Part Eleven: Now my day is complete.

Buffy awoke to the steady beeping of the heart-rate monitor and a hushed conversation taking place at the foot of her bed. She opened her eyes, and saw three men, it took her a moment to realize the people were members of SG-10.

They hadn't realized that she was awake yet, so she took the time to get a good look at them. There was an older man, probably a little older then Giles, with graying red hair and kind of a fatherly look about him. There was a kid about her age who looked to be Hispanic maybe native, possible both and very cute. However the one that looked to be in charge was a man maybe in his mid-30's who had the build and colouring of her adopted father Hank Summers.

The conversation stopped when they realized that she was looking right at them.

"Hey." The red-head asked.

"What happened." Her voice was hoarse.

"You stepped in front of a staff weapon." In charge guy said trying to lighten the mood.

"No, to Giles. What happened to Giles?"

The three men look unsure of what to say, perhaps they don't know who she was talking about. "He was the guy with the glasses, he untied you."

Again the same look passed across their faces, it was the blonde one who finally spoke.

"What do you remember?"

What did she remember? The burning smell of her own flesh, the cries of battle and Giles abducted by the baddies.

"Giles was grabbed by two of those Jaffa-guys. I remember a bunch of stone circles appearing out of no where then they disappeared."

"Those were transport rings." The kid said with a thick Texan accent, then held out his hand and gave her a large friendly smile. "I'm Lt. Jorge Benitez, but everyone calls me Benny"

The others realized they hadn't introduced them selves and soon she found out the older man was Dr. Gordie Lemieux and the blonde was Major Dave Clarkson.

She wasn't sure if they knew who she was so she told them, "I'm Buffy."

Gordie gave her the kind of indulgent smile her father Jacob used give her when she was younger, which told her they already knew.

"Why take him?" Major Clarkson asked, more to himself then anyone else.

"Don't know," Buffy started to pull back her sheets to get out the hospital bed. "but I've got to get him back."

Gordie gently put his hands on her shoulders, thinking to barring her from leaving the bed.

"Whoa, slow down. You died barely an hour ago, I think you need to take it easy."

She leveled him with a hard steely glare, which reminded him of their CO, Colonel Stacey. It was the kind of look that said, 'I can break you', after seeing her fight those Jaffa on Janus' planet he had little doubt that she could.

Gordie let go.

"I doubt they'll be easy on Giles."

"Do you you have any idea what you'd be up against?" Major Clarkson responded.

"Go on, Do you tell." She said with a wave of her hand to indicate that he should go ahead and speak.

Clarkson hesitated for a moment, the only thing that he knew about this girl was that she was good in a fight and traveled with SG-1. There was also a rummer going around that she was Major Carter's little sister.

Sensing his hesitation, Buffy sighed with annoyance. "Listen that Davis guy gave me the low down on what's happening here in stargate-land, but what I don't know is what aliens want with my watcher."

Clarkson grabbed one of the visitors chairs, and the rest of his team quickly followed suit. He leaned forwards, resting his arms on his legs.

"We came out of the gate and almost immediately we were captured by a goa'uld named Janus."

Buffy's stomach did a little flip, why did that name sound familiar?

"Typical kind of goa'uld really, but then it turned freaky."

"Freaky how?"

"Turned out that some British guy working for the NID came through the gate with us, and was captured as well. He must have had some sort of advanced tech because after saying something Latin," Clarkson turned to Gordie for confirmation, which he supplied with a nod. "Ya chanted something in Latin, calling to Janus or something. Next thing I know our CO's been replaced with a snake. I can't really tell you what happened after that on account of me being dead at the time."

Gordie took over the story.

"After Colonel Stacey was replaced with the snake, it attacked and killed Dave. The man claimed that it was magic then we were pulled from the room and thrown in the dungeon. Well except Dave who was put into a sarcophagus."

Buffy almost broke in to ask how putting Clarkson in a coffin would bring him back from the dead. In the end she decided to save that question for another time.

when Gordie took a breath Benny jumped in.

"It wasn't until some time after the Major was brought back that Janus decided to pay us a visit, only now he's wearing the British dudes body. He starts spouting some crazy shit about turning us into demons and throwing us through the gate."

"Demons?" Buffy clarified.

The two members of SG-10 smiled like it was all a big joke, and nodded. Oh god, she had a very bad feeling about this. Demon transformation, speaking in Latin, British, Janus, kidnapping Giles. she had danced to this song before, and she didn't like the tune then either.

She spoke a single name. "Ethan Rayne."

They stopped grinning.

"That's what he said he name was." Gordie said. "You know him?"

This time there was no stopping her when she jumped out of bed. Looking around she found some clothing that someone must have brought from her room. She disappeared into the bathroom and when she came out she looked to Clarkson.

"Where's Graham Miller?"

"I think he's in the briefing room with General Hammond, SG-1 and General Carter. Why?"

"Because he has a lot to answer for." She said as she stalked out of the room with SG-10 in tow.

" * * * "

Jacob Carter leaned back into his chair unsure of how to respond. He had seen the surveillance video's, he had heard Captain Miller explain what happened at UCLA Sunnydale and his daughters part in the whole affair, but it still didn't seem real.


