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By oStilloDreamingo

Chapter 1

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Inuyasha stuffed his arms further up the sleeves of his fire-rat haori, as if that would help him get any warmer. Despite the chill in the night air, he did not dare build a fire. A fire signalled the presence of a human and could be tracked by both demons and wild animals with regrettable ease. Inuyasha growled softly in annoyance creating a pathetic imitation of his usual realistically feral tones. It was the night of the new moon, the one night of the month when the hanyou forcibly transformed into his human form at sundown only to revert back to his hanyou form at sunrise. Inuyasha could barely see his nose before his face in the darkness, and was lucky enough to find himself a shelter in time before the sun had set. Maybe it was not such a great idea to take off in a huff on the eve of the new moon, but his companions in the shard hunter group were really getting on his nerves and he desperately needed a break from their company, dangerous or not. Now he could only hope that he had covered his tracks well enough, and that no other creature would come seeking refuge in the cave he had found.

Inuyasha growled out again, already missing his demon constitution. Stupid humans and their frailties… He suspected that Kagome, Miroku and Sango were already asleep, tucked away snugly in their bedrolls. His supposed "pack mates" probably had no clue as to the moon phase and had probably once again assumed that the hanyou was off sulking in the forest after another of his and Kagome's arguments.

A "lover's tiff" Miroku called them. Inuyasha had to snort at that.

Lover's tiff, indeed.

Miroku would have been correct in his assumption, however the only flaws in the monk's reasoning were that Inuyasha and Kagome were a far cry from being lovers, and a typical spat between lovers did not involve one physically abusing their beloved. Of course the fact that the monk was so frequently on the receiving end of Sango's Hiraikotsu might have given him a warped view of the world. Inuyasha wondered if Miroku and Sango can be considered lovers. The two barely spoke to each other outside of conversations involving Naraku, Kohaku or the Kazaana, and their physical interactions were limited to Sango knocking the living daylights out of the monk when Miroku attempted to grope the Taijiya. The monk's lecherous nature overrode his survival instincts far too frequently.

Inuyasha's hand withdrew from the folds of his sleeve to gingerly touch the bruise on the side of his head hidden beneath his inky hair. At times like this, he was glad that in his hanyou form his ears were positioned high above his head, safely out of harms way when he was sent rapidly plummeting towards the earth yanked down by his neck. The damned wench had "sat" him repeatedly and painfully upon returning from her era across the well. Something about "failing entrance examinations" or something because of Inuyasha's inability to leave her alone when she needed to study…

Yeah sure, blame the hanyou for your own stupidity, Inuyasha thought privately.

Oh, and um… he might have also said that out loud. It had hurt both mentally and physically when Kagome had "sat" him into the ground; it had hurt even more to realize that as time passed and the occurrence became more frequent, the other members of the shard hunter group took no notice of the abuse the schoolgirl inflicted upon their hanyou protector.

Inuyasha had watched the girl from the future lug her heavy cache of schoolbooks (heavy for a human that is) over from her time into Kaede's hut, where she unfailingly unloaded them and then conveniently "forgot" to bring them along when the group would start moving again. It was amazing how she did not "forget" to unload the supply of beauty products, crayons, blank notebooks and instant foodstuff from the hideous yellow bag she insisted on lugging around.

Originally, Kagome had insisted that Inuyasha carry her heavy book bag for her as it was just too much for her muscles. Inuyasha had promptly responded to that by exclaiming that he was not her pack mule and she should be grateful that he did not shred her throat open for suggesting such a thing. Of course Inuyasha then found his piece being promptly interrupted as he found himself spitting out saliva and dirt. Inuyasha had later on followed Kagome across the well into the future where she complained to her age-mates about her inconsiderate "boyfriend" who refused to do the "gentlemanly thing" and carry his "girlfriend's" book bag for her. Inuyasha had been absolutely disgusted to discover that the girl still harboured not-so-secret delusions of having a romantic relationship with the hanyou.

How many times did he need to tell the girl that he was not looking for a romantic relationship with anyone before she got the point?

Inuyasha hissed softly as his hand came in contact with the swollen mound on his skull. Really, if he didn't need that miko and her mysterious powers, Inuyasha would have long ago shown her the true meaning of the word "pain" in all its dark glory with the finesse granted to him by his demonic blood and years of experience. Of course that would just take too long and the schoolgirl did have an unnaturally shrill voice. Maybe he would just dunk her into a mud-hole in a pig sty, making sure to get the mix of dirt and swine excrements into her mouth. Either would serve the purpose, the latter would spare his sensitive ears.

"I… nu… ya… sha…", a regal voice in the dark said, enunciating the hanyou's name carefully.

"Who's there?" Inuyasha hissed as he hurriedly got to his feet, and drew his useless sword and cursed inwardly. The stupid thing afforded him no protection on the night he was in need of it the most. Inuyasha suppressed a whimper of pain when his already bruised head hit the low ceiling of the cave. His eyes darted frantically left and right as he tried to see in the pitch darkness. The pounding of his heart sounded loudly in his ears.

