a/n: Okay, so this is a challenge fic from Deanaholic over at nunswithpens. Here is the challenge:

Groundhog Day
You don't have to title it that, but i'm using it for refrence. has anyone ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? no? ok, let me sum up in one sentance: Man has to relive the same Day over and over again untill he gets it right. apply that to DA

a/n: Admittedly, this version of Alec is more Dean-like (from Supernatural) than in any of my other fics. I usually have Alec be more like the one after Hello Goodbye, caring and devoted to Max. If you are thinking it is a bit OOC, please just bear with me. I'm taking the setting of Terminal City and combining it with the Alec from Designate This.
You don't have to have seen this movie to understand this fic! It might add just a little bit to the humor, but it's not necessary.

Setting: after Hello Goodbye, but again, please note Alec's persona is how he was in Designate This
Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel or the characters; Groundhog Day is a movie starring Bill Murray
Pairing: none at the start, leading up to a nice, fluffy MA ending (as if I'd write anything else!)
Genre: Humor
Rating: T (because dooski likes to toss in cuss words sometimes :D Sorry!)

Alec doesn't believe in 'love'. Max is hot but annoying. Alec is superior to everyone else, being a transgenic. If he didn't personally do it, it's not his problem.
That's how Alec sees things. Will reliving the same day over and over again change his perspective and help him grow as a person? Will he ever get to see tomorrow?

Chapter 1

"You came along and tore this wall down around me, Looks like you found me... now I know why I felt like shit when I woke up this morning…"

The song ended with a swift movement of Alec's hand to shut the radio off. He stared at the clock. 6 A.M? "I could have sworn that I set this for later…" Alec mumbled, still groggy and not quite awake. "And I never have the radio alarm…" he realized out loud.

Alec stepped outside his door to grab the paper. A brilliant idea of Max's to always be on top of what was going on. It was good, she had reasoned, to have a head's up on whatever slant White was sending their way in the papers. The way the media was reacting, it wouldn't be long before really troubling news was the headline.

Alec stared at the main article. "Man Rescues Dog," he read. "Oh, isn't that cute?" He took it as a sign that as usual, Max was overreacting and being over-cautious. A trait she picked up from that 'not like that' boyfriend of hers? Alec reasoned, but didn't make up his mind on it yet. Whatever. He didn't care one way or the other. It was just a bit annoying, their constant denial. Alec got bored easily, and watching a love-sick couple in denial was no exception. Yeah, they have a great relationship! Alec thought with a slight laugh as he mocked them in his head.

He flipped on the TV and was pleased to see an image of himself staring back at him. They were doing a story on the recent court decision to let the transgenics temporarily live freely in Terminal City. Like the ordinaries had a choice, Alec thought with cold sarcasm. Ordinary people couldn't take the air quality of Terminal City without suffering damages due to its toxicity.

Alec was sure that Max would be pissed that the anchor chose to show his interview as opposed to hers. The thought would have brought an amused smirk to his handsome face, if one wasn't already in place. Max should've expected it, he reasoned. The female anchor had been flirting with him the entire time. That sort of attention wasn't anything new to Alec. He was genetically designed to be better looking.

And who can blame the anchor for showing me? It's not her fault I'm so good-looking! he briefly complimented himself as he eyed the screen one more time. "Now where was I?" he asked the television Alec while it was muted. A quick image flashed through his mind of Logan and Max holding hands all cutesy with rubber gloves brought him back to his train of thought. "Aww, gag!" he complained. "Great way to start the morning, Alec!"

He looked again at the TV and had a quick, mock conversation with himself. "Oh, yeah! They are just great together! I wish I could be so romantic with cleaning supplies!" The thought actually gave Alec an idea. "You really think so, buddy?" he asked the TV, as if his reflection had come up with the plan instead of him. "You know, the more you bring it up, I'd have to agree. You're just brilliant, you know that!" he complimented himself on the screen.

He walked down the stairs, disappointed that he didn't have the time to eat a real breakfast, what with Max's 'celebration' looming.

Alec had initially laughed at her idea to unite the transgenics by means of a 'housewarming' party at Terminal City. Max had taken advantage of the temporary hiatus on fighting between the two sides and insisted it was a sign of transgenic victory, one that called for celebration. Alec had initially tried to brush her plan off as meaningless, just like the 'hiatus', which really had solved nothing. It only put their problems on hold. But after a few sessions of her telling him what an insensitive prick he was, it sunk in that she was serious. And as her second-in-command, he was required to attend.

Ugh, I can't wait… he mentally tried to prepare himself as he lifted his hand over his face in annoyance for what lay ahead.

"Bagel, Mr…?" the receptionist, an elderly woman asked him, trailing as she realized she didn't know his name. She held a hospitable smile and it was clear that she could sense he was in a hurry.