"Yes Dad."

"Really?" Jacob couldn't believe this was real. Sam just gave a pained grin and nodded. "So, when she said that the gym was full of vampires when she burnt it down?"

"It was full of vampires, yes."

He rubbed his hand over his face, and suddenly he felt a whole lot older then he was.

"What have I done." He felt crushed under the weight of the sins against his youngest child.

'You did what you thought was right.' Selmak's voice said in Jacob's mind.

"It wasn't your fault Dad."

'Even Samantha agrees. You acted with the information that was at your disposal at the time. Under any other circumstance your actions would have been justified.'

"That doesn't make me feel any better." Jacob said, responding both to Selmak and Sam.

If anyone was going to say anything else, the words would have died on their tongues when Buffy, followed by SG-10, burst into the room. Jacob heard SG-10's scientist says in hushed tones. "I don't think you should just barge in."

"Graham, where does a 110 pound slayer sit?" She called to Graham.

He didn't hesitate. "Anywhere she likes."

She then turned to Gordie and gave him a grin as if to say 'see'.

"Miss. Summers, shouldn't you be in the infirmary?" Hammond's voice was laced with concern.

Buffy ignored him and instead looked back to Graham. "What happened to Ethan Rayne?"

"He was released from his sell at the same time as all the HST's in the compound. I'm not going to want to ask why am I?"

"He's the guy who took Giles."

Everyone at the briefing room table looked confused, but it was Jack that asked the question they were all thinking.

"Clarkson said that he was taken by a goa'uld named Janus."

"You didn't tell them?" Buffy asked Dave.

General Hammond came to Dave's rescue. "Major Clarkson and his team haven't had a change to be debriefed yet. Why don't you all take a seat and Major Clarkson can tell us what happened."

"* **"

When SG-10 finished recounting their capture and rescue it was Jack that spoke first.

"See, it wasn't this guy Ethan, he was taken over by Jenny."

"Janus." Daniel corrected.

"Janus wouldn't have any use for a semi-retired Watcher turned magic store owner, Ethan however would."

"Buffy," Jacob leaned in to get his daughters attention, she had so far avoided looking at him. "When a goa'uld takes over a host they loose complete control of their bodies."

Buffy pushed back from the table and stood up with a little anger. "I"m sure that's the case with most goa'ulds, but Ethan Rayne wouldn't have offered his body to this parasite unless he knew he could control it."

"It's impossible." Sam implored her sister to see reason.

"No, it's unlikely. Ethan used to invoke Demons to invade his body for giggles, it takes tremendous amounts of will to remain in control. If anyone can do it, it would be Ethan."

"What would he want with Mr. Giles?" Hammond asked.

"Back in 70's Ethan and Giles were all BFF and summoning demons together. I don't think Ethan has quite forgiven Giles for becoming respectable. This is just a way of needling Giles, but don't think for a minute that he wouldn't kill Giles when he tires of him. Which is why I need to go back to that planet and get Giles back."

"Even if this is who you say it is," Hammond said gently. " you've recently been gravely injured. Not to mention that Janus' fortress appears to be heavily fortified. I can't risk a rescue mission at this time."

Buffy narrowed her eyes, and Graham spoke up before Buffy did something stupid like hit his CO.

"Sir, I've seen this guy's rap sheet. The last thing that the SGC wants to deal with is a goa'uld in charge of the dark arts. He's unpredictable, ambitious, holds a lot of power. Now I know that Giles generally stays to the gray and white magic's but he probably has a lot of black magic in his arsenal too. Now imaging he was taken over by a goa'uld."

Hammond's mouth took on a grim thinness, "I see what you mean, Captain. I'll take this under advisement."

Buffy opened her mouth to protest, but Hammond just gave her a look and emphases. "I'll take it under advisement. Now, Miss Summers, I think you should head back to the infirmary."

Jacob pushed his seat back, and stood up. "I'll make sure that she gets back alright."

'This day keeps getting better and better.' Buffy thought as she and her father walked out of the room.

* * *

Giles had been sitting for the past hour, after exhausting two hours trying to find a way out, of a large ornate prison cell. He wasn't told anything by the Jaffa who snagged him, and marched him to his cell. He tried to call after them, to get any information but they ignored him as they marched outside of the room.

He was trying not to think, which was incredible hard for someone like Giles. But if he started to think, then he would inevitably start thinking of Buffy. He would think of the way that everything seemed to stop as she was hit by that staff blast. That would then lead him to think of the way that her body began to fall, and that look of horror on her face when she realized that Giles was being taken captive.

It was too late, he began to think those very things. He jumped up, and in a rush of adrenaline picked up the bench and started to hit it violently against the bars. His energy drained quickly and he dropped the bench then slid to the floor. His Slayer was dead.

"Good show, Ripper. Though at your age, I wouldn't recommend picking up a bench like that. More then likely to give your self a hernia."

Well now he must be hallucinating.


"They're calling me Janus now." Ethan said with a smile.


"I've recently taken up a career as a system lord. Care to join me?"