Denying Cupid

By Counterfeiting Shakespeare


Act Three, Scene One

(Lights! Camera! Action!)


"Hah! They are kissing! Pay up!"

" No way…Look at that…"

" Mommy, why is that girl's tongue in that man's mouth?"

Around the arcade, murmurs were heard, bets were being paid, and a large amount of scandalized mothers were keeping their hands in front of their children's innocent eyes.

Lust, in her position behind Envy, gave Destiny a high five.

Mamoru, for his part, knew that pretty soon, he would need to breathe. So that was why his hands clasped Usagi's head to tilt it, and kissed deeper.

Good boy…

And our leading lady? Well, after the initial shock of wanting to put all the passion she could put in her kiss, she pretty much melted in Mamoru's arms. Her mind warred, something was up, and she shouldn't be kissing the Baka. So when her small hands went to his jacket to pull HER man closer, we knew for sure she didn't listen to that small voice.

"Guys! Hey, don't do that here!" Motoki squawked. His blue eyes watched with disbelief as Mamoru and Usagi continued their private game of tonsil hockey. For a moment, he felt a little frizzle of envy, then saw the people streaming in, unchecked, into the arcade…"Where the hell is my sister…" he muttered. "Someone has to get the entrance fee."

Mamoru's hands travelled the curve of Usagi's body. Cupid from his vantage point was watching with grim satisfaction. His arrows were working. It took a good ten hits, and now, somehow, they were taking effect.

They tried.

They really did.

But they needed to breathe and so they did just that. Blue met with blue. Disbelief, shock and passion were in both.

Then Usagi hiccupped, and the spell was broken.

"HENTAI! HENTAI!" she yelled. Her lovely face was flaming red. In fact, her entire body had pretty much taken an incredible shade similar to the color of Tuxedo Mask's roses.

"What the hell…LOOK, YOU kissed me!" Mamoru said, somewhat breathless, because he did not have Usagi's amazing lung capacity.

There was no way Usagi was going to take responsibility with this one…even if she had been the one to make the first move. Mortified, she begun her defense. "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT! You jerk! I merely slipped!"


All six foot four inches of the jerk's hunk of a body loomed at our five feet two inches 'I merely slipped' heroine. Indignation was in Mamoru's face. Usagi was pole axed at the dark energy emanating from him.

"YOU SLIPPED?! Some slip." Mamoru jeered.

Yeah, I gotta admit, that slip was pretty suspicious now that I thought about it some more…



Cupid was starting to get pissed. His arrows were not working! What sort of antibodies do these two have anyway?

Mamoru ignored the sting. The blonde before him was still a lovely shade of red. He wondered if she was red all over her body…

"Come, here!" The Baka ordered her.

Usagi had started doing 'The Hop'. You know, the sort that looked like you wanted really hard to pee, but needed to stay put. "Why would I wanna do that, Jerk wad!"

"I need you to slip again…" Mamoru said silkily.

There you have it…His oozing sensuality.

Usagi turned a brighter shade of red, then turned a lovely shade of white. Her eyes zoomed in for the exit.


The god of love saw that, and ad libbing- because no script was forthcoming from where the writers were stationed in that somewhere, anywhere place– let loose another arrow.


She turned gracefully in a semi circle, her feet ready to bolt…as if hell and all of hell's demons were after her still tomato red body.




Give it up Cupid. Usagi was still a child, and these emotions were making her woozy. Her hormones were now working overtime. And her stomach felt as if frogs were doing a musical in it. Plus her head felt too light. Like it wasn't screwed to her head. She was getting a sick look on her face. Really sick. With a stilted movement, she bee lined to the comfort room instead of the exit.

Well now, let's leave her there, shall we? She needs the escape. Poor girl was looking pretty green there for a while. And her eyes was looking really, really big.

Mamoru for his part was trying to control his heart beat.

Let us snigger.

That's not all you are in need of controlling, bub.

His mind was insisting that nothing happened. The almost ear's splitting THUD THUD! THUD THUD! THUD THUD! Of his heart begged otherwise. Certainly certain body parts would like very much to disagree with that observation, too. His tongue slowly licked his bottom lip as if tasting Usagi all over again.

