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Well as for the request from Kirallie here's the list of spirits… so far…

Sophia: Fire sprit, Weapon: Blades Level 3

Ame: Water spirit, Weapon: Shield Level 3

Kazuya: Wind spirit, Weapon: Spear Level 2

Kuro: Shadow/Dark spirit, Weapon: Katar Level 1

Kari: Light/Holy spirit, Weapon: Bow Level 2

There will be more spirits and before you heard me mention something about spirit levels well this is how it goes so far.

Level 1 basic summon no bonuses or anything

Level 2 when the summon is beside Naruto and he's connected to them he's able to use weak manipulation without mana or chakra of that spirits element

Level 3 Stronger element manipulation with spirit out. Weak element manipulation without spirit.

More to come on stuff like this but I'll keep silent… also I'll just tell you this chapter you'll meet a new group… good or bad find out. Scione has a good idea but not quite on Ultima.

"Naruto… Naruto…" Naruto heard a voice say as he was sleeping. "Naruto it's time to wake up," Naruto opened his eyes to see Hitomi standing next to his bed shaking him awake.

"Gah… Hitomi-chan what are you doing here?" Naruto yelled as he rolled off the bed on the opposite side of Hitomi.

"I thought I would just come and wake you up," Hitomi said in her cheerful voice as she walked over to Naruto.

"There really is no need," Naruto said as he started to move backwards trying to make the gap between both of them larger.

"Aw you're no fun… you still act like you did when we were together," Hitomi said in front of Naruto.

'Gah must think of way to escape but how?' Naruto thought to himself as he conveniently forgot he had his spells.

"Here I come," Hitomi said as she dived at Naruto only to be stopped by a wall of ice.

"I knew something was weird when I heard Naruto something in Naruto's room," Ame said as she entered Naruto's room.

"Gah I'll get you for that," Hitomi said as she extended her claws and faced Ame.

"I'd like to see you try," Ame said as her hands started to glow blue.

"Ano… can you not fight here," Naruto said weakly but wasn't heard.

"Take this," Both girls yelled as they charged at each other Naruto being in the middle.

"AHHHH," Naruto yelled as he saw the two getting ready to collide.

"Shadow melt," Naruto heard Kuro say before he sunk into the floor leaving the two girls to fight it out.

"Thanks Kuro," Naruto said as he came out in the living room.

"You know you could've teleported away," Kuro said immediately making Naruto do an anime style fall.

"You're right…" Naruto said in shame. "So how are you doing this morning?" Naruto asked the shadow spirit.

"Same as usual… waking up and preparing for some nonsensical fight that will happen in this house soon," Kuro said before his presence left the room.

"Man he could at least talk more often," Naruto said before walking to the kitchen.

"Morning Naruto," Sophia said as she looked up from the couch she was lying down on.

"Monring Sophia… hey have you found any info on spirits yet?" Naruto asked.

"You're taking me along this time alright!" Sophia said in more of a statement.

"Fine as long as I can get away from this household of craziness," Naruto said as he avoided a hug from Mina.

"Aw why did you avoid me Onii-chan?" Mina asked as she got up from her failed hug.

"I'm too annoyed right now because of all the things happening right now… sorry," Naruto said as he returned his affection by ruffling her hair. "By the way, don't you have your lessons with Kazuya right now?" Naruto asked getting a groan out of Mina.

"That he is correct," Kazuya said as he appeared in a gust of wind beside the two. "Come on little girl it's time to get going," Kazuya said as he started to pull Mina outside.

"NOOOO Onii-chan don't let him take me away," Mina said as she initiated her puppy eyes on Naruto.

"That won't work on me this time Mina," Naruto said while on the inside he was trying his best not to give into Mina's tactics.

"So that leaves Ame, and Kazuya out for brining on the journey," Naruto said as he turned back to Sophia.

"Why not bring Kuro? I mean he hasn't been with you on a mission for a long time," Sophia suggested as she got ready to leave.

"I concur with Sophia… I too desire some action," Kuro said as he came out from the shadows. Kuro was in a black cloak which covered most of his body which was about 5ft 10. The only thing you could see when you looked into the cloak were a pair of yellow eyes which seemed to glow in the darkness. (forgot to describe the spirits heh…heh…)

"All right Sophia so who and where is the next spirit?" Naruto asked.

