Most of the day had already past. All the lessons for that day were finished and now Harry, Ron and Hermione were in their common room, working on some of their unfinished essays that they had to do. The time past quickly and before he knew it, it was time for Harry's lesson with Snape. As quickly as he could, he packed up his books and then deposited them in his trunk by his bed. Once that was done, he went back downstairs and said goodbye to Ron and Hermione. Ron gave him a sympathetic gaze while Hermione just smiled at him. He left though the portrait, making his way as fast as he could to the dungeons. After only a few minutes, he reached Snape's office and knocked lightly on the door, hoping against hope that Snape was ill or something so that he wouldn't have to do this lesson with the man. Unfortunately for Harry, the door opened, revealing the potions professor, who waved him inside. Snape pointed at a chair and Harry sat while Snape circled his desk and sat down behind it.

'As you well know, I do not want to be doing this after what happened during fifth year but Albus has made it perfectly clear that I have to do this so rule number one is do not go sticking your nose where it does not belong, especially in my pensive, unless I give you permission. If you break this rule, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?'

'Yeah,' Harry said with a nod of his head.

'Second rule, we may be doing this outside of lessons but I am still your professor so you will call me sir,' Snape said with a glare. Harry nodded again to show his understanding. 'Also, we are going to be trying some very complex spells, probably too complex for your pathetic excuse you call a brain but I have been told to teach you these things so I will. Since you are going to learn these things, many students in this school would not have heard or learnt some of these spells so if you do accomplish them, which I doubt, you are not to use them on another student unless you are in a life threatening position. Even then, quite a few of these charms are classified as dark magic, although that is just a stereotype, so be careful with them unless you wish to find yourself in Azkaban.' Snape paused, letting what he had just said sink in.

'Sir, what do you mean when you said that dark magic is a stereotype?'

'I mean that there is no such thing as good magic or dark magic. There is only the reason for which a person would use the spell.' Harry still looked confused so Snape elaborated. 'For instance, if I were to tell you that I could cast a spell on you now that would crack your ribs, what would you say?'

'Well, I would consider it dark magic,' Harry said with a frown on his face.

'Ah, but what if I were to tell you that using that same spell, I could save a heart attack victim, what would you say then?'

'I would say that that was good,' the boy replied finally catching on. 'So, if you use the spell, it is up to you whether it is dark or not?'

Snape nodded. 'Yes. Many spells you will learn are like these but it is up to the wizard or witch and the intention of how they use them.' Snape stood up again and walked around his desk until he was standing in front of Harry. 'Stand up!' Harry instantly obeyed and stood; feeling slightly daunted by how tall Snape was even though Harry came up to the man's shoulder. 'For you to understand how these spells work, the headmaster has given me permission to use them on you so you know what they feel like.' Harry gulped slightly, wondering what type of spells Snape would cast on him. Snape smirked, realising exactly what Harry was thinking. 'Don't worry, Potter, none of the effects of these spells are permanent. The first spell I am going to use is called Feleus Septum, which basically means Feline Paw. It is rather difficult and I expect that you won't be able to master it but we shall see.' Snape walked away from Harry until he was in the centre of the room and then pointed his wand at Harry. 'Feleus Septum!' Snape said. Instantly, there was a flash of yellow light and suddenly a large Bengal tiger appeared out of nowhere. Harry stumbled backward, a look of horror, surprise and fear marring his features as the tiger paced in front of him, growling as it moved forward. Harry could do nothing but continue backwards, too shocked to even think about reaching for his wand, let alone think of a spell. The tiger moved forward again and then pounced. Harry was knocked off his feet, lying sprawled on the ground with the tiger on top of him, its breath blowing across his face. Just when Harry thought he was done for, Snape waved his wand again and muttered something under his breath. The tiger vanished but Harry remained on the floor, breathing heavily, his eyes still wide.

Harry's attention moved to Snape when he heard the man chuckle. It sounded like melted chocolate to Harry but he instantly pushed that thought to the back of his mind. His fear diminished even more when Snape's chuckle turned to full out laughter and Harry clambered to his feet as he glared at the man. 'You could have told me you were going to conjure a bloody tiger, sir! By the way, how did you do that?'

'I did not tell you I was going to conjure a bloody tiger, as you put it, because I wanted to see your reaction. I must admit that it was rather amusing,' Snape said when he had finished laughing. A smirk appeared on his face when Harry scowled darkly at his words. 'As for how I did it, you will learn in time. Well, we can hope you will although I'm not sure why the headmaster wants me to teach it to you, seeing as you probably won't need it.'

Fine, sir,' Harry hissed, not looking the least bit amused and putting particular emphasis on the word sir. 'What are we going to do now?'

'Well, I wish to see if you have improved since our last lesson in Occlumency but for now, I want to see how good you are at protective shields. What one's do you know?'

'I know Protego…'

Snape cut across Harry before he could continue. 'Very well, we will start with that. I am going to cast Stupefy and I want you to deflect it. When I say three. One… Two… Three. Stupefy!' Snape yelled, his wand pointed at Harry again. The raven-haired youth only just had enough time to pull out his wand and yell 'Protego!' before the spell was coming towards him. The jet of red light hit an invisible barrier and aimed itself back at Snape, who got rid of it with a wave of his wand. 'Good. At least you know how to do something as simple as that. Now, I think we should do some Occlumency. Do you still remember what to do?'

'Yes, sir,' Harry muttered.

Snape nodded. 'Good. Ready… Legilimens!'

Harry felt the tug on his mind as Snape breached his barriers. Suddenly, streams of memories began to play in front of Harry eyes. Most of them were gone so fast that it was hard to tell what they contained but some of Harry's worst memories were longer. Memories of Cedric Diggory being murdered in front of him by Peter Pettigrew, also known as Wormtail, in the Graveyard during his forth year. Images of Sirius falling through the veil at the Ministry of Magic in his fifth year and certain things concerning the Dursley's. Before any of the memories could really be analysed in detail, Harry had managed to gain some ground and pushed the memories back, clearing his mind of all thought. Bright light erupted around him from the darkness in his mind and Harry found himself in the same clearing he had been in last night. Just like the night before, Voldemort was waiting for him, hidden slightly by shadow. Harry pulled out his wand, like he had done the night before, muttered 'Lumos!' and aimed his wand at Voldemort. The pale, skeletal man stepped out from the shadows and moved towards Harry. Neither of them seemed to notice the other figure lurking in the trees.