then continued on not wanting to talk to Naruto.

As soon as she walked away Naruto did nothing to stop her. He then continued on walking to the Hokage's grave.

Present time

Naruto was outside of Konoha heading towards wave country where he knew some people. Jumping from tree to tree he didn't stop and traveled for quite a bit until he was about 10 miles away from Konoha. Taking a quick break Naruto started to look at the book that was left for him.

"Kyuubi do you know how to open this book?" Naruto asked while trying to open the book.

"Kit it's sealed with a blood seal so It'll probably need your own blood over the seal," Naruto cut his thumb with a kunai then dropped one drop of blood onto the seal. The seal started to glow white before it vanished. The book opened and then there was a white smoke just like when Naruto uses his shadow clones.

When the smoke cleared Naruto found out he was not alone. In front of him was a girl in a red cloak, with blue shirts and pants. Her hair was a red color which matched with her cloak. She was as tall as Naruto and also seemed about the same age as him. Naruto found himself staring at the girl until the she broke the silence.

"So I'm guessing you're the next caster?" the girl said while staring at Naruto as if evaluating him.

"Um… why were you in that book?" Naruto asked with a confused look on his face.

"Huh? What has Arashi been doing all these years?"

"Arashi my dad? Did you know my dad?" Naruto asked recalling the note he read a few hours ago.

"Calm down kid, and yes I did know your dad. I guess it's like the saying like father like son. As for your first question I'm a summon a fire spirit to be exact,"

"You mean like the frog summons?"

"A bit except there's no boss summon and stuff like that. Also we don't use Chakra to get here, the summoner has to use a force called magic,"

"I've been hearing about magic for a while but what is magic?"

"Magic is a force within some people that can be used for all purposes. It is almost like Chakra but different. Magic is drawn from one point in your body which is different for everybody and can also draw power from outside the body when needed,"

"Ehh this is a bit too confusing for me."

"Maybe you need a demonstration, here put these on," Sophia said handing Naruto goggles that looked like the old ones he used to wear. Sophia then stuck her hand in front of her, at first nothing seemed to happen but then Naruto saw something happen. With the help of the goggles Naruto saw that a red like stream started to surround her hand from her chest. It started to glow brighter and brighter until she shouted "Fire,"

The result was a stream of fire shooting from her hand. "H-How did you do that? You used no seals or anything,"

"Hmm interesting,"

"That is the basic magic spell fire. I slowed down the process a lot so that you could see how it goes. The reason why I didn't need to do any seals is because magic uses mainly symbols and mediums, but not all spells need them as you saw just now."

"Cool does that mean I can do something like that?" Naruto asked while jumping up and down in front of Sophia.

"Sure kid, but for right now I need to ask you a question. What happened to Arashi?"

Naruto looked down at his feat before looking up, "The people said that he died defeating the Kyuubi, but the Kyuubi is still alive and is inside of me," Naruto said and again looked down at his feat.

"Arashi's dead… that's not good and since you have the book that must mean you're the only one left," Sophia sighed looking at Naruto. "Hey kid I'm going to look through you mind for a bit to get updated on your situation," Sophia said placing her hand on Narutos forehead.

"Huh what do you mean you're going to…," before Naruto could finish what he said Sophia said something under her voice. Soon Naruto began to feel dizzy and could barely stand up. It lasted for a few seconds before Sophia lifted her hand from his head. "Wh-what happened?"

"I looked through your mind and boy did you have it tough Naruto," Sophia said grimacing at his thoughts. "I don't know why you would want to go back to that village again after what they had done to you but I guess that's your choice. But if I were in your shoes I'd just forget about that place."

"Why would I want to forget about Konoha?"

"Listen kid sometimes just leaving the past behind you is better for you, besides you gotta have room for new bonds and such that won't be broken as easily."

"Let's try that first then let's see what happens," Naruto said with a defeated voice.

"That's good, for now we'll make camp and I'll unlock your Magic."

"What do you mean unlock my magic? Naruto asked while cutting up nearby branches.

"Even if you have the gift of magic inside of you it's useless unless you unlock it. Magic at first is locked so we have to unlock it to get you to use your magic."

"Will it effect me in any way," Naruto asked setting the fire wood in the center of the camp.

"Possibly, but the changes have more positives then negatives," Sophia said lighting the stack of wood on fire. "Before we do though I'm going to have to set up a barrier," Sophia then walked around the camp, when she completed one whole cycle she stopped and placed her hands on the ground. "Barrier," she shouted then fire erupted from the circle she walked. The fire began to make a dome around them until it vanished in a bright array of colors.

"What happened?" Naruto asked walking toward Sophia.

"Try exiting and you'll find out," Naruto did as she said confident nothing was around them. When he neared the area where the fire disappeared he bumped into something invisible and landed on his butt.

"Ouch, what was that?"

"Put on your goggles and you'll find out," Naruto put on his goggles and saw a red dome like structure around them. "Now no one will disturb us," Sophia said while heading near the camp fire.