"Just call me Alec," he offered, almost cringing at being referred to as a 'Mr' anyone. He grinned and tried to be polite even though he couldn't care less about one of their second rate bagels. The dump he was staying at was one of the worst hotels he'd ever scaled. And he was actually paying this time!

Another brilliant idea of Max's. She was planning on redecorating the whole place for the celebration. Which meant he had to relocate for a few days. Alec groaned inwardly, grateful that it would all be over within a day and a half.

"A bagel?" he asked her, looking at her like she couldn't be serious.

The woman only nodded with her never-fading smile.

Alec nodded. Clearly, she wasn't very perceptive. "No, thanks!" he brushed her off as he rushed out the door.

Before heading to Max's, he needed to fulfill his little plan. He knew it was mean. She'd probably be pissed. But since when was that new for him?

He also was irritated that ever since meeting Max, he was starting to reconsider his actions. The old Alec would have no hesitations about blowing off the celebration. But here he was, awake at the butt crack of dawn, all for Max. The least she could do was humor him by getting that predictable, pissed off reaction upon receiving her gift.

"First stop…" he began as he pulled on his shades. "The convenience store." He smiled as he pictured the pair of latex gloves that had his name on them.


Just as Alec got on his bike, his cell phone rang. A twisted mixture of annoyance and amusement shot through him as his eyes rolled over the name of the caller.

"Max," he greeted happily into the phone. "I was just thinkin' about you! To what do I owe the pleasure?" He revved his engine once before getting on the road.

"Are you on the road?" she asked, clearly shocked.

"Why, yes, Max, I sure am. Great deduction there. Was it the engine that gave it away?" he sarcastically drawled.

"Are you insane?!" she asked him.

"Max, you've said some pretty nasty things to me before, but accusing me of mental insanity? That's a new low, even for you." He grinned, picturing the death glare she was probably giving the phone right now.

"Shut up!" she snapped.

"There's the Maxie we all know and love!" he continued to mock her.

"Have you even watched the news, you idiot!" she spat into the phone.

"Well, Max, as you so graciously suggested by means of an order that I keep up on the news, I took a glance at the paper this morning. Cute little story about a dog. A real tear-jerker. I'm sure you took that one to heart, with your dog-boy friend."

"Alec, if you were right here in front of my face, I'd slap you!" she continued.

"I'm sure you would!" Alec replied. "Hey, let me make it up to you. I'm going to the store right now to get a gift for you."

"Alec, you are such an idiot! First of all, what makes you think I even want a gift from you? And second of all, check out the weather prediction. We're getting snowed-in. It's gonna hit us this afternoon. I need you here at Terminal City!"

"Keep your shirt on!" Alec replied. "I'll be there later. With a gift."

"Alec!" Max hissed into the phone. "You need to get your ass here, now. Forget about the stupid gift, whatever it is! We planned on the celebration. If this weather hits us like it's supposed to, we have to get this started right away. Everyone is counting on you!"

"Their biggest mistake," Alec replied coldly into the phone. "See you in a few, Maxie!" With that he hung up on her.


Max stared at the phone in shock before punching her fist into the wall. "What an ass!" she exclaimed.

She ignored the nagging connection she felt to him, being that she had said similar words to Logan once upon a time when she was still adjusting to doing the right thing.

"Is Alec coming?" a little X6 who was busy making the finishing touches on the decorations asked.

"He'll be here," she insisted. A thought crossed through her mind to go looking for him herself. He'll be here, she repeated in her mind, whether he wants to or not!


Alec exited the store with a cocky grin on his face. He was positive that Max wouldn't appreciate the gesture. Which is exactly what I'm banking on!, he thought with a mischievous grin.

"Alec!" someone shouted to him.

Alec turned to find a beaming Normal staring back at him. Alec again groaned inwardly. It was the weekend! He put up with Normal's twisted fixation to him enough at work. Having to make casual conversation with the guy in the street on a day off was just too much.

"Alec! What are you doing here?!" Normal asked excitedly.

Alec put on a tight smile before finally meeting the man's stare. "Normal! Oh, you know, just bought a couple of things."

Normal eyed the bag nosily. "No…boxing gloves in there?" he asked.

Alec rolled his eyes. "No, a different kind of glove. I'm an equal opportunity glove-shopper. Gotta give the cleaning ones some love, too." He finished with a dramatic pat on Normal's back.

"Well, it's been real! But I've really got to go!" Alec quickly tried to excuse himself. With that, he quickly side-stepped…right into a slushy puddle.

"Woo-Hoo-Hoo! Gotta watch out for that one!" Normal said, laughing while pointing to the step. "It's a doozie!" he finished with laughter.