"Pitiful half-breed that sullies our family name… Sheath our father's mighty fang… You are not worthy of wielding the mighty blade in your present condition…"

"Sesshoumaru…" Inuyasha hissed colour draining from his face as realization hit him. Sesshoumaru… his homicidal half-brother… his homicidal demon half-brother was standing before him while he was practically defenceless against anything larger than a squirrel.

Kami-sama hates me. Inuyasha thought as he sheathed the sword and squinted in the dark, slowly edging towards the entrance of the cave as if he could escape the mighty youkai. Quicker than the blink of an eye, Inuyasha found himself whisked out of the cave and had his head bashed against a tree.

"Ow! Put me down! Let go, damn it!" Inuyasha hissed as he struggled against the tree, trying to free himself from the grip of the one-armed dog demon that was holding him none too gently by the neck.

"The night of the new moon, your night of mortality…" Sesshoumaru murmured thoughtfully as his pale yellow eyes peered into Inuyasha's violet. "Then the legend is true. Every hanyou has a time of weakness during which they transform into a full blooded human."

"Yeah… Yeah… Will you put me down now! It's not like I can outrun you or something… Ow! Hey!"

Inuyasha found himself being dropped on his butt promptly. Growling softly, Inuyasha rose to his feet refusing to be intimidated by his demon sibling.

Great now my ass hurts. Why did the jackass have to slam me against a tree?

Inuyasha could see Sesshoumaru quite clearly now under the starlit sky; his shimmering long silver hair and pale skin seemed to go out of its way to capture the gentle light. Had Inuyasha's head not been pounding with pain he would probably have been more appreciative of the full demon's ethereal androgynous beauty. But as it was, given the hanyou's brash nature, admiring his half-brother was the farthest thing from his mind.

"Well? Why aren't I dead yet?" Inuyasha asked grumpily, folding his hands over his chest.

Inuyasha looked up at Sesshoumaru only to see a pair of gleaming yellow eyes studying him with predatory interest.

"Sesshoumaru…" Inuyasha whispered now distinctly unnerved. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

Like a hunting cat watching its prey pinned beneath its paws…

"Sesshoumaru…?" Inuyasha called uncertainly, taking a step backwards for every step the demon lord took in his direction. "Sesshoumaru snap out of it!"

The fear in Inuyasha's voice seemed to do the trick and Sesshoumaru jerked his head to a side as if shaking off his distracted state.

"Inuyasha…" Sesshoumaru murmured softly as he once again backed Inuyasha against the tree, only this time pressing his armoured chest to the human's. Sesshoumaru looked into Inuyasha's eyes measuringly before whispering softly. "Inuyasha… I will not kill you tonight in your time of weakness… We shall meet again during the light of day once Naraku is defeated… Only then shall I release you from your unworthy existence… We will battle little brother… a battle worthy of the sons of the mighty Inu no Taisho… and this Sesshoumaru shall arise the victor… and then the Tetsaiga shall be restored where it rightfully belongs…"

Sesshoumaru was gently stroking Inuyasha's cheek with his only hand as he whispered all of this under his breath with Inuyasha straining to hear.

"Do you understand me, little brother?" Sesshoumaru asked quietly.

Inuyasha stared into Sesshoumaru's eyes as his own glazed over in thought, he then nodded sharply.

"Yea… I get it… So now what?" Inuyasha asked, unable to mask the relief and trepidation in his voice.

If Sesshoumaru was not planning on killing me, why was he still here?

The demon smirked as his gaze travelled from Inuyasha's eyes to his neck.

"Now, little brother?" Sesshoumaru murmured as his golden eyes bled into lethal demonic red and the markings on his face glowed bright. Sesshoumaru gently lifted Inuyasha's dark locks off his left shoulder, baring the side of Inuyasha's neck. "Now I must attend to the small matter of obtaining a meal… It has been a while since I have last fed…"

With those words, Sesshoumaru sank his elongated fangs into Inuyasha's neck making the human cry out in pain. As the darkness crept over his mind and he slowly drifted into unconsciousness, Inuyasha realized that he now knew why he had never seen his demon half-brother feed. Sesshoumaru did not eat human food, or even wild animals.

The demon lord sustained himself on human blood…


Inuyasha woke up when he sensed his transformation taking place, his round human ears repositioning themselves atop his head and his claws lengthening and hardening. Inuyasha waited a few brief moments while his senses grew sharper and strength returned to his limbs. Inuyasha suddenly sat bolt upright, narrowly missing the ceiling.

Where am I?

Inuyasha got to his feet slowly, wondering why his movements were so sluggish when the events of the previous night came back to him. Inuyasha cursed his bad karma. Of all the nights of the lunar month, his half-brother had to chance upon him on his cursed night. Inuyasha snapped his head to a side as small scuffing sounds reached his ears. Curiosity getting the better of him, Inuyasha moved deeper into the cave, where he found two rabbits shaking in terror and agony. Inuyasha frowned and wondered why the rabbits were not running away. Taking a closer look, Inuyasha discovered his answer. All four legs of the rabbits have been snapped at the joint, making them unable to move.