"The next sprit is someone that Kazuya apparently was friends with a long time ago… it's a lightning spirit who goes by the name of Raika," Sophia said in a thinking position. "Also she is said to be living in a part of Lightning country at the top of a mountain… how fun," Sophia said sarcastically thinking of a mountain.

"Lets go quickly," Kuro said as he started to get impatient.

"Fine let's just go over there right now before I get caught in something bad," Naruto said as he heard the commotion from upstairs start to move downstairs.

"Fine I'll set the zone… Done," Sophia said as she opened her eyes. "Naruto I'll require some of your mana to help me open up a warp," Sophia said as she motioned for Naruto.

"Fine… don't take too much though," Naruto said as he stretched out his hand which started to glow white.

"This should be good," Sophia said as she gathered the mana coming out of Naruto and mixed it with her own. "Warp" Sophia shouted causing the mana she collected to burst out and swirl around the three before they disappeared.

Meanwhil Kari who was watching from the side put on a lonely face. "It sure is getting lonely in here," Kari said as she noticed no one in the house. Apparently everyone had left including Ame and Hitomi.

"I wonder what there is to do in town?" Kari said as she left the house to explore.


"So this is the mountain huh?" Naruto asked as he looked up at the mountain. "And there's a barrier around it also… man this is going to be troublesome," Naruto said Shikamaru's famous line as he looked up.

"Hmph… some more training I guess," Kuro said as he started to do some practice jumps.

"Let's go," Sophia said as started to scale the mountain.

"No reason on waiting," Naruto said as he started to jump up from rock to rock.

"I've been in the shadows too long," Kuro said as he followed after Naruto.


Meanwhile in Konoha… with Ame and Hitomi

"I'll show you that I'm better suited to take care of my Naruto-kun," Hitomi yelled as she jumped from house to house.

"Oh yeah… well I guess I'll have to disprove you there," Ame said as water started to form around her.

"No not another fight…" one of the civilians said as they saw the fight with Ame and Hitomi going on.

"It's all because of that Kyuubi brat… we should've never hired him," Another civilian said.

"But the war is being turned around surprisingly… and he eve does some missions alone," a civilian said in support of Naruto.

"I just hope they aren't as destructive as the last two… even Tsunade was a bit outmatched for those last two," the first civilian said as he remembered the fight from yesterday.


Here's the promised fight

"Take this Kazuya Blade Fury," Sophia yelled as she rushed at Kazuya with all three of her blades circling around her. When she did come close to Kazuya the blades started to spin in place and strike out toward Kazuya.

"Aww… you'll hit the old lady also," Kazuya said as he jumped up. "Halberd Slice," Kazuya said as he slashed down with his halberd blocking two of the blades.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING OLD LADY?!?!?!" Tsunade yelled in fury as she caught Sophia's third blade in her hand before she threw it at Kazuya.

"Not fair everyone's against me… guess I'll have to fight more seriously," Kazuya said as he knocked the third blade away with his halberd. "Tornado Halberd Assault," Kazuya said as he spun around quickly until a miniature tornado formed around releasing some wind slashes.

"Hmph… Blazing Phoenix," Sophia said as she became engulfed in flames until she resembled a phoenix. "Die Kazuya," Sophia said as she charged straight at Kazuya.

"Hmm I think you're forgetting that my element has a natural advantage over yours," Kazuya said as he stopped spinning and channeled mana around him large amounts. "Show the true spirit of a dragoon, Dragon Typhoon," Kazuya threw his halberd at Sophia which turned into a dragon.

"Amazing… they sure do have flashy techniques," Tsunade said before she pushed chakra to her feet and jumped up. "I still have my perfect control for my attacks," Tsunade shouted as more chakra gathered around her.

The three attackers collided causing a huge explosion. When the light died down everyone could still see the three fighting in mainly a 2 vs 1 battle.

"Dang it… I'm too outnumbered guess I'll try something new," Kazuya said as the armor he had on sprouted two white metallic looking wings. Around him 6 spears formed circling him. "Dragoon armor second phase," Kazuya shouted surprising Sophia and Tsunade.

