Into You, I Go

Chapter One: Tempting Fate

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If I am,

Another waste of everything you dreamed of,

I will let you down...

If I am,

Only here to watch as you suffer,

I will let you down.

So you're walking on the edge,

And you wait your turn to fall.

But you're so far gone,

That you don't see the hands upheld to catch you.

And you could find the fault,

In the heart that you've been handed.

For though you cannot fly,

You're not content to crawl.

If I Am by Nine Days

Thoughts swirled in Mikan's mind in an never ending circle. Half finished sentences scattering in her brain as it tried to analyze this impossible situation she was in. But, her brain, being not one of her strongest strength refused to coaporate with her. Instead it waved a white flag and blithely went out to lunch. She would've cursed it, if she could remember some curses that she heard from the boys in her class.

She wanted to blame Hotaru for abandoning her and Mr. Narumi who assigned them this sensitive topic in the first place, why couldn't he give them something normal, like 'your thoughts on the situation between Alice users and non-Alice' or something along the lines of that, huh? With a topic like that, she was sure that she wouldn't be in this kind of situation.

She jerked back to reality when she felt warm hands on the curve of her waist, the strength and size of them made her nervous. When his warm breath flirted with her ear, she had to supress a shiver.

She could feel the solidness of the ancient bookshelf behind her, digging onto her back as he pressed his body hard against hers, even with the cover of their uniform, she could feel the heat radiating off his skin. His raven hair was soft and tickled her cheek as he tucked his face beside hers. She bit her lip when he touched his soft lips to the sensitive curve of her ear.

"I warned you not to push me."

Her hands finally found the will to stop his when a hand moved upwards, stopping just below her left breast.

She should've just ignored him but she was so angry, angry the way that only he can make her and she was tired of the way he kept messing with her head.

After years of teasing and yelling, one would think that she would get use to it by now but this last year especially these last few months the teasing and taunting had went into a whole new level that she just couldn't shrug it off like she used to. Their fights that were usually playful changed into something entirely different.

It was subtle at first but…

Come down, Mikan. He's only teasing you like always. If you just suck it up and stand your ground, he's gonna back down. Do you want to be laugh at again?

Mikan clenched her teeth but her determination faltered when his hands pressed against her uniform, kneading the soft flesh beneath it. She gulped when she realized their delicate position, if somebody saw them…there will definitely be hell to pay, not to mention her reputation that was never good to begin with. And what if Hotaru got this on tape? They were in the library for God's sake!

She moved her legs restlessly, bumping against his, but froze when he eased a knee between hers, nudging her legs apart and pressed closer against her. Feeling the hardness of his chest and stomach against her softness, his body enveloping hers, it reminded her that he was way bigger, faster and stronger. There was no way she could ever win against him.

She felt claustraphobic, the air was too hot and stifling, her body was churning with sensations that she didn't understand. The beat of her heart was deafening and she jolted with surprise when she realized that she could feel his heartbeat too, beating hard and fast, echoing hers. When she felt his hot breath on her neck, raising the fine hairs on her nape, to say she was nervous as hell was an understatement. She was closer to running and screaming her head off.

She acknowledged that maybe she was in the wrong. She admitted that maybe, she did provoke him needlessly and that he did warn her. Some time she does and say things without thinking first.

At this point, she will admit anything as long as he let her go before she explode.

"All right. I'm sorry. I give up." She said sulkily and pushed at his hands but it didn't budge from its uncomfortable position just below her breasts. She glared at his chest, the only thing from his person that she can look at without tilting her head up and right now she was not in the mood to see his victorious smirk. "Come on. I said I'm sorry. Let me go already." She whined, her pretty mouth settled into a pout.

The voice that answered was harsh and sharp. "No."

Surprised by the hard tone in his voice, she unwittingly tilted her head up to see his face and meet his eyes.

Something in her reacted to the dark glint in his eyes, her stomach turned and twisted painfully, the two hands that were holding his immobile pushed harder, trying to make him release her as she felt butterflies bounced around on the walls of her stomach. Her amber eyes fixed on his, she squirmed and tried to slip away but she was no match for his strength. "Let me go."


When she shut her eyes and moved her head down so she didn't have to look at him, she found her head jerked up by his hands that moved from her waist to fist in her long chesnut hair, so she had no choice but to look at him.

Her throat felt raw and dry but she swallowed her pride and pleaded, unsure of the rules in this new game that he was playing. "Please."

Thinking that she was free when his grip in her hair suddenly weakened, she sighed softly.

It was a mistake.

She saw dark heat flashed in his uniqely colored eyes and opened her mouth to say something but she only managed to get out one word before he covered her mouth with his. "Natsume-"