Naruto started to touch the barrier like a mime would when in a box. 'Hey Kyuubi what do you think about this Magic stuff?'

"Interesting it is something that can help you in the long run. Since even I didn't know about this I'd say most Ninjas don't so it can be useful. So just do as the girl said and maybe you'll become stronger kit,"

Naruto grinned while heading back to the camp fire to find some kind of weird circle with symbols across Sophia. "Umm… what is that," Naruto asked pointing at the circle as his grin was replaced with one of confusion.

"A spell circle, just get inside and I'll start the process of unlocking your mana,"

"Mana? Is that a new vocabulary term I need to know,"

"Didn't I explain what Mana was." Naruto shoot his head. Sophia sighed before saying "I'll keep is short. Mana is what is used to cast spells essential for every mage, now sit down already," Naruto obeyed and sat down in the middle of the circle.

"Is this going to hurt?" Naruto asked now with a worried face.

"Last time I did this on Arashi he cried like a baby," Naruto gulped as he stared at Sophia. Sophia stuck her hands out and started to chant something. Her hands started to glow a red color only this time it was visible without the goggles. The red glow reached out and started to make way towards Naruto. When the glow touched Naruto he felt pain like no other. For him this was worse then going through beatings he had when he was a kid. The pain didn't stop though, as the glow kept climbing upward the pain intensified. When the reddish glow covered Naruto completely it looked like he was using the Kyuubi's chakra only without the fox like features. This continued on for a few minutes until Naruto felt something flow inside of him. Then the reddish glow was replaced with a whitish color. That was when Naruto fainted from the pain he had been holding inside of him.

"Ugh what happened?" Naruto asked while recalling his memories.

"I see you finally woke up," Sophia said coming out from behind a tree.

"How long have I been out for?" Naruto asked getting up from the ground.

"10 hours, pretty impressive, most people wouldn't wake up till a full 24 sleep," Sophia said giving Naruto a blue vile. "Drink this it will help,"

Not wanting to argue Naruto drank the bluish solution and immediately began to feel refreshed. "What was that?" while getting up.

"An elixir pretty useful item," Sophia said while watching Naruto get up. "Listen since there are no other Mages I'll have to train you," Sophia said while putting her hand in front of Naruto. Sophia left her hand on Naruto's chest. Before Naruto could ask why he felt Sophia's Mana go around his body. After a few seconds Naruto started to feel heavy.

"What did you do?" Naruto asked trying to move his hands.

"Two things, one I put standard weights starting at 100 pounds on each limb. Second I gave you mana weights, almost like regular weights except it is now harder to tap into your mana," Naruto stared at her as if she was crazy. "Heh that look on your face is just like the one Arashi gave me when I started his training,"

"So what do I do for my Magic training?" Naruto asked while trying to get used to the weights.

"Well first we'll see if you can tap into your mana. Before you ask any questions close your eyes and try to see in your body a pool. When you reach the pool it should be a whitish color seeing that you exerted white mana yesterday," Naruto tried the sat down and started to breathe in slowly and exhale slowly. Surprisingly Naruto soon found himself in the middle of a white pool. The pool was white as Sophia said and when Naruto touched the mana it felt relaxing. Naruto soon felt a something hit his head which brought him out of his trance.

"So did you find it?"

"Yeah I guess," Naruto said while rubbing his head.

"Ok your first real exercise will be to try and pull your mana into your hand. We'll be doing this while heading to Wave country, that was your destination right?"

"Did you see everything in my memories,"

"Everything," Sophia said with a grin on her face. When Naruto saw the grin he felt as if somebody had put him in an ice jutsu. "Well lets go," Sophia said while putting on a fast pace towards Wave. When Naruto started to walk he remembered his weights and let out a groan.

Thirty minutes later, on the way the Wave country, Naruto was about to tear out his hair. He had tried what Sophia told him to do but could not find anyway to pull out his mana. Whenever Naruto tried to pull out some of his mana it felt as if it was anchored there.

'Kyuubi can't you help me,' Naruto finally said with a defeated thought

"Hey I just learned about mana so I can't help you." Kyuubi said with amusement in his voice.

After a while Naruto started to get annoyed then angry. When he couldn't take it anymore he let his emotions take over and punched the nearest tree. To his astonishment the tree burned a white color before it was reduced to ashes.

"Emotions can help you at times but sometimes it can lead to defeat. The reason why you were able to pull out some mana after all this time was because your emotion gave you a push in the right direction. Although I don't suggest you do that again, because now it might be easier to do this exercise since you did it once," When Sophia finished she found out that Naruto had only listened to half of what she said. He was too busy looking at his hand which was now engulfed in a white flame.

"Now try to put it out," Sophia said with a grin on her face.

Naruto found out it was equally as hard to put it out as it was to make it appear. When the two finally reached Wave country Naruto was able to call his mana anywhere on his body and recall it back.

"Naruto since when did you get a bridge named after you?" Sophia asked with pure confusion on her face.