In the back, the woman that Cupid's bored arrow first hit turned to stare. She stood, undecided, if maybe in her impassioned state she could make a move at Mamoru. But she did not have immunity to the love arrow so she continued with her hugging of the red haired man. Her boyfriend started crying.

'Hmnn, what is the Odango doing there?' came a silken thought.

Lust, still somewhere, still anywhere, and who was conveniently forgotten, was now busy scribbling away. Love had fainted, too distraught by the sudden developments. Destiny hovered by, and begged Lust not to let the child have her first time inside the bathroom…

Spoils sport…

I mean, yeah, don't be so sickening…

Cupid, fully conscious now of the iron will our two leading actors have over their emotions made haste to draw his arrows again. Really, not even Pygmalion was this ankle deep in his self-denial. And that guy was pining for a clay statue, for crying out loud!

Mamoru felt another stinging and gave Motoki a glare. "You really need to smoke this place down, Motoki," he said in a grim tone. Then with stomping feet, he turned towards the bathroom, intent on seeing what Usagi was up to.

You go Mamoru!

Destiny glared at the beta reader.

Err, I meant to say, don't even think of entering that bathroom, Mamoru-Baka!

Usagi emerged before he could make it halfway. Her face was still dewy from where water had splashed it. Her school bow she had taken out, somewhat afraid it would get wet…

Uhm…That made no sense…

Why the heck did she need to take the ribbon off?

Lust grinned maliciously.

Now we know the real reason why Usagi felt driven to take her ribbon out. Now we just need to know why Lust would want it off. Its such a cute ribbon, too. Pretty big, but cute.

Mamoru starred at the girl who had been dancing in an out of his conscious thoughts (And subconscious thoughts, as well) for the past months now. Stared hard…

…and started gulping.





Okay, we get it. Just try to imagine fifty or mo so gulping. I promise there is a reason for it.

Mamoru narrowed his eyes and scanned the arcade. He had gulped only once. He was sure of that. He did not like the fact that he had heard others doing the same…

All around the arcade, guys were either blanched white or blushing beet red. An old man, a Christian with very devout ways, made a fast exit muttering something about how the soap opera was getting an insy bit rowdy for his taste. Mamoru waited for more to leave.

Don't hold your breath, bub.

What are they so gulpy about anyway. So okay, Usagi looks pretty cute with some of her hair plastered on her forehead, a few sticking out in the most adorable manner. Her pigtails are dry though. True, her skin looks very refressed, but then, she had washed it just seconds ago. And in her hard scrubbing water had splashed onto her blouse. A good amount of it, too…

…on her lovely, white, thin, cotton blouse…


Cupid, slightly overwhelmed with the sight himself, gulped his own gulp and strung another arrow into his bow. Lust, thinking one good turn deserved another, started scribbling away. By now, Destiny was having second thoughts about teaming up with Lust. She fetched a bucket of water and threw all the contents into Loves sleeping face.


Lust, with a flourish, added the period in her last sentence.

And Mamoru started stripping his green jacket.

Gasp from the females in the arcade. Now that the ugly coat was gone, Mamoru was now flaw free. And boy, was he GORGEOUS…(sigh)


Then Mamoru began fiddling with the buttons of his shirt.

Wow. When Lust makes it her business to interfere, she really goes all out…

Our man was halfway done unbuttoning his shirt when Usagi, our lovely nymph who couldn't hurt a little ant started slapping a high school student who happened to be near her.

But let's give the girl a break, since Cupid had gotten very liberal with his arrows on her, and she really is beginning to feel its effect.

"Get your own man!" She shrieked. "And don't you dare do what I heard you said just minutes before, you slut! That guy is MINE!"

'Well now,' Mamoru thought, halted in his mission, 'What have we here…'

Four guys ready to pounce Usagi, IS what we have here! They had decided that fourteen or not, she WILL grow up and become legal eventually. Better secure her for themselves before she gets snatched by anyone else…who knew the petite blond has a body to match that hair…

The leading man saw the determination in the advancing men's eyes and saw murder. "Oh, no you don't…" he said under his breath. Looking around he saw two forks, a spoon, piece of pie still uneaten, and a bread knife. His will took over him for the barest of second, and his hand passed over the butter coated utensil, going instead for the pie. Thus armed, he proceeded with gusto.