"Ehh… I never knew you were holding back," Sophia said in shock as she saw what Kazuya did.

"I'm older then you so expect the unexpected little girl," Kazuya said as his voice started to get cocky.

"It's still 2 on 1… and I have a feeling if I help you the fighting will stop soon," Tsunade said as she stepped next to Sophia.

"Great," Sophia said as she charged up her mana again causing her three blades to spin around her.

"Hmph… Wind Assault" Kazuya yelled as his six spears pointed outward while in a circle position around his body. Out from the middle shot out spheres of wind which went straight for their targets.

"Tri Blaze," Sophia shouted as her blades formed a Y position in front of her soon causing torrents of flames to come out and meet Kazuya's attack.

"I'll help too," Tsunade said as she grabbed the earth beneath her and threw it at Kazuya.

"Futile," Kazuya said as he shot more spheres dispelling Sophia's technique and destroying the boulder sent by Tsunade. "Time to end this I'm using too much mana," Kazuya admitted as he charged up his mana and sent it down in one attack. "Wind Supreme Attack Dragon Blast," The attack sent by Kazuya formed a dragon which headed straight towards the two.

"Dang it… Take this Fire Supreme Attack Blazing Explosion," Sophia shouted causing a massive explosion to take place around her moving up to meet Kazuya's attack.

"Can't stay close anymore," Tsunade said as she moved back.

The two attacks met each other and when they did they went past each other and hit the two users effectively knocking them out.

"I guess this is over now," Tsunade said as she looked at the chaos formed by the two. "Gah I'll kill Naruto when he gets back," Tsunade said before going back to her office.


"Ame take this," Hitomi yelled as she attack Ame causing some buildings to be damaged.

"I'm not done yet," Ame yelled as some people got drenched by Ame's water attacks.

"I wonder when those two will stop," Kari said as she wandered through the streets of Konoha, dodging the attacks. "Hmm is that what I think it is?" Kari asked as she passed a store. "It is!!! I can't believe it finally came out," Kari yelled as she ran into the book store to get what she wanted.

In the window there was a copy of Icha Icha Paradise volume 20.

"Hehehehe," Kari started to giggle perversely as she opened the book in front of her and read it.

"I see you're into these kinds of things also," Kari heard a man say.

"Who isn't? I mean this has got to be the best book series in the whole world," Kari said as she flipped the page.

"The name's Kakashi… aren't you one of the girls that sticks with Naruto?" Kakashi asked in an out of place manner.

"Yes I am… Well anyway nice meeting someone else who likes this series," Kari said before she vanished in a white light.

"… She took the last copy… and didn't pay," Kakashi said as he walked out of the store sadly.


With Naruto

"Man that was a long climb," Naruto said as he reached the top of the mountain.

"Why does the lightning spirit live somewhere up this high anyway?" Kuro asked.

"Because I feel like it," a girls voice said from behind them. When Naruto turned to the voice he saw a girl who looked to be 18 with long green hair in a pony tail. She had blue eyes with a green tank top and green shorts.

"You must be Raika… will you form a contract with me?" Naruto asked suddenly.

"I'll consider it… after all it's been such a long time since I've seen a Real Mage unlike those members a bunch of fake mages.

"Fake mages? Oh so I see you met some of those members… they've appeared all of a sudden and are enslaving most of the sprits…" Naruto said.

"I'll come with you if you can beat my disciple over there," Raika said as she pointed over to a girl by the side. She seemed to be 16 years old with silver hair and green eyes. Her attire was the same as Raika effectively showing off her bust.

"I'll take care of him Raika-sensei," the girl said before she immediately charged at Naruto.

"Fast," Naruto said as he dodged a punch from the girl.

"Heh," the girl said as she turned around to deliver a kick at Naruto's stomach. "Lightning Embue," the girl said as she removed her foot from Naruto.

"Gack… lightning hmm… Guess I'll have to play rough also," Naruto yelled as he attacked also. "Fire Axe," Naruto yelled as a axe made of fire came down at the girl.

"Too easy," the girl said as she dispelled the attack with a lightning kick.

"You're off guard now," Naruto said as he thrust his fist forward hitting her with a chakra punch.

