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April 15, 1912; 2:30 AM

"Is anyone alive out there?" the attendant Lowe yelled into the black night. The bodies floated lifelessly around the lifeboats, their frozen eyes staring into the nothing that remained after the sinking of the ship. "Can anyone hear me?" he screamed at the dead around him. The flashlight shone over their motionless forms as they bobbed hopelessly in the depths of the Atlantic. The freezing water rippled around them as though disturbed by nothing more than a twig.


"Oh Josephine, you're my flying machine… and it's up she goes… up she goes…" Rose Dewitt Bukkater lay on her icy platform, the only thing between her and death by hypothermia. To think she thought a headboard is my savior. No… she corrected herself. Jack, is my savior. The frigid air around them lay still and windless in the bleak silence that surrounded the pair. That was when she heard it… a strange distorted sound, but a sound none the less… and it was a person.

She timidly raised her head slightly above the wet headboard. A boat! A boat floated nearby in the water. The man at the head of the boat shone a flashlight aimlessly about the lifeless forms all around her. She must awake Jack!

"Jack… Jack, there's a boat!" she smiled at him, awaiting the fluttering of his eyelids as he awoke so that they could make their way to the long awaited safe-haven of the lifeboat. "Jack… there's a boat Jack… Jack… Jack!" She shook him vigorously. He had to wake up, he just had too! You can't die… not now… not after all of this! "Jack…" her voice broke. She began to cry. The tears coursed down her pale cheeks as the boat began to drift away. "Come back! Come back!" her voice was weak, she could not yell.

She grabbed Jack's wrist, still adorned with the handcuffs, those accursed handcuffs… Curse you Caledon Hockley, wherever you may be… I hope you are dead. She ripped her hand out of his frozen grip… he was dead. "I'll never let go…" she kissed the hand that had held her so gently, or pulled her so strongly to safely so many times. Jack sank to the bottom of the ocean… Jack Dawson… was dead.


"Come on boys! Let's give it one more shot… we know she dropped it around here somewhere…" Brock Lovett surveyed the bottom of the ocean carefully, his eyes scanning greedily for the diamond… the Heart of the Ocean. "Show me some ice…"

Lewis stood behind him. "The old lady didn't want us to have the diamond! Let's just leave that part of it alone! Let's move on!"

Brock kept his eyes fixed ahead on the ocean floor. "Rose is dead. I want to keep looking."

Lewis stared at his friend. "Brock, she didn't want it…" Brock put a hand up to cut him off. "What?" Brock pointed straight ahead; Lewis followed the direction his finger pointed. "Oh my…"

"Is… is that… a person?" Brock said dumbstruck. Before them on the rocky bottom, was a person. Their hands were adorned with old fashioned hand cuffs and their handsome face had a frame of light short hair. He wore brown pants with suspenders and a white shirt.

"Is that…" Lewis said quietly in shock.

"Jack Dawson." Brock whispered. "He's… he's in an ice casing… he's frozen solid." They maneuvered a little claw like outreach on the small vessel to touch the block of frozen matter that contained the man.

"Oh geez… get this, Brock!" Lewis said astounded.

"What?" he turned to look at his friend.

"…He's alive."

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