The casualty rate goes as follow; a spoon, lying harmlessly on the ground right next to a man holding his now bruised forehead, two forks lying three feet apart and two men giving Mamoru evil glares as they rub the spot where the HANDLE of the fork had stubbed them, and a sixteen years old boy, his face covered with delicious cherry filling and flaky crust.

Like Mamoru would care what they were thinking. This was the guy whose fist slipped towards his best friends nose when the best friend had the gall to hold his Odango close. And that was even before he got bombarded with some 'defective' arrows.

Love woke up spluttering and gave Destiny a death stare. Which quickly turned to a look of horror as Destiny recounted what had been happening.

Lust, our alluring vixen, saw her moment of glory slipping away, and prompted Cupid to keep shooting.





All four arrows shot record time towards Mamoru. Which was a bad move since Cupid should have shot a few at Usagi. This was because Usagi had recovered from what she had done, and was now kneeling, begging forgiveness to the stunned girl whose left cheek now sported Usagi's lovely hand print.

This was a hindsight that would cost Cupid a lot more of his arrows.

"BAKA! Look at what you have done! I can't believe that you did that to those poor defenceless creatures!"

The high school girl who minutes before had felt Usagi's wrath rolled her eyes in the air. She had forgiven Usagi because she was partly to blame- the thing she had mentioned doing was pretty wild –and also because the blonde really looked ready to die for her when Usagi had snapped out of her passion induced world. Still, the irony of Usagi's comment deserved an eye rolling gesture.

Mamoru was in the same league. Arrows or not, his pride demanded that he answer. Libido could wait. "You should talk! You are a nuisance to the public's health, you twit. AND STOP HOPPING!" With quick strides, he scooped his jacket up from the floor and wrapped it around the blonde.

Apparently, libido could wait, so long as Usagi wasn't hopping, or standing before him with a wet blouse.

Usagi was steamed. How dare he! Was he talking about how her shoes kept pelting him at the street? She had explained that one…or two. Or three.

How many times had her shoe zeroed in on him anyway? I've lost count...

As Mamoru's arms came around her, Usagi stiffened. Images of the mind shattering kiss that they had just shared taking over her mind. She felt her knees getting weaker. Her body becoming jell o. She could not have that.

Why not?

What is it with this girl?

"BAKA BUTA! No touchie! No touchie!" She screamed at his face. Right at Mamoru's right ear. Yeouchhh.

Back in denial. Cupid was getting royally pissed.

Now, things were heating up. Somewhere along the way, our two favorite people were trying to pick up the usual track of their fight. And somewhere, anywhere, Love gave Lust a flying tackle. But not before Lust completed her paragraph.

This could only mean one thing.

And no, you'll have to use your imagination with these one, coz I have bigger issues to tackle myself.



Hino Rei, she of the fiery temper and unrequited love for Chiba Mamoru walked in high with expectation. She had been waiting for ages at a particular street corner but the upper classman had not come. So naturally, she would try the arcade, because as mentioned, the bloody man seemed happy to spend his days in a place surrounded by screaming kids playing video games.

A contradiction, was Chiba Mamoru. He wanted peace and quiet so he always went to the one place Usagi always frequented. No wonder Destiny still had her hopes up.

What she saw made her grasped her henshin wand so fast, it almost looked like she was ready to do a transformation.

Poor girl.

She honestly believed she and Mamoru had that special something.

Someone should have told her it wasn't meant to be.

In fact, she should have guessed it, since she WAS psychic.

What'd I say; love is blind. Including psychic eyes.

Somewhere, anywhere, Love stated sweat dropping, and Destiny started wailing.

Hino Rei had just joined the cast. That just couldn't be good.


Not good at all.

It did not bode well to have Hino Rei play supporting role.

That would be like courting a firestarter head on.

Lust, pinned beneath Love, was just pissed that she couldn't write no more.