"Huh what hit me?" the girl asked as she doubled over in pain.

"Surrender and you won't get hurt any more," Naruto said as he grabbed the girl in his chakra arms.

"Never," the girl said defiantly.

"Raika it's your loss… Fine I'll make a contract with you…"

"Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto said extending his arm out.

"Well Uzumaki Naruto, I guess you'll be learning some lightning magic now," Raika said as she gave Naruto a card with her picture on it. "I guess I'll follow you now… after all this is no place to leave two ladies with the Mahou Progenitors out loose," Raika said as she got ready to leave.

"Suzu is the name and don't forget it," Suzu said as she went to the edge of the mountain.

"You guys go on ahead I'll catch up," Naruto said as he sat down and pretended to be tired.

"Hurry up then," Sophia said as she jumped down the mountain.

"You can come out now," Naruto said as he stood up.

"My my I guess you can't hide from a Spirit Mage," a man said as he appeared in front of Naruto.

"Hmph… a Faux mage stealing the spirits powers by trapping them in cards," Naruto said enraging the man.

"What are you talking about? It's you that are stealing the powers of the spirits you greedy selfish mage," the guys said in an angry tone. "No matter I'll defeat you today after all I'm a hunter class rank the 3d highest rank in the guild.

"Oh really then show me," Naruto said as he put his hand in front of him. Soon fire erupted from it forming a red blade.

"You're dead," the man said as he reached into a card case to pull out two cards. "Fire and Wind, answer my call and help me defeat the one who is disrupting the balance of Nature," the man said as he put the two cards in front of him.

"You're too slow," Naruto said as he dashed forward and sliced the two cards in half.

"My cards!!! Impossible nobody should be able to rip them! They are real contracts from the spirits themselves," the man exclaimed over the two ripped pieces of cards.

"Baka!!! These are real contract cards!" Naruto said as he pulled out one. "And this is a real spell! Fire Ball," Naruto said as a flaming ball of fire came out and hit the man. "I hope the spirit rests in piece," Naruto said as he picked up the pieces of cards before they started to disappear.

"Huh?" Naruto said as he saw pieces of cards soon resonate with Sophia and Ame card before they were absorbed into it.

"Time to meet the others for an emergency meeting," Naruto said as he climbed down the mountain to be greeted by the rest of the company.

"So you fought one of them I see," Raika said surprising Naruto.

"You guessed right… and I'm surprised at the cards they carry," Naruto said as he brought out Sophia's card.

"Yeah I felt it Naruto," Sophia said as she touched her heart and started to cry a bit. "That was my younger sister which was used in the card… it wasn't all of her though more like a piece of her essence… now I know where she disappeared to," Sophia said before she remained quiet.

"Seems like they caught a lot of spirits and now are acting up for some reason… most likely it has to do with Naruto," Kuro said.

"Yeah it probably does," the other two spirits said in sync.

"How would you three know?" Naruto asked getting all three to flinch.

"It's nothing you should worry yourself over Naruto… after all it's just something from the past," Sophia said before the two covered her mouth.

"Shut it he shouldn't know about it… at least yet or else it'll cause trouble," Kuro whispered in her ear.

"Even I know not to mention this to that kid… he is after all it right?" Raika asked.

"Yeah he is… but it hasn't awaken completely yet… the only signs of it coming out so far is the change of his hair color but that's it so far so it's best not to mention it to him yet," Kuro said before he turned to the group. "Let's head back… we don't have enough mana for warp so we'll have to walk together," Kuro said "Teleporting will not work as well as warp also if you were going to ask Naruto," Kuro said getting Naruto to shut his mouth.

"Well lets go," Raika said as she took the lead.

"Sure," Naruto said before everyone else followed.


Someplace else.

"How are the spirit hunts going on?" a voice said from the darkness.

"They are going well Ultima-sama… although I don't think we can make any more cards out of the fire and water spirit," the man said.

"Keep them here… if we wait they'll regain their powers so we can make more… I should know," the man called Ultima said before talking again. "Uzumaki Naruto… has he shown any signs yet?"

"No sir… but we think it will happen soon," the man said.

"Excellent… he'll make the ultimate weapon for us," Ultima said.

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