Alec cursed inwardly. He would have noticed the stupid thing if Normal hadn't been distracting him by being annoying and weird. He took a final glance at Normal's amused face before turning around, rolling his eyes, and walking across the street to where he'd parked his bike.


Alec strolled into the city, momentarily amazed by the looks of the place. They really had done a great job. He could tell in all the details of the trimmings that they did.

"Alec!" someone greeted him. As soon as he turned, his face was struck with a paintbrush.

"Oh, that's just lovely," he commented with annoyance. He glanced at the attacker, noting that it was an over-eager looking X6. "Nice shot, there, bud," he commented. "But can you do it…again?" He finished by chucking it back at the kid, playfully but with accuracy.

The kid giggled and made a face at Alec, who returned by playfully tackling him to the ground. "You're gonna get it now!" Alec mock warned him before playfully tickling his sides.

Max came in to interrupt the fun at the perfect moment- just in time to see Alec on top of the kid, which she immediately assumed to be nothing short of a true attack.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she yelled as she quickly jumped at the two of them, pushing Alec off the poor kid.

As she pushed him away, the kid escaped easily, and Alec instead held onto Max. She glared at him while struggling to get free. "Let go of me!" she demanded, eyeing his arms as he entangled her.

Alec only responded with a smirk as he flipped her over so that he was on top of her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she spat at him, still struggling to get free, which included kneeing him hard in the gut.

Alec flashed her an amused stare while he grinned deeper. "Geez, Max. Why are you always so rough? You like it that way, huh?" He then proceeded to shove her further into the ground.

"Alec!" she yelled in protest as she head-butted his forehead in just the right spot, where any normal person struck would fall into unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, Alec was no normal person. But clearly, she'd done a good job of giving him a maddening headache. "Ow!" he complained as he let her go. "Geez! What the hell is wrong with you? I was just playin' around!"

Max stood up and made a dramatic gesture of brushing the dirt off her shoulders before narrowing her eyes at him. "That was playing for you?" she asked, motioning to his aching head. "Guess I don't play well with others," she excused her actions, while brushing off any concern for his injuries.

She turned to the X6, who was now awkwardly glancing between the two of them, holding back giggles at their ridiculous sight. "Are you okay?" she asked the X6.

The transgenic nodded with a grin, before withdrawing while laughing quietly.

As soon as the kid was out of sight, Max slapped Alec upside the head. "Ow!" he complained, rubbing the sore spot. "Still in pain here!" he reminded her as he gave her a look that she was crazy.

Max only deepened her glare. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she repeated his question. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Alec gave her a pouty, mock hurt face. "Max, that hurts my feelings." He reached into his pocket and withdrew a plastic shopping bag that he handed to her. "Here, my contribution to the celebration, other than pallin' around with the little kids."

Max eyed him suspiciously before snatching the bag out of his hands. She stared into it and then looked up at him with a disgusted stare. "Is this some kind of sick joke?" she asked him.

Alec feigned a look of surprise at her anger. "What? I thought it would come in handy!" He grinned at his lame joke. "Get it, hand-y?"

Max shoved the bag back at him, sending a shock of pain through him, as it went straight to the place on his gut where she'd kneed him earlier. "Glad you care," she told him in a surprisingly soft voice that was lacking the full 'pissed off' effect he'd been anticipating. "But I don't need it."

"What do you mean?" Alec asked her, opening up. She looked in pain, and not the 'you're a pain in my ass' type. He didn't like to see her so troubled.

Max shrugged, but couldn't hide the hurt and somewhat guilty look from her dark eyes.

"Max," he pressed. "Is there something you need to tell me?"

Max unfolded her arms and decided, for whatever reason, to come clean with him.

"Logan and I…" she began, trying to fight the urge to cry. She swallowed before finishing. "We're not together anymore," she stated simply as she looked away, avoiding his gaze.

Alec rolled his eyes once quickly before placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, motioning for her to return his stare. "Max, you've said that before," he told her. "Come on, we both know that's not true. It's okay for you to be with him." He flashed her a cocky smile, "I just like to give you a hard time, sometimes!"

Max looked deep into his eyes, she had to tell him sooner or later. Why not now? "I told Logan we were together," she informed him.

Alec couldn't stop the shocked look from overtaking his face. "What?" he asked simply.

Max shrugged innocently. "He saw us the other morning, and assumed-"

"And you didn't correct him?" Alec asked with a shocked look. Just when he thought he and Max were getting close for once, and she had to go and use him like the boy next door.

Max looked up at him, her eyes determined. So there was no way she was backing down from her decision. "Look, it's easier for everyone if he thinks we're together. He heard about the celebration today, and he was insisting on coming. It was the only way I could think of to keep him away from here."

Alec nodded as the understanding hit him. "Oh, so just, blame Alec! Cause he's just the kind of jerk that'd steal someone else's girl."