"What are you talking about I don't have anything named after me…," Naruto stopped when he saw the bridge in front of them. There on the sign said The Great Naruto Bridge to both of the travelers astonishment.

"I think we need to go visit that Tazuna fellow of yours,(AN to lazy to look up names correctly if possible can anyone tell me correct names?) " The two travelers made their way towards where Tazuna's house last stood. While walking they noticed (remember Sophia knows what Naruto knows maybe is should've said that earlier) that the streets of Wave were looking livelier. When they reached Tazuna's house they saw a bigger and better house.

"I think we go the wrong house," Naruto said looking at the house. As soon as he said this though a familiar person came out of the house. He had on suspenders and a white hat with 2 blue stripes going around it.

"Naruto nii-chan is that you? It is you! Wait till I tell grandpa you're here," with that before the two could even respond the boy ran inside the house.

"This is definitely not Wave country," Sophia said.

A few seconds later the door opened again and this time an old man came out with a huge smile on his face. "Naruto I see you've come to visit with a guest also."

"Tazuna oji-san what happened?" Naruto said with a gaping mouth.

"I'll explain to you once you come inside," Tazuna said while literally dragging the two inside. Inside was were Naruto first explained how he was exiled and now was just traveling to become stronger.

"That's just stupid getting stripped of your rank when you rescue the village. Don't worry Naruto here you are actually a hero," Tazuna said.

"Thanks, so anyway enough about me how did Wave become so prosperous?"

"That is all thanks to you Naruto. With the bridge finished we were able to trade more efficiently with the other countries. Also with Gatou out of the picture it became safer to have trade here. So as you can see this is the result,"

"Naruto nii-chan how long are you going to be here for?" Inari said from behind Naruto.

"Depends on how long I can or want to stay here for. I'm no longer a Konoha nin so I don't need to report back there again,"

"So that means you'll be here for a long time. Yatta, can you teach me some ninja techniques for me to use," Inari said looking at Naruto with puppy eyes. Naruto looked to his left and right staring at the other people in the house. They just shook there heads in a way that said just admit your defeat.

"Alright Inari I'll see what I can do for you," Naruto said turning away from the puppy eyes.

"Yatta, mom Naruto is going to teach me ninja techniques," Inari said while running off to the kitchen.

"I see how nice," Tsunami (Inari's mom) said while continuing with her cooking.

"So can you tell me more about that girl who's been sitting there?"

"I'm a fire spirit summoned by Naruto here. I'm here to help Naruto unlock his powers and become a strong mage who will continue the lineage for mages," Sophia said with a straight face while everyone else sweat dropped.

"I see," Tazuna said but didn't seem to understand at all, "Well anyway if you are tired the rooms upstairs are for the guests so you can stay there,"

"Thanks," both Naruto and Sophia said before heading upstairs each into a different room.

The next day Naruto found himself woken up by Sophia.

"What the hell did you wake me up for?"

"Training," Sophia said simply while pulling Naruto's hand as they went outside. Once outside Sophia went to a secluded spot surrounded by trees out of sight from other people. "I'll teach you some spells now. Don't get too excited though I'm teaching you only support spells first," Sophia said as she saw Naruto's facial expression go from happy to disappointment. "Support spells are helpful you know,"

"Just tell me what to do,"

"The first support spell you'll learn will be heal, quite useful in a pinch. As its name suggests it does heal and depends on how much mana you use, for example," Before Naruto could blink Sophia moved in a quick motion and he soon felt he arm bleeding with a shallow cut. She then went up to him and put her palm over his hand. "Heal," she said and soon enough the wound sealed up and he felt the same as before.

The next few days were spend with Naruto learning support skills from Sophia. Although it was tough Naruto somehow managed through and didn't give up. It was a month when Naruto finally had all of the support skills memorized and more than half of them mastered.

"We should go on traveling, staying in one place too long is not that good," Sophia said when they had finished their practice session. "Oh yeah I forgot to give you something," Sophia held out her hand and soon it blazed with her mana. A few seconds later the flames died and in its place was a card with Sophia on it.

"What is that?" Naruto asked taking the card into his hands.

"It's a summon contract, so now I can come to you whenever you channel mana through the card. I'll teach you as we travel," Sophia said while walking faster. "Oh and here's another gift," This time Sophia pulled out what seemed like a sword from another space. When it was out she hurtled it at Naruto who instinctively caught it. "It's a special type of sword that allows you to channel mana through it," The sword in question was about 5 foot long and 3 foot wide. It was a intricate design that was able to split into two swords when needed to.

"Why give this stuff to me now?"

"Well I was a bit too lazy to give it to you before and I kept on forgetting,"

"Man stupid fire spirit," Naruto said under his breath. To Narutos horror though Sophia had heard what he said and started to channel mana to her hands.

"I know lets have a test. Let us see if you can survive with only your support magic," Sophia said with a surprisingly calm face while her whole body now emitted mana.

"Crap," was all that Naruto said as he started to run back to Tazuna's house.

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