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Chapter Three: Free At Last!

Jack sat motionlessly in the hospital bed, staring at the white wall straight ahead of him. "Rose…" he moaned, "oh, no… not her!" He had been told the truth.


Three Hours Previous:

It was Jack's sixth week in the hospital. He was recovering nicely, or so he was told. He wasn't sure. To him it felt like he was dying… of boredom. There was nothing to do. He had tried to talk to the doctors, asking them what all the thing in the room were, what he was hooked up to, so on, so forth. Every time he was answered with a simple, "All in good time," or "Well, in America we have made some… advances in medicine." And then the doctors would leave.

So here he was, lying in the stupid bed staring at the stupid wall. He sighed, turning his head slightly as Elizabeth Trinity came in. She was his favorite doctor. She was kind, pretty… but not nearly so much as Rose. Goodness, how he missed her. He wondered if she was alright… or with Cal. Cal… he had calmed down since his last meeting with the pathetic excuse for a man, but he was still kept under careful watch most of the time.

"Hi, Jack, how do you feel today?" she asked as she sat down in a chair next to his bed.

"Fine." was his simple reply. He really had nothing to say.

"Okay, well, umm… any questions you have?"

"No….. wait! Please tell me… please… where's Rose?"

"Rose? Oh no… oh, Jack… I really shouldn't be the one to…"

"Please tell me… please! Is she hurt? Is she alright? Does she know I'm okay? Is she with Cal? Please! Where is she now? Is she…"

"Jack… Rose is dead." Jack stopped speaking.

"No… no, she isn't, she's fi-fine… she… she lived, I made sure of it."

"Jack… the… the year is 2007 and… and you've been frozen under water for 94 years. Rose lived a good long life because of what you did, Jack, but…"

"No… no…s-she sh-she's f-ine she isn't de-dead. No!" he said, beginning to realize she wasn't lying. Tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably as he began to sob hysterically.

"Oh Jack…" said Trinity, tears beginning to fall from her own eyes. "I'm so sorry." She placed a hand on his back as he sobbed for the next two and a half hours, before giving him a sedative and leaving the room.


What she didn't realize was that he had grown immune to it, and he knew it. He was no longer on the IV. He looked at the clock… 3:15… all of the doctors would be busy at this time, it was guaranteed. So, making sure no one was looking, Jack got up and walked quietly but quickly to the cabinets in which clothes were kept for him to have when he recovered.

He silently pulled on a pair of blue pants he had heard called "jeans" and a white shirt with cut off sleeves he had heard called a "T". Man, he thought. If I had been seen wearing this on the Titanic I would have been shot. Thinking of the Titanic hurt his heart. He was completely broken inside since he had heard about Rose. He had made up his mind… he was leaving.

He was only on the second floor, and it wasn't that far to the ground. He tied together the sheets of the hospital bed, tied the end to the curtain bar, and raced down.

Thank God for upper body strength. He thought as he shimmied down the sheets.