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Author's Notes: Well, this is one of those Farscape/Stargate protagonists-who-just-happen-to-look-absolutely-identical-switch-places crossovers out there—we all know they're just asking to be written! I hope you enjoy it!

And please point out anything I get wrong: while I've been a SG fan for a while, I'm relatively new to Farscape (love it, though, it's pure genius) and might not get all the characters and dialogue and details right. Let me know how I'm doing!

Chapter 1

Down the Rabbit Hole pt.1: Something New, Something Blue

Her eyes shot open and she fought for her usual awareness. All her senses were slightly dulled. A wispy haze floated at the edges of her vision, and she blinked a couple of times to clear it away. A ringing noise stabbed at her eardrums, and she frowned in annoyance. She shook her head, but the ringing didn't go away. Eventually, as awareness fully set in, she realized it was coming not from inside her head, but from somewhere to her right.

"She's coming around."

A face came into her line of sight, and a woman, dark-haired, pointed a light into her eyes.

"Do you remember what happened?"

She didn't.

"Dr. Lam?" From the corner of her eye, she noticed a young man in a light-blue uniform of sorts addressing the dark-haired woman. "All her readings are returning to normal, same for Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson."

"Do you know where you are?" The woman was talking to her again. "Vala…? What do you feel? Talk to me."

She wouldn't have heeded the urge, but the impulse was stronger than her long-cultivated suspicion.



The lights were a warm yellow, and there was a faint, strange smell in the air. For a second, she hoped it was just a nightmare and she was really still in her quarters at SG command. Taking a deep breath in the hope to clear her head, she idly wondered what backwater planet she'd landed on this time.

Then she felt the faintest twinge in her entire body, and recognized the sensation instantly.

That was no planet. She was on a ship, in space.

"Good, you're awake," a gentle voice came from behind. She pushed at the light blanket covering her. "How are you feeling?"

She propped one elbow on the hard table and half-turned to see her interlocutor.


She nearly fell off the table in shock. Hallucinations, must be hallucinations. She frowned and shook her head, but the sight remain unchanged.

"You're…blue." She arched her eyebrows and repeated with more conviction. "You're blue."


They'd been fussing around her forever. What kind of game was it, she wondered, all the doctoring and the concerned visages.


They insisted on addressing her by that name, and she wouldn't correct them…yet. Not until she knew for sure who they were and why they'd captured her. She directed a guarded gaze towards the same dark-haired woman—Dr. Lam, they called her—who had spoken to her earlier.

"I need you to tell me how you feel."


For the first time, Aeryn spoke. Her voice was cold, but carefully non-inflammatory. Had she not felt each limb as heavy as lead, and her head three times its normal weight, she would have tried an escape. As things were, she could barely see for the throbbing headache and the dull pounding in her ears. If Moya had rammed into her at full speed, it could not have felt worse.

It was a ridiculous thought, of course, and she silently berated herself for the silly comparison. She'd been around Crichton for too long.

"There might have been residual effects of the device…do you feel disoriented, dizzy, do you experience difficulty in speaking, anything like that?"

Aeryn swallowed.


She saw 'Dr. Lam' frown.

"Memory loss…" The woman gave her a serious look. "Vala, what's the last thing you remember?"

Another question.

"Why don't you…refresh my memory."

The people in the infirmary exchanged wary glances.

"I'm not sure exactly what happened, to be honest," Dr. Lam replied. " There was accident in Colonel Carter's laboratory, you two and Dr. Jackson got caught in the shockwave..."

"What kind of accident?"

The story sounded more and more fantastic by the second. Where was she? Who were all those people? Where were the others?


"Aeryn, are you alright?"

Vala's eyebrows almost disappeared in her dark hair. The blue…creature next to her seemed concerned by her remark.


Sam's device. The interdimensional bridge or whatever. Had she been shot out into a different dimension? Had Sam's toy thrown her conscience into someone else's body, the same way the Ancient communication device had?

In a brief moment of horror, she stared down at her hands, and was immensely relieved to notice they weren't blue.

Well, she was on a ship in space, in gods only knew what corner of the universe, with no idea of how she'd gotten there or how she'd get back home, but at least she wasn't blue!