Inuyasha figured out that his half-brother must have left them there for him in consideration of his exhausted state. Inuyasha's mouth watered and his stomach rumbled reminding him of his business at hand. First matter of priority, recuperate from his blood loss. Inuyasha lifted one of the pathetic creatures and sliced its neck and body open. He ripped out its heart and swallowed it whole while it still held a pulse. The other rabbit began squealing loudly in terror when it saw what had been done to its companion. Taking pity on the live rabbit, Inuyasha snapped its head of with his claws putting it out of his misery.

Feeling refreshed and energized after having finished his meal, Inuyasha headed out of the cave. At the entrance of the cave, Inuyasha encountered a demonic barrier that prevented entrance into the cave.

Inuyasha snorted to himself. His possessive half-brother had rescued him on many occasions with the declaration that Inuyasha's life was his alone to claim. So it did not surprise the hanyou that his demon sibling had taken precautions to ensure his safety through the night. Drawing his Red Tetsaiga, Inuyasha lightly sliced through the barrier, dispelling it completely and then sheathing it, he leaped towards a stream he scented not too far away. At the stream, the hanyou began to wash away the blood and gore from his person. Inuyasha had taken note of all the signs around the cave that told him that his half-brother had probably left him in the cave a little before midnight and had then gone his own way wherever that may be. When the last of the blood had been washed from his claws, Inuyasha took off in the direction the shard hunter group had camped for the night. As Inuyasha neared the site, the sounds of activity reached his ears.

Strange… they shouldn't be up this early… Curious, Inuyasha picked up his pace and leaped onto the ground into the clearing of the camp.

"Inuyasha!" came a chorus of calls, followed by a loud joyous "meow".

"Huh, what? What's wrong? Did something happen?" Inuyasha asked looking around bewilderedly at his companions who were staring at him with a mix of joy and relief.

Do I have something on his face?

Inuyasha checked himself to see if there was any evidence of his meal left upon his person. In his experience, humans did not take well when they discovered that the hanyou fed on raw meat.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome murmured softly as she came forward and embraced the hanyou putting her arms about his waist. "Inuyasha… I was so worried… I thought you could get hurt… it was your human night… and… and… (sniff)…"

"Oi! Wench, why are you crying? Hey, you're getting my haori all wet!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he awkwardly patted the crying priestess. He never could stand the sight of a female crying.

Inuyasha stood their for a while holding the sobbing girl, while Miroku, Sango and Shippou stared at him with looks on their face that clearly said, This is all your fault. You made Kagome cry! After a while Inuyasha pulled Kagome away from his chest and murmured, "Hey you about done yet? Quit crying already. I'm fine wench can't you see or have you gone blind while I was gone?"

Kagome pulled away from the hanyou furiously and stared at Inuyasha with rage in her eyes.

"Inuyasha, you insensitive jerk! How dare you make me worry like that? Sit boy! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!"

Kagome screamed the last "sit" command and then stormed off to pack up her bedroll, and to prepare her meal. Inuyasha gingerly got to his feet as he stared at the shard hunter group go about their business of making breakfast and packing up. He heard Miroku mutter a soft "Will he ever learn?" and Sango muttering an "I doubt it". Even Shippou muttered a "Stupid hanyou" under his breath. Kirara curled about Inuyasha's feet and purred as if trying to comfort the hanyou and Inuyasha smiled at the nekomata and bent down to stroke its fur.

Hey you take what you get right? No point in griping what you cannot have.

It was a hard lesson that had been ingrained into Inuyasha since the day he was born. Inuyasha dismissed the sadness and humiliation that niggled in his bruised heart and lay back on the grass as he waited for his companions to finish their morning rituals. His feelings were not important. What mattered was that they get moving as soon as possible and defeat Naraku. His heart can wait a little longer. He will care for it when the Shikon no Tama had been completed.

In the back of his mind, Inuyasha thought he detected a sense of curiosity. Inuyasha sat up suddenly. Curiosity? That wasn't his… whose interest was it that he was sensing? As soon as Inuyasha tried to detect the source of the sensation, it suddenly disappeared from his mind like the flame of a candle being snuffed out. He knew it had been there a moment before, but he couldn't find it anymore. Kirara mewed softly as if asking what the matter was. Inuyasha looked down at the cat and found that he did not know what to say.

I thought someone was looking at us and now they are not. Oh and um… it's just a feeling you know, like the hair on the back of my neck was prickling. And yea I have no idea where it was coming from. Oh and it isn't there anymore…

Yeah, that would go down really well. The group already doubted the hanyou's sanity, and this would only add fuel to the fire.

"Nah, nothings wrong." Inuyasha murmured as he lay back on the grass and closed his eyes. Somehow the hanyou could not shake off the feeling that they were still being watched although Inuyasha could not sense any sentient creature for miles around.


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