Chapter 4

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Winry's eyes slowly opened. She tried to remember where she was and then it hit her. Her mind was racing from what had happened. Did we…really…? She managed to look around. Her head was pillowed by Edward's bare chest. She smiled at how close they were. She could feel every breath he took and every beat of his heart. She looked up and saw Edward's sleeping face.

He looked so peaceful, no lines of worry or laughter or anything on his face. There was just calm and peace. She moved herself up a little bit to kiss him, but he stirred before her lips could reach his.


"Sh, shh," she soothed, smoothing his hair. She kissed him softly, hardly daring to believe this was really happening. "Go back to sleep."

"Good morning," he said, sleepily. He gently brushed his finger tips across her cheek. "Some night, huh?"

She grinned and nodded. Lying back against him, she snuggled close. Her fingers traced the many scars on his chest. How did he get so many? She ran one finger across a long, puckered scar along his stomach.

Ed stretched lazily. She figured he didn't think they had to hurry. There would probably be extra trains running because of last night.

Last night…. She smiled again. His left hand came up around her, rubbing her back which was barely covered by the sheet.

"I guess we should get going," Edward said. "The station will be packed."

"Hmmm. I don't want to move," she replied, burying her head against his neck. "This is too cozy."

He obviously couldn't argue with her. She trailed soft kisses up and down his neck, caressing his face and running her fingers through his hair. "Hmmm, Winry…," he murmured.

She grinned again and moved to kiss his lips. They kissed passionately, last night still with them. She longed for that feeling again, of being so close to him, part of him….

"Win, we can't right now," he said, gently pushing her off him.


"We gotta catch a train." He sat up, rubbing his eyes. "The sooner we get back to Munich the better, okay?"


"No buts," he stated. He kissed her again. "Think of it this way…the sooner we get back, we can, uh, get back to, uh, this."

Her lips curled up, slyly. "What do you mean by that," she asked, leaning in closer.

"Winry," he said, in a warning tone.

"I'm just asking!"

"You know what I mean." He sighed. "I'll take the shower first, okay?"

She nodded, watching him walk across the room to the bathroom. She knew what he meant by "this", but what did last night mean for them? Were they "together" now? She knew she wanted to be with him. He had told her he loved her. And she loved him. So…they were boyfriend and girlfriend, right? For some reason in her head, acknowledging Edward as her boyfriend just seemed weird. Ed was more than a boyfriend to her. But was there a word for what she really felt he was to her?

She heard the shower running and a thought occurred to her. We could save time…. Her sly grin returned. Not like there's anything to hide…. She walked over to the bathroom and opened it (A/N: without knocking! Dirty girl…).

She stared at Ed's back, hidden a little by the steam. Then, she walked over to the shower door and eased it open….


A train whistle blew. Ed turned in the direction of the sound. Just one more…. They had saved time thanks to Winry, but they still had to wait five trains before they could leave. They were leaving on the last train, but if they hadn't…saved time, then they would have to stay another night.

Ed blushed. Not that staying another night was a bad thing. And, being late gave them the opportunity to spend quality time together. They browsed the shops along the main street and were eating lunch in a quaint café. Ed didn't think much of it until he heard two old ladies whispering behind him while Winry was in the bathroom.

"Such a cute couple," the first one whispered.

"Yes, don't find genuine love and attraction in young people these days…so nice to see that now."

Ed's face felt hot. They were a couple? With "genuine love and attraction"? What the hell? He figured their relationship would progress after last night…and this morning…but did they were a freaking red sign over their heads that said it?

This is bad, bad, bad, BAD! We can't go back to Munich like this…but what can I tell Winry? I don't wanna break her heart…she'll break my face!

Winry returned from the bathroom, pulling out her wallet. "What do you think you're doing?" Ed asked, gesturing at the money in her hand.

"Paying for my lunch, dipwad," she answered coolly. "That is what money's for."

Ed moved her hand from the table, reaching into his own back pocket. "I've got it. Don't worry about it."

Winry put her hands on her hips and stared him down. "Playing the noble boyfriend are we?"

Ed chuckled and laid down the money. They left the café when what she said registered in his mind. Boyfriend…boyfriend. It bounced around, echoing the finality of the word. He turned to say something about this, remember the old ladies, but found he couldn't say a word.

Winry turned to point at some street performers, laughing. His face turned red, thinking about how cute she was. She pulled on his arm, saying something he couldn't hear. Her voice from the night before rang in his ears…Edward…Edward….

"Hey, Shorty!"

"WHAT?!" Ed whirled around, snapping out of his daze. Winry hid her giggling grin behind her hand. "WHO'S CALLING ME A BEAN SPROUT MIDGET?!" (A/N: that's for you shrimplyirresistible)

"Well, since you didn't answer to Ed," Winry laughed. He stared at her, steaming. "I'm sorry," she said, putting on the puppy-eyed pout.

He realized then that he couldn't resist, deny or hurt her. She's just too damn cute He knew how easily he could hurt her though which scared him. He also knew that she was slowly becoming a big weakness to him (other than Alphonse).

"Whatever," he muttered. He continued walking toward the train station, slightly registering how wonderful and complicated his life would be with Winry now.


Winry stared at his back with a questioning look in her eyes. What's up with him? She ran to catch up with him, hooking her arm through his when she did. He looked at her, alarmed. "Something wrong?" she asked innocently.

He shook his head. They walked along in silence, until they reached the train station. I'm finally gonna see what Ed and Al's home looks like! She couldn't help but feel excited, since it was by luck she found them in Venice. What if I hadn't found them? The train whistle blew and the ticket collector shouted, "ALL ABOARD!"

They settled into their compartment, Winry leaning against Edward comfortably. He looked out the window, obviously distracted.

Winry suddenly felt frustrated at him. What did she have to do to get him to be honest and open with her? How much farther could their relationship go for him to trust her? She looked at him, silently pleading, what do I have to do? I just want to help you.

The train lurched suddenly. Ed and Winry fell from their seats and landed sprawled on the floor. "What the freakin' hell?" Ed exclaimed, helping Winry up. Many of the other passengers had fallen, too.

"Alright!" came a raspy voice over the intercom. "Now, if everyone cooperates and doesn't panic, no one will die." The voice chuckled, darkly. "This train has been officially taken over by the National Socialist Workers Party, and will not arrive at its destination."

Winry looked at Edward, fearfully. "Edward…?" she said, in a small voice. He protectively put his arm around her.

"Don't worry," he said fierce protective instinct in his eyes. "I'll protect you." (A/N: Awwww! Soo kawaii!!!! dies from fluff)

"My men will be coming around to inspect the cars and get rid of anyone who may be a resister…so get ready…" the voice finished, menacingly.

Winry began to wonder if they would ever get to Munich…alive.

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