Title: To Pass the Test

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Sadly House and Wilson are not mine.

Summary: Wilson is invited to his ex-wife's wedding and House wants Wilson to go with him.

A/N: AU after the start of Season Three, but no direct references made. House/Wilson established relationship.

I'm British so I've used British spelling, but have tried to use American words; parking lot for car park etc.

This is my first House-fic and my first fic in a long while so any reviews/comments will be gratefully received.

Chapter 1 - Busted

Wilson usually woke up to find House's arm resting on his chest. He had no idea why House felt the need to use him as a second pillow, but he didn't really mind. However on that particular morning he had woken up with the weight of House's right hand heavy against his face. He was surprised that he had managed to remain asleep like that. He tried to think of a way to move House's arm away and slip out of the bed without waking him, but soon gave up and decided that if the situation was reversed, House wouldn't hesitate to let him know, very loudly that Wilson was trying to kill him in his sleep by suffocating him. So Wilson just lifted House's arm by the wrist and sat up. House murmured something Wilson couldn't understand and shifted, rolling onto his back. Wilson took the opportunity to climb out of bed and head towards the bathroom for a shower.

Wilson was most definitely a morning person. He loved those few moments of peaceful quiet, it gave him the time he needed to think about the day ahead and he enjoyed taking his time over breakfast, drinking coffee while reading the newspaper or listening to the news on the radio. Wilson gulped down the last of his coffee and picked up his car keys and briefcase from the table next to the front door. He knew better than to wait for House so that they could drive into work together. It was going to be a sunny, warm day and House preferred to ride his motorbike into work on days like those.

Wilson stepped into his office, dumping his briefcase next to his desk. He took off his suit jacket and placed it over the back of his chair. He sat down and looked through his mail that his PA had left on his desk as he switched his computer on. His attention was immediately drawn to a small, cream coloured envelope that clearly wasn't work related. He studied the handwriting on the front of the envelope for a few seconds before flipping it over and staring at the sender's name and address. Even though the name J. Spencer was unfamiliar, Wilson suddenly recognised the handwriting and silently berated himself for being so slow. It was from Julie, his ex-wife. He was a little embarrassed to realise that he still thought of her as Julie Wilson even after all that time. He set the envelope down on the desk. He didn't need to open it to know that Julie was getting married.

Three marriages had taught him more than he ever wanted to know about wedding stationery. Classic ivory paper, guilt edged cards, the correct wording and etiquette for the invitation; he knew it all. Julie was getting married in six weeks and he had been invited.

He finally opened the envelope and saw that the invitation was for 'Dr. James Wilson and Guest'. He pondered for a moment the thought of going to his ex-wife's wedding with House and the carnage that would inevitably ensue. It really didn't bear thinking about. Anyway he decided that Julie was only being polite; she probably didn't want him to actually go. It was also the perfect way to show him that she had moved on with her life. He quickly made the decision to reply, saying that he couldn't go. But he would pick out a gift from Julie's wedding list to show that he was happy for her. Wilson was interrupted from his reverie by his pager beeping. He read the message and quickly hid the invitation under the pile of all his other mail before heading out to the main Oncology ward. He had been paged by another doctor in his department to ask his advice about treatment options for one of her patients.

He returned to his office forty minutes later. He jumped, completely startled as he opened the door to see House sitting at his desk, his left leg resting on the desk.

"House!" Wilson exclaimed.

"Looking guilty there Jimmy." House began. "Got something to hide?"

"No, of course not." Wilson walked over to the empty chair on the opposite side of his desk and sat down, peering across it to see if his mail had been touched by House. "This is my office you know. Yours is next door." Wilson added.

"I'm hiding from Cuddy. If she knows I'm here she'll make me go down to the Clinic." House explained.

"Why are you in so early?" Wilson asked.

"It seems that you are rubbing off on me." House replied. Wilson grinned at the innuendo.

"But I don't actually avoid work once I get here."

"I have been busy." House retorted, pretending to look offended. Wilson rolled his eyes, but didn't bother stating the obvious. "Look what I found." House pulled the wedding invitation from his jacket pocket and waved it in front of Wilson's face. Wilson made a move to grab it, but of course House pulled it away and wagged his finger at Wilson as if he was a naughty boy that had been caught stealing candy.

"No, I don't think so." House then scrunched his face in disgust. "Julie is getting married again."

"House, give it back." Wilson pleaded even though he knew it was futile.

"You weren't planning to tell me." House deduced.

"It's not important." Wilson tried his best to sound nonchalant.

"But that's not the reason why you were hiding it from me." House carefully studied Wilson's face waiting to see what his expression would give away.

"I know you."

"What do you mean by that?" House replied as if he didn't understand.

"Oh, come on. You're not stupid and before you say anything else, neither am I." A smile slowly formed on House's face and Wilson could clearly see the mischievous glint in his blue eyes. He rubbed his face with his hand and groaned in protest. "No. Way."

"Yes, way. We are so going." House's smile spread into a wicked grin.

"It's a party. People and small talk which is your idea of hell. Why would you want to go to Julie's wedding reception?" Wilson asked in an attempt to persuade House to give up on the idea.

"Don't you want to see the poor guy that's going to be stuck with her?! I know I do." He paused for a moment as if a new thought occurred to him. "And I can't wait to see the look on Julie's face when she sees who your date is. Now that will be reason enough to wear a suit and tie!"

"Carnage." Wilson muttered shaking his head, thinking that it didn't take a genius to predict what would happen.

"You can have your chair back." House said magnanimously as he lifted his left leg off the desk and stood up. Wilson spotted his chance and swooped down to grab the invitation, but House was closer to it and swiped it off the desk before Wilson could. He sighed in defeat.

"If you only used your powers for good instead of evil." Wilson said.

House picked up his cane and walked around the desk, closing the gap between himself and Wilson. He reached out for Wilson's arm pulling him nearer still and kissed him languidly. House reluctantly moved away before adding softly, "That was good."

"Yeah." Wilson readily agreed.

"So, lunch?"

"Yes…um…no. I won't have time. I have a department meeting." Wilson explained. He then stole another quick kiss from House.

"Tonight then." House headed for the door to the balcony. "You can cook." He added without looking back.

"As if I have a choice!" Wilson called out, but smiled as he walked over to his chair to sit down and sort through the rest of his mail.