Max was slightly taken aback. She'd expected him to be less than thrilled with her actions, but she hadn't anticipated the hurt look he was giving her. It reminded her of the way he acted when she'd come clean to him about Ben.

Alec couldn't help continuing his protest. "Come on, Max! You could have told him- anything! That you didn't want to see him anymore. That today is just for transgenics. That you've moved on. Why'd you have to drag me into it?"

Max didn't know what to say to him. Somehow, his accusing words were really hitting home with her. She was starting to rethink her decision, something she never pictured happening, least of all because of a reaction from Alec.

Max opened her mouth to say something, but Alec brushed it off. "You know what, forget it. I'm not gonna be any part in this."

"Alec!" Max protested.

"Logan's not coming today?" Alec gathered. "Fine. But we've still got to go get his contributions for tonight. You knew that he sent in for a huge package for tonight, didn't you?"

Max nodded, "Yeah, I was gonna have one of the X4's go get it."

"I'll get it," Alec offered. He needed to get away from her anyway for a moment to clear his head.

"Alec!" Max complained. "Don't, come on, I don't want you to see each other right now. It's not necessary. Besides, the snow is coming."

"I'll be quick," Alec returned briefly before slinging a backpack over his shoulder and leaving.


"Logan," Alec greeted with a nod. He eyed the man with apprehension. Alec knew Logan had patience. The fact that he still held onto a virus-strained relationship with Max when he couldn't even touch her was proof enough of that. But he also knew that patience wasn't without end. He'd landed in the hospital before from forgetting to always keep his distance from Max.

Logan gave Alec a quick glance before returning to what he was doing, which consisted of breaking wood for an apparent fire. Normally, the situation would be amusing for Alec. Logan wasn't used to not having money. Having to use a fireplace for warmth instead of as a flashy way to impress a girl was probably new to him.

But thanks to Max's brash decision, Alec couldn't enjoy the moment. On the contrary, he actually felt bad for the guy. He was sure that the last person Logan wanted to see was him.

"What are you doing here, Alec?" Logan asked without looking him in the eye.

Alec scratched the back of his head. He had come for the package. But he also wanted to set the record straight. "You had a box of supplies for tonight…?" he began.

"On the table," Logan tersely replied.

Alec's eyes rolled over a large container that clearly held a lot of last minute supplies for their celebration. "So, Logan-"

"Snow's coming, Alec. That's why I'm building a fire. You guys should probably do a quick inventory of heating supplies," Logan interrupted him.

"We'll be fine, Logan. But thanks for the concern." Alec paused before continuing. He hadn't expected the situation to be so awkward. He didn't know any other way to say it than to just put it out there. "Listen, about Max and I-"

"She already told me," Logan interrupted him. "Just…" he trailed as he finally took a moment to meet Alec's gaze with his own. He studied Alec for a moment before looking back to his firewood. "Treat her right."

Alec was stunned by the man's words. Love wasn't an emotion that Alec had seen much of, being raised at Manticore. He'd been taught that it was just another of the human emotions that he had at his disposal, to use and manipulate when he pleased. He'd always poked fun at the weird 'not like that' relationship that Max and Logan shared, even though deep down he believed it was real.

Alec was excellent at reading people. There was no denying it, Logan's eyes held true love for Max.

"I never gave up on us," Logan continued, surprising himself as well as Alec with his openness. "We've been through a lot together."

Alec didn't really want to take the time to wonder why Logan loved Max. He hadn't considered it before because it seemed obvious- she was hot. She was transgenic. Combine that with Logan's incessant need to uncover the truth and be all-powerful behind a computer screen, and it was clear that he wouldn't let go of Max once he'd rested his ravenous eyes on her.

Alec had guessed that somewhere along the lines, it had gotten deeper than that, which usually led to the part that made him respond with a gagging reflex. He didn't need to waste time being 'deep'.

But now that it was staring him in the face, he couldn't help contemplating it, this idea of 'love'.

"But I guess she wanted someone who could understand her more. Someone that knows exactly where she's coming from."

Oh, this is too much, Alec thought to himself, finally putting his foot down. He changed his demeanor without thinking to be more true to his usual form- nonchalant and cocky. He wasn't going to stand here and let Logan see that he was 'touched' by his words. Gag.

"I think you're reading into this just a little too much, Logan," Alec told him. Alec knew for certain that he didn't understand Max. He had yet to figure out why she held such pointless attachments to her 'siblings'. He still didn't know what the point was in celebrating 'freedom' to a toxic city that no one else wanted to habitat anyway. Understanding was definitely not the word he would use to describe his thoughts of Max.

"Thanks for the supplies," Alec mumbled before hoisting up the box